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to the death round 1 battle 2
Would you rather be locked in a room with?
To The death round 1 battle 1
Which of these foods sounds best?
Have you ever been on the Agario Leader board?
Which title sounds best?
Best two person Halloween costume s?
Old spice or axe
Which pic is cuter (1)
Did you enjoy the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2?
Did you enjoy the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop?
Wich one is most catchy?
Which is your favorite Fnaf 4 character?
which is better pokemon ruby and sapphire or pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire
What's the Best Pet To Have?
Which of these fantasy characters are your favorite?
Outdoors or indoors
Do you think robots are a good idea? (Like highly intelligent robots that are basically maids)
Who would win in a Fight? Tris or katniss
Who was the best Barnabas Collins?
Lapidot or Jaspis? Who do you ship?
You wake up as the opposite gender! Reaction?
You are harry potter! What would you do now?
Beatles vs Taylor Swift
Have you read a book from cirque du freak (aka the saga of Daren Shan) series?
Gone books: Sam or Caine?
Who's the best SU Crystal Gem?
Sanjay and craig, or breadwinners?
Eminem or Jay-Z?
Do you believe in magic?
Who is your least favorite Gravity falls character?
Which gem (SU) is your least favorite?
Adventure Time or Steven Universe?
Who`s more like Garnet?
Would you rather? Cartoon edition
Would you Rather? (Very painful!)
Would you rather... (22)
What's your favorite minecraft Mob/Monster?
Who else is excited for dishonor 2
What kind of sci-fi device would you prefer to have?
Do you like resident evil
Slipknot or five finger death punch
Who is better Dan or Phil?
Who or what do you wanna be in your next life? (life after death)
What is your favourite tv series?
Would you rather... (21)
Who do you like better solid snake or ocelot
Who was your fav boss in metal gear solid 3 snake eater
Puppet master or Jason the toy maker
who's your favorite pup from the dog who could not bark
Sup Guy or Minion?
BEN Drowned: Creepy or Kawaii?
This or that cartoon (2)
You are doctor who! Where do you travel?
Bruno Mars, train, maroon 5
Stanley Pines for Gravity Falls mayor?
Marilyn Manson or jack off jill
What Do You Rather Do (Part 16) Tough Decision
Do you like the band jack off Jill
Do you like merlin manson
What cat do you like more?
(In percentage) How smart are you?
Wich doctor who revival female companion do you like most?
Who do you like better snake or raiden
Do you like metal gear
Which of these bosses did you like better in metal gear solid 4 gun of patriots
Knight of soul edge or knight of Excalibur
Excaliber or soul edge witch would you choose
Would you be void or celtic mage or knight
Who here likes FNAF 4?
Fallout or skyrim
Do you like the song pain by three days grace
Do you have a pet? (2)
Headphones or Earbuds (1)
Who is the better artist
Do you like taco bell breakfast?
Do you know that awesome show, Grounded for Life? and do you like it?
Three days grace or slipknot
Which 2016 movie are you excited for?
Are you a nerd?
What do you do in your free time?
What is scarier?
Who did you find scary
What Dawn Of The Clans cat do you like the most?
What warrior cat is your fave?
What is your fave song?
Who is the best magical girl? (Kazumi Magica discluded)
Do you like the horror game the forest
Would you rather...(Disney)
Would you rather... (Disney) (1)
Would you rather... (Disney)
Do You Belive Nuclear Weapons Should Have Been Invented?
Would you rather? (Disney)
Got a good story suggestion?
Do you like naruto
Do you think your birthstone is a big part of how you are?
What is your birthstone?
Who think five nights at Freddy's is stupid
Did you like the book or movie a clockwork orange
Did you like the grudge