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Would you rather? (92)
Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?
Tragic endings or happy ones?
Which Warrior Cat Meme is Funniest?
Which poem is better?
Which of the following video games is your favorite? (1)
Sunny Days Or Rainy Days: Which Is Better
Do you think school "kills" our creativity?
Arctic Fox Or Fox? (on Animal Jam)
Do Albino Praying Mantises Suck
Which word is worse?
Which do y'all like more? Lord Of The Rings Or Harry Potter?
twd or spn?
Who should have lived in Harry Potter?
Do you know anyone from Qfeast in real life?
are humans surperior to animals and plants?
Doge or Moon Moon
Which Pretty Little Liars Cover? (I made these so please no stealing)
What Quote Do You Like The Most ?
Rosalina Vs Silver The Hedgehog
Destiel or Sastiel?
Which roast is better?
Dad jokes or puns?
Have Ever Been Bullied To The Point Were You Almost Kill Yourself ?
Do You Watch Maid Sama ?
Do you have a bucket list?
How is your self esteem: low or high?
Are you vengeful?
Is there an afterlife?
Who is better Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun?
Which Pokemon Sun And Moon Legendary is Better?
Which Mario game character do you like more: Mario or Luigi?
What Pug Is The Cutest?
What Animal Is Cuter ?
Gerita or Spamano ?
Who's your favorite youtuber?
what makes your blood boil and your skin crawl?
which is a better deal?
Which Pug Be Cuter?
What Eveelution Is Cuter ?
Do you see yourself as normal?
Which Kitty Is Cutter ?
Do you feel distant from society?
Can you beat the impossible quiz?
What Attack On Titan Team Do You Want To Be On ?
Based on this Picture and your Zodiac sign, are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?
Which band do you like more: S Club 7 or S Club Juniors?
How do you feel about BTS?
Would you rather have...?
What would you rather be? (5)
Which Is Eevee Evolution Is Best?
Cimorelli oldest 3 or Cimorelli youngest 3
Which Movie Twilight Or Hunger Games?
Which Cell Phone Comapany Is Best?
Doughnut or donut?
Ciel Or Sabastian?
File Or Sabastian?
Which Mahou Tsukai Precure is your favorite?
Which Starter Pokemon Is Best?
What is your favorite thing to do on Qfeast?
Should the death penalty be allowed?
Are animals inferior to humans?
What is Tyler Joseph to you?
Which Valentine's card is the funniest?
Would you rather? (91)
Hot Or Cold? (1)
Which Country Is Best?
What Attack On Titan Character Is Best Out Of Theese?
what do you think about helium?
Do you find stars pretty?
What do you think about your siblings?
Is God really 'perfect'?
Which condiment do you like the most: Mustard, Ketchup, Or Mayonnaise?
Levi Or Sasha?
Bread Or Potatoes?
Which Flower Is Prettiest?
who is best: Twenty one pilots?
Favorite Black Butler Butler?
How often do you smile?
Forced to eat? I'm under weight and mom wants me to gain more, but I can't eat a lot. She made me drink ensure in front of her.
What do you like better creepypasta or anime?
Which Trump Meme Be More MLG?
What's your favorite type of dessert out of the following?
What species of unicorn do you like best?
What Trump Meme Is Funniest?
What's the best name for a book about Mary sue's and how to not make one?
What's your favorite color? (1)
What is Josh Dun to you?
Are You Right or Left Handed? (2)
Which Trump Photo Is Best?
Who Be Best Trump Or Clinton?
Are you left or right handed? (1)
Which State Is Best?
Which State Is Better? (1)
Which State Is Better?
Which Emoji Is More MLG?
Which Season Is Best?
Which Place Would You Live?
Which apprentice has more of a chance of becoming a warrior?