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wtich rival are you most exited to see ? [yandere simulator]
Do you think america will survive with Donald trump?
Do you think Mr. Trump payed someone to be president ?
Google or Yahoo!
Is being a boy better then being a girl?
Do you sometimes have weird visions of occurring events in reality?
Which is a more Christian nation?
Do you fart in public when no one is around?
Would your rather? (1)
Is this a good drawing
Did you like the movie Sui-cide squad?
Which game do you like more: Undertale or Yandere Simulator?
What anime is your favorite? (1)
Which of the following anime is your favorite? (1)
Anime or Vocaloid?
Fav Steven universe character
What is your favorite Anime? (3)
Ross or Dantdm
Which is cuter? (11)
Do you think Donald Trump cheated on his wife, Melania?
McDonald's or Burger King
Who did you want to win the election?
Favorite BTS Song? (Wings)
Favorite pokemon female character Serena vs Dawn
what blue exorcist character do you like best?
Which food do you like more: pizza or pasta?
Which Cartoon Network show fits you?
Aye fam, what's your fav social media (I only have insta, SC, this, ifunny, Facebook...I guess I'll count kik and oovoo as well)
anime or manga ?
Which website do you prefer more: YouTube or Yahoo?
How screwed is America?
Yokai watch or teen titans
Which glitter force character are you?
Sans or chara
Pokemon or Pokemon go?
Ruby or sapphire
Lapis or jasper
Which american time zone for qfeast's time zone?
Which cartoon series do you like more: Teen titans or Teen Titans Go ?
Would you think it's wrong for someone to be really attached to their favorite fandom?
What kind of stories should Be written for people?
What is your favorite book out of the three?
who is more creepy? [yandere simulator]
What portal would you go through? Remember no re-dos. All decisions final to what you choice.
Which Yeti is more parental?
After the animatronics die in LN should they become phantoms or shadows?
Which Percy Jackson book is the best?
What would you say to your enemy if they punched you?
What is your favorite SPN character?
Hinata or Asuna?
How much do you like Jacob Sartorius? (He's my future husband BACK OFF)
Fantasy or Adventure?
How many times have you stumbled, tripped, or ran into something today?
Would u rather? (saw edition) *mature content*
who would be best for presedent?
What's Your Favorite Pokemon Region?
Who's route are you currently taking? [MM]
Who would you vote for in the election?
What is your favorite game out of the following?
What plan should the United States have followed?
who is the best viner ?
Canada or America?
Is 4 years too big of an age gap?
wtich music artist do you think is better ?
witch one ? [creepypasta]
ichimatsu or todomatsu
What gender do you think Frisk is?
Which is better? (39)
Who Will Win 2017 MVP?
What gender do you believe Crona from ssoul eater is?
From 1 to 10, how bored are you?
Do u want me to write a story about u?
Would u save me
Are You A Potterhead?
Savages or Nightmares- who seems far more scary?
Who's your favorite Mystic Messenger character?
Do you like math? (2)
Your favorite image below...
Your favorite animal jam Youtuber?
What is your favorite Studio Ghibli movie?
How many crushes do you currently have?
What type of items do you like more on the Desktop / Tablet version of Qfeast?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character ever?
Best console of all time! (NOT FINISHED)
Quote.v or Qfeast?
Do you think they should remove the disgusting ads and that they have too many of them?
What drawing is better?
What is your favorite color and why? (Comment below?)
who is more cooler ? [yandere simulator]
What is your hair and eye combination preference out of the following?
Which of these youtubers is the best: Noble (Lost Pause), Aki (Akidearest) or Joey (The Anime Man)?
Do you like school?
Do you think you know yourself best?
Despite all your flaws, do you love yourself?
Which is a better way to create animatronic children?
Do you like ice cream better or popsicles better?
Which place for a qfeast Time Zone? (I will post another poll with timezones of the winning place)
whats your favorite dog.
Who out of the remaining two? (mark and ray are out of the running)
Would you rather? (83)