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is jar jar binks funny or anoying?
Choose A Wolf (My Demon wolves)
Do you guys like the sound of wolves howling at the moon?
Which Edolas Tien is best?
which show brand is the best ever?
What would you rather prefer?
Every Witch Way or Talia in The Kitchen
Who's better Harry Potter or Voldemort
Do your parents try to stalk you online?
what X-mas treat would you prefer?
Do you ever feel like you're trapped?
If you thought the holidays were happy when you were a kid,do you still feel like they are?
Pretty Little Liars or Zoey 101
Should there be a Balto 4 or A tv show on Balto?
Which Balto?
Sam or Dean? (1)
Which is the best Super hero?
would you rather eat the same food for life or watch the same show for life?
What pic of maryan is better?
Which Balto movie is your Favorite?
Who Is Your Favorite Star Wars Character (Out Of These)?
Do you think watching other people play games on YouTube is stupid?
Whoppers or Milk Duds ?
Would You Rather Live Forever or Choose Someone Else To Live Forever?
who looks best from the 100 2?
who looks best from the 100?
Witch anime female character is the best?
Should kids vote for elections?
Who's a good actor for my Demon Wolf Scar?
Wanna Speak Japanese Or Vietnamese?
Wither VS Enderdragon
Creeper VS Enderman
Which Twilight breaking dawn do you like more?
which anitomax do you wanna be in freddy's feazbar?(fnaf1)
Which should maryan date? Final choice
Twilight or pitch perfect 2
Which amyrose gen is better?
do u think its anoying when kids bop changes the lyrics?
Which Star Wars Movie is the best?
Do you think that online relationships are OK?
Which drawing is better?
Beach or Pool?
Girls which gender do you prefer?
What would you do if your pet died?
Human or Pet ?
Would You Rather? Part 5
Miku VS Kaito!:3
Sieglinde or Lizzy
Rin VS Len!:3
Adventure Time: Who better Zombie?
What is your favourite character from team RWBY?
What do you think of One Direction's new song Perfect?
What would you rather live without?
who is your favorite pasta?
Who is better a president?
Which FNaF animatronic do you like best?
Do you like Sinon from sword art online?
Hoodie or Masky or slendy
which do you think is the best series of the fnaf?
Which book series? (2)
which one is the most annoying?
How much do you like RPing?
would you rather? (37)
who do you think is the most annoying boss in the undertale?
who's your fav fnaf animatronic
who's your favorite person in NWA?
Which hip hop singer do you prefer?
Would u rather? (10)
Did you like the new youtube rewind of 2015?
What's your blood type?
Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
What's the worst anime out of these?
fall ouy boy or imagine dragons?
What's you're theory on the Phone guy and Purple guy?
Who is sexier between these two demons?
Horror or Mystery?
what sims do you like the best?
After listening to music for a while and than not listening to it anymore,does your ears hurt?
what computer brand do you like the most?
Which picture seems creepier?
Is Foxy in Fnaf a boy or a girl?
What inspires you the most?
Which game do you like better?
Creepypasta or how to train your dragon or fnaf
Nerd or Popular ?
What wedding dress do u want to see Maryan in?
Senpai or yandere?
Who the funniest?
xbox or playstation
What JB song is best?
Should Qfeast allow you to upload videos you make?
What Buzzfeed Member is Your Favourite?
Christmas or Halloween ?
Baby or toddler ? Who's cuter ?
Who would win? (15)
what dog breed is cuter?
Would you prefer to live: in the city or in the country side?
Favorite home stuck ship?
Are your younger siblings?
Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas?