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Favorite One Direction Member?
Favorite Soda
Which stuffed animal would you most likely sleep with in bed?
which artist is your favorite?
Which is Taylor Swift's best song?
what color is your favorite?
Elizabeth Gillies or Dove Cameron?
Who has the best hairstyle
Which is better. To be honest I can't even figure out. Nickelodeon or Disney
What dessert would you be? Please comment why!! :D
What type of coffee do you like?
Who has a better Hood
The Ultimate Question: Which is better? Cats or Dogs?!?!
What babygirl name is best
Where would you like to vacation?
What animal is your favorite?
Which TV show is the best?
What drink is your favorite?
This poll is to see who is the best or the worst. :) Mario or Sonic. Like the Olympic games.
Polls or Questions
Do you like the Qfeast lizard logo?
What's Better Mrs.Brown's Boys or Miranda
Who the Hottest out of the wanted?
Who is your favorite from ''The Wanted''?
Pink vs Jim Parsons
whats better yahoo or Gmail?
who is your fav " ONE TREE HILL CHARACTER" ?
What should I do for my Halloween costume next year?
What is the coolest book?
Is Pink (the singer) Cool?
Who is the best not main person from ''The big bang theory''
What's better out of doctor who
Who is the best woman
Fat vs muscles
Who is the best top gear guy
Who is worse?
Who is your fav actor?
What's better?
Who is better Gary Barlow,Robbie Williams or Pink
Doctor Who vs The Advengevers
Which word is the most insulting?
What is your fav color
What sport is better
Peter Davidson vs Gary Barlow vs Justin Bieber
WHich film is the best?
Who would you like to meet the least?
who is better? (5)
which is best tv programe?
Who is better out of the big bang theory?
Which band is the best?
Who is your favorite wolfs rain <3
Which is most annoying?
Which Doctor is better?
Do you think that Miranda (from Miranda) should go out with Gary Barlow
if you could go out with any of these who would it be?
Which Shark is cooler
Which band is better? (1)
Who is better? (4)
Who Is better (7)
Which series is the best?
Who is better, Olaf or Sven?
What snack do you grab after school?
Which is better? (4)
Fifth Harmony or Ariana Grande?
Ariana Grande or Little Mix?
Baby I or Me & My Girls?
Miss Movin' On or DNA?
Wings or The Way?
Who is your favorite Avatar: The Last Airbender character?
Taylor Swift: "Mean", "I Knew You Were Trouble", or "Red"?
Which color hair does Taylor Swift look better in?
Who is the Doctor's best companion?
Should there be a Qfeast app?
does it look good
Percy Jackson: The books or the movies?
Would you marry Ariana Grande?
Which of these series is the best?
Do you like Tokyo Mew Mew?
Who do you want to see collaborating on a song?
Who are u when u took the Equestria Girl test? Thanks for Participating !
dogs or cats
Which lips
Wolves or cats?
In Emma's Diary 2, Who Should Emma Choose? Blair McLauchlin or Bailey Watt?
Which Mario character sucks
Favorite Ouran High School Host Club character?
What Is Your Favourite Creepypasta
Which Color?
Cookies or Candy?
Which Harry Potter character are you most like?
Which do you like better?...
which holiday is your favorite??
What do you want to have as a job?
Who is your favourite Heroes of Olympus girl?
who is your favorite amnesia guy
what is you're favourite holiday?