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Whats the best type of computer?
What kind of book do you like?
what's your favorite fnaf 2 character
Who is the better 2-9 student of Kisaragi Academy?
Do you like Disney movies?
ying or yang?
luna or celestia? (1)
which cadence?
Whats ypur favorite type of music?
whitch one of toothless is cuter
What dounts u think may taste better
What mix of powers should Kyle have?
How many languages do you know?
Who will win this fight? <Prepare your underwear!>
What is your favourite game
which one do you like the most <3
What is your style?
The Great Debate: Books or Movies
Which Chocolate Bar is your Favorite?
what is the greatest color?
SnK~What is your favorite branch/legion?
coke vs pepsi
Do you like Mosskit being a she-kit or tom?
What is Qfeast like?
who's heard of awesome as i wanna be?
Flower or Tree
what do you like creating the best on qfeast?
whats your favorite emoticon?
Do you go to Bernado Heights Middle School (BHMS)
whats your favorite pizza topping?
What English do you speak?
Do You WANT Pixie Hallow Back?
Mario, Luigi, Waluigi or Wario?
whick would you rather have
Have you read the Super 4?
Witch Percy Jackson series do you like most?
Which Baby? (2)
Guys only, which girl sounds the cutest?
The Outsiders - Favorite Greaser
what is you favorite food
which chipette is your favorite?
What is your favorite Naruto Couple
what season do you like best? (1)
Have you seen Spirited Away?
River Otters or Sea Otters?
Percy Jackson or Harry Potter ?
Are you smart?
Who is your favorite (Nu-Who) Doctor Who character?
What hand do you write with?
What gender do you think The Mangle is?
Which book is your favorite?
who do you think is hot?
Which Transformers movie is better?
Mcdonald Burger vs Burger King Burger
Jelsa or Jackunzel?
WHich is ur favorite school grade?
Are u gonna visit ur teacher(s) one school starts again
Is the last day of school a happy day, sad day, or both!
DO u <3 those solar city- at home with ra ads?
WHich is the best song to play on the last day od school?
choose an idea to do with ur bff when theres 12 school days of school left!
Who is your favorite (BBC) Sherlock character?
How much do/did you weigh AFTER puberty? girls only!
How attractive is Fair/Very light skin on girls? Guys only 1-5 (1:ugly 5:gorgeous)
If I got my hair fully dyed, what color?
If I got dyed tips, what color?
What is your favorite jungler (lol)
Which one wedding dress will you choose?
Which Star Wars movie is best?
Dolphins or Sharks?
Tiger or Lion?
Do you like Star Wars?
Which Genre would you watch more?
What type of fries do you prefer?
How many more SCHOOL days until the last day of school? Tell me exactly how many school days u have left in the comments, 'kay?
What type of chips do you like? (1)
Hunger Game or Other Games?
Which Supernatural Character Is Your Favorite?
mlp vs eah (my little pony vs ever after high)
Favorite Band
Which is your fave Maleficent character?
What kind of School?
When did you get your period?
How much do you like Minecraft?
Are you out of school for this year? (2014/15)
Have you ever report something on Qfeast?
Do you vote on your own polls?
Naruto or Sasuke
Which avenger would you go on a date with?
Hawaiian Pizza or Pepperoni Pizza?
D u <3 eidelweis bakery?
Katy Perry or Taylor Swift
What is your favorite social media?
What parent(s) do you have?
Which minecraft skin would you like to have most?
Nutella or Peanut Butter
Ham vs turkey
Who is the best hunger games character?
which baby girl name sounds the cutest?
Which Simpsons Town Would You Live In