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What embarrassing thing would you rather do ?
What would you rather do..
Which dress is noise.
if you were a minecraft mob, what would you be?
What's Katy Perry's real name?
Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?
What book is the best!!
Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus?
What snack is best?
Which one do you want to be
Will you Join my Page "LIVE CLASSES Topic:Horses" and come to a few classes a week?
Who's your favorite Elric Brother?
who's better for raven?
what is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?
how do you like to draw digitally or on paper
If you were forced or wanted to watch the Twilight movies, which one would you watch first?
Who is your favourite little mixer?
Who's the hottest actor?
What site do you spend the most time on?!
Do you think Justin Bibber and Selena gomaz will ever get. Back together
If you were a fruit, which of these would you rather be?
who do think is the best in ever after high, Raven Queen or Apple White
there is this secret i have, should i tell my bff? I'm goin with majority
Which is better: Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Heroes of Olympus?
What do u think about these rotating outages?
Who is your favorite Hetalia (Axis Powers)character?
Would you rather die slowly and painful saving somebody or in your sleep peacefully?
Which superhero is best?
Who's your favorite hunger games character?
What waffles are your favorite?
Which Whodunnit Character Is Your Favorite?
is this funny?
which one is the sexyest?
Tobuscus OR Pewdiepie!!
Username battle!
Percy Jackson or Harry Potter
Who is better? (6)
Which cereal will kill you most?
who is the best for fionna the human
who is the better couple?(they are in a tv show by the way)
are wolves or dogs better?
TigerClan or BloodClan?
Who is the best Sonic character?
What would you rather be? (1)
Do you like T.V or Video Games?
Which picture is the best?
if you had the choice to turn into an animal for a day what would it be?
Which sport is better?
do you like the Iphone 5s or the samsung galaxy s4
do you like wolves?
Dog With A Blog Favourite Character
Will there be school tomorrow???
Xbox1 Or PS4?
our generation is screwed who agrees
do you love justin biber or selena gomaz or other
Squirrelflight or Leafpool?
What is your fave word?
Who is your favorite background pony?
What is your favourte food?
Good Luck Charlie (Favourite)
What Ice Cream Flavour Is Your Favourite?
Would You Rather Be
Would you rather be..
Does popularity impact on bullying?
Which Ariana Grande song is best?
Which of these Fifth Harmony pictures is the best?
What is your favorite book?
Who is your favorite cat from Thunderclan?
What did you make your new years resolution?(2013)
who is your favorite glee character?
What is your opinion on Justin Bieber?
What was Your Favorite Movie This Year?(2013)This is for all ages and movies that are not listed comment the movie in comments.
Was Edward Snowden good or bad? (the NSA guy)
What is your favorite tradition??
Artsy, Jock , Nerd, sporty, girly, tomboy, or average?? Where do you fit?
Which T.V show is best???
Better main character for the series, i need the best character for the youtube series on minecraft, who would be the best outta
If you could slap any of these who would it be?
(Doctor Who) Donna vs Rose vs Martha vs Micky vs Adam vs Amy vs Rory vs Captain Jack vs Clara vs Sarah Jane Smith.
Whats your favourite Tv show?
The Wanted vs 1D
Ok, i need to decide a name for a scool thats gonna take place in a minecraft series on youtube: the most votes by january 12th
Who would win in a battle? Firestar or Tigerstar?
Who likes this photo?
Favorite One Direction Member?
Favorite Soda
Which stuffed animal would you most likely sleep with in bed?
which artist is your favorite?
Which is Taylor Swift's best song?
what color is your favorite?
Elizabeth Gillies or Dove Cameron?
Who has the best hairstyle
Which is better. To be honest I can't even figure out. Nickelodeon or Disney
What dessert would you be? Please comment why!! :D
What type of coffee do you like?
Who has a better Hood
The Ultimate Question: Which is better? Cats or Dogs?!?!
What babygirl name is best