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Who is your favourite Youtuber (if you haven't heard of these then search them on YouTube)?
Would you live on Mobius as a Mobian or a Human on earth?
Would You Rather? Part 2
Who would win? (14)
which are you brave and daring enough to do?
Which is cuter? (7)
Shadow charmers or wizards? I'm trying to prove to my friend wizards are better so plz take.
Do you like cats or dogs better choose one and compare results to others go wild?! Add in comments if enjoyed!
Which team would win?
Do you like The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir?
Favorite Superhero?
Do you like Pocky?
Percy Jackson movie or book?
Would You Rather? Part 1
Should there be a more domant gender?
What's the best YouTuber?
Best 2nd season of Fall anime season?
Which one is the best game company?
Which show is the best?
What Is Your Favorite Animal? (5)
What Is Your Favorite Color? (8)
Which Mario Kart Game Do U Like The Most?
What country do u want to live in/go to/go to again?
What fnaf is better?
What should my new profile picture be? (1)
What do you think about school?
Which channel do you like best?
pokefusion business or bookmark buisness
Which Mashup Is Better?
Which personal do you like better on elfen lied?
What Victorious character do you like best?
Lucina vs Chrom?
What should my new profile picture be based on?
Did you ever pee yourself?
Which ICarly character do you like best?
What fan base do u want to join with me?
Which fandom is the worst on Qfeast? (fangirl/fanboy wise)
What would you use in a zombie apocalypse?
If You Found A Lamp What Would You Wish For?
What pic is better? (1)
Giratina or Arceus
Darkrai OR Cresselia
mlp or carebears
Which is your favorite god?
Do u like Flowey or Vriska?
Marvel or DC? (this is for school, please vote:)thank you! I need to calculate the results in 3 minutes)
Who's better? (14)
What should my new story be called?
Which SAO Character Do You Like Best?
Which singer do you think is better out of these 3 ?
Whats your favorite ship?
yellow minions or purple minions
what food do you prefer?
Who is your favorite Animal Jam YouTuber?
Who likes babies ?
Do You Like Rickrolling?
Who is better... Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
Who is the "Player of the Year"? Top 15 Available. Choose Random if You Don't Know:
Which Is Hotter, Crease or Deline? (Boys Only :p)
Mike,Jeremy,or shipped?
Have you ever accidentally seen something explicit online?
Would you be friends with anyone whom alsked?
who would win a fight? (1)
What's Your Birthday Month?
Jeff -Boy or girl? (1)
Large man eating birds or large man eating birds?
Who is your favourite chaser of the chase (TV game Show)?
Would You Rather...? Oh and I don't wanna get a number on the Title so 'Hi'
Which teenager post is most relatable?
Would you rather...? (6)
What is your favourite advent calendar?
Who is best? (4)
Which is the best? (2)
What Would You Do If You Heard A Gun Shot?
Do you think bullying is stupid and pointless?
gardevoir or gallade
What is your favourite number?
What is your favourite month in the year?
who is better? (25)
What is your favourite day of the week?
Should Qfeast allow us to post .Gif images?
Who is the best pony? (1)
What's more important in a relationship?
What is your favourite Hamilton character? (The broadway musical)
Which Anime Character Would You Want To Be Your BFF?
Witch pic is cuter?
What type of dogs do like?
What triple threat character pic is better?
Which Power Would You Have?
What Weapon Would You Use To Fight Off Zombies?
Which month is your birthday on?
gardevoir or kirlia
Which Instagram or Snapchat?
Which is the saddest Shadow picture?
Would you rather? #4 plz comment
Who Would Win In A Fight Elsa Or Rapunzel?
Which is cuter? (6)
What Is Your Personality?
Who would win? (13)