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would u rather... (4)
would u rather... (3)
would u rather... (2)
would u rather... (1)
would u rather...
What Gaming couple is ur favorite :D
What will be the next bid trend? (i am so sorry sonic qfeast is close to banning you)
what video game character do u like outa these
does anyone on qfeast play animal jam?
What anime looks better
Which is better, Pirate or Ninja?
Which personality are you
Which nationality are you poll?
is peach stereotypical?
Do you believe in...
ice cream or frozen yogurt or gelato
Witch Anime Is Better
Who wants Minecraft to have a movie?
Marvel or DC?
How would you like to receive your appointments this season
Best Chicago Pizza
What's your favorite fast food place?
Steakhouse Poll
What do you think of the Xfactor?
What do you think of "Modern music" such as rap and electric?
How do you feel about the Pokemon Glameow!?
Do you love rollercoasters?!
How often do you catch a common cold?
Which is the First Pokemon!?
Who's the Better Pokemon?
Who is a cuter couple? Donkey and Dragon or Shrek and Fiona?
Geek or nerd?
Where do you wanna live?
What Sport?
Who do you think Sapphire should be with?
Do you like memes
Favorite School Poll
Which Pony is BEST!
FINAL! what should I be for halloween
Best htf couple?
Wich htf boy in human form is better?
Wich htf girl in human from is better?
Would you rather?... (1)
Worst My Little Pony Character? (Mane 6 plus Spike)
Which Disney Princess movie is best!?
Which Element of Harmony is worst?
Which Element of Harmony is best?
Which Element is best?
What is your Favorite Color? (5)
Favorite My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Character? (Mane 6 plus Spike)
Favorite Dessert?
Favorite Frozen Character?
Waffles or pancakes?
Favorite song from Frozen?
Who is your favorite Villian From My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic?
what halloween costume should i have
who is best ?
fluttershy is best pony?
Eat Sleep Meow Repeat
What pinkie pie?
Do you like Pinkie Pie?
What do you like more Minecraft Or Moshi Monsters
you watch your friend flirting with your girl friend
Which fencing weopon do you prefer?
Which 70s band/singer do you think is best?
Which one is the REAL Ezra?
More stories related to the one I have, and/or a role-play page related to it?
R5: Slow songs or Fast songs?
My Little Pony, Who is Your Favourite Pony (Mane 6)?
Slenderman or Enderman?
Which channel is the best?
Which Dog is cuter?
Are you Qfeast Style?
Best game out of all these?
Which app is the best?
Wh0 would win in a fight?
Which Actor do you like?
(Biggest Debate) Anime in Sub or Dub?
What is your favorite Lego Chima tribe?
Which Sword Art Online character is your favorite?
What book would you like to read?
which one of my creepypasta friends do you like best?
Do you like Tamanna Bhatia more or Genelia D'Souza
Do you like. Sunflowers more or Tulips?
Team Edward or Team Jacob? (1)
Which Animal is cuter?
Do you like Dogs more or Cats?
Do you like Kajal Aggarwal or Nisha Aggarwal more?
Do you like Kajal Aggarwal more or Tamanna Bhatia?
Do you like Parineeti Chopra more or Katrina Kaif?
Do you like Shilpa Shetty more or Aishwarya Rai?
Do you like Priyanka Chopra more or Deepika Padukone more?
Do you like Deepika Padukone more or Priyanka Chopra?
What should I be for Halloween
Do you like Samantha Ruth Prabhu more or Tamanna Bhatia?
What costumes is better?
choose a Justin
Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?
Do you like Mahesh Babu or a Ram Charan more?
Wich cookie Looks better and tasts better :3?