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Tina vs Queenie Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
Which doctor from Doctor Who series is the best?
Which Five Nights at Freddy's do you found the most creepy/scary? have to chose one
What emoji is the best out of these?
Will you guys join me to make this place great again?
do you like nice guys?
What's Your Favorite Song on "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge?"
What's Your Favorite on "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love?"
It's that season again. What list are you on?
who's your favorite Aphmau charatcher ?
Who is your favorite Minecraft Youtuber: Popularmmos\GamingwithJen or Dantdm?
Which Yandere character do you like the most: Yandere-Chan or Yuno Gasai?
who is your favorite FNAF SL charatcher ?
Who is your favorite turtle in TMNT?
Full House or Fuller House?
Wistparri vs jisteria
How many genders are there?
Which Warriors Book Do You Like Best From The Original Warrior Series?
What is your favorite hogwarts house? (1)
who's your favorite FNAF animatronic ?
Would you rather...? (12)
What's Your Favorite Song on "Death of a Bachelor?"
What's Your Favorite Song on "Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!?"
What's Your Favorite Song on "Vices and Virtues?'
What is your favorite weapon: knife, katana or battle axe?
What is your favorite song from "Pretty Odd" album of Panic at the Disco?
Which chibi looks the best?
who do you think i like ? [osomatsu-san]
which game is great for a series?
Who is your favorite FNAF nightguard or character out of the following?
pick an animated series
Aarmau or travlyn ?
Which one do you like more? Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, or Svtfoe
What is Your Favorite Song on "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out?"
What's Your Favorite Song on "American Beauty/American Psycho?"
What's Your Favorite Song on "Save Rock and Roll?"
What Is Everyone's View On The Hunger Games Series?
Which is your favorite Movie out of these?
Which is your favorite FNAF 3 song out of these?
Which is your favorite FNAF 2 song out of these?
Which is your favorite FNAF 1 song out of these?
Which of the following youtubers do you like more?
Which one of the following games do you like the most?
Rudolph the red nose idiot story poll
Which is better at warming people up, Stoves or Arson?
Who Is Your Favorite Steven Universe Character? (1)
who's your favorite crystal gem ?
who's your favorite osomatsu-san charatcter
Which of the following Yandere Simulator character is your favorite ?
Who is your favorite Gorrilaz band member ?
Do you pee in the shower?
Do you rub your belly?
Who is the better gender?
which one was more sad ?
who is your smol child? (osomatsu-san)
Which of the following Eeveelution characters is your favorite?
In the medieval world, what would you be?
Who is best Steven Universe Character? (All if not most characters)
Which movie do you think it was better: Su|cide Squad or Batman vs Superman?
Which device do you prefer for gaming: Phone or Nintendo 3DS?
Who is the best character in Mystic Messenger?
do you like yaoi?
What is the best Mythical Creature?
Which Happiness Charge girl is your favorite?
What Should This Character Be Named?
What do you think of me so far? (BTW ignore my drawings. Thanks )
Does Aquarius look better with blue or red hair
What is your favorite actor/ actress out of the following?
What do you like better? Roblox or Minecraft?
What ending to you prefer in the end of a book?
If you try to fail and succeed in failing, then do you fail or succeed?
Which Disney World park icon do you think is the biggest?
Choose thine class!
Ever had the feeling you were being watched?
What FNAF character do you want to go on a date with?
Harry Potter or Newt Scamander
What Tv show do you think is best?
what movie do you like best?
Sexuality Private Poll
What is the Best Candy?
Which "The School For Good and Evil" book is the best?
How many Pokemon games do you have?
3 new consoles come out. Which one do you buy?
Which types of games you prefer?
Past future or now?
What Holiday will you be celebrating this holiday season? No Judging. Just curious about what people will be celebrating.
Which show is the best of these choices?
Which "Kane Chronicles" book is the best?
who would win one BILLION lions or 721 pokemon? (all the pokemon) FIXED
Is toy Bonnie a boy or girl?
What was your favorite part about the Yandere Simulator mission mode update ?
Which of the following FNAF 2 characters is your favorite?
Which chain of fast-food restaurants do you like more: Taco Bell or KFC?
Which show do you like more: My Little Pony or Five Nights at Freddy's?
Which of the following Eddsworld characters is your favorite?
Which anime girl do you like the best? (1)
what starter pokemon do you like in the choice below? :D
are you the the class clown? :P
Which do you like more: Dab or Hit the Qwan?
Should Osomatsu-San get a sequal ?