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Mumble or Lyrical Rapping?
What Age Is Good For Your First Kiss?
Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma?
Who's your favorite Harry Potter character?
Books Or Movies?
Which Little Trees car air freshener has the best design?
Is this design nice for a car air freshener?
What's better weather?
What would you rather do? (15)
Who would you rather meet?
Is the scent of Fresh Surge more feminine or masculine?
Who's the best Lil?
Do You Think 2pac and Biggie Faked Their Deaths?
Would You Rather? (105)
Which MyDigitalEscape member is your favourite?
Would You Rather? (104)
What Do You Think Was The Better Catch?
What is your favorite sport? (Shoutout to rodger.the.boi for recommending this)
Is marching band/colourguard a sport?
Which Walking Dead season is your favourite? (In the game)
The Battles of the Blairs
Would You Rather? (103)
Would You Rather? (102)
Would You Rather? (101)
Would You Rather? (100)
Better Sports Car?
Would you rather...? (18)
Would You Rather...? (17)
What is your favourite type of weather?
Which hairstyles look hotter on girls?
What's your favorite song from 2017?
Who Hates Me?
Who Else Loves The New Song Rockstar by Post Malone and 21 Savage?
I Apologize for every Bad Thing I've said
Who wants to see a picture of my hot face sometime?
Do You Believe That I'm Hot Like Everbody Who Knows Me?
Would You Rather...? (16)
Would You Date Me?
What's Your Favorite Impractical Jokers Punishment?
Who do you think is the most beautiful kid in the world?
What's Your Favorite Roast?
How do you apply your foundation?
Which walking dead character is your favourite? (In the game)
What's Your Favorite SML Character?
Who's Better: Steph Curry Or LeBron James?
Would you rather? #1 (3)
Who's Better: Tupac Or Biggie?
What is your favorite United States of America?
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (5)
Is the scent of Daisy Fields more feminine or masculine?
Purple guy or springtrap
Which outfit from American Mcgee's Alice do you like more? (DLC Set)
What is your favorite Lil Uzi Vert Song?
what ice cream do you prefer?
Which batman character is the best?
Which best makes a profile?
Who's the biggest A-Trou? (4)
Which car air freshener would you rather get?
Is the scent of Sweet Strawberries more feminine or masculine?
What would you rather eat? (2)
Plushtrap or springtrap
Bonnie or toy bonnie
Chica or toy chica (1)
Foxy or mangle
Freddy or toy Freddy
Introvert or Exrovert?
Optimist or Pessimist?
What is your Fandom?
do u like cat dog or fish
There are three doors. Which one do you go through?
For Guys: Which Hairstyle is hotter on females?
Would you listen to me, Lil Toot if I told you that I was a rapper?
Do You Agree With Kneeling For The National Anthem?
Which fruit is the best?
Red or green apples
Choclete or cake
Fnaf 1,2,3,4,5, or 6?
Do you answer private ID calls?
What is your favourite social network?
Do you side with God or Science?
Who's your favorite Sidemen?
Are you a grammar freak?
Puppet or golden freddy
Does anyone else like 'this is gospel' by panic! At the disco?
How Old Are You? (9)
What is your favorite Lana Del Ray album?
make or story or not?
Do you like cats more or cats?
Do you think Minecraft is selling out because of Microsoft?
Do animals have personalities?
Would you want to meet in real life?
Witch one of these memes is the best
Would you rather? (1st poll)
Do you like Minecraft's "Better Together" Update?
What is your favourite colour out of the colour schemes?
Should this be me in PPG?
Pick a version of this is helloween
The first language I ever spoke was Japanese. Do you believe me?
Would you save a puppy or a child from a burning building?
What is your stance on Global Warming?