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Who's your favourite character from the Golden Trio?
Which movie do you like more: Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?
What's your favourite type of tree?
Do u like nightcore?
Do you wait for "the right time" to write something or just start writing anything until an idea comes? (for writers)
What do you do at school?
Which of the following is most likely to ruin a friendship?
Which name would you choose for a futuristic dystopia city?
Which of the following softdrinks do you like the most?
1(for those who have seen mythbusters the search) who SHOULD they have chosen? should
Which is a better series?
What warrior cat clan do you like best? (out of the five)
SkytheGalacticWolf Or SkytheGalacticWolf's Little Siter
roar vs blank space
L or Light?
IA or ONE?
Is school fun?
Which song lines from these do you like your crush to text?
What Do You Think My Favorite Type Is ? (Swordman/sword woman, archer, Magic
Do you often compare yourself with others?
Would you smooch a ghost?
Chick fill a or kfc?
Which drink one has less sugar: orange juice, Pepsi or lemonade?
Do you like the website kissanime?
New Profile pic?
Apple, Android or Nokia
How Do You Really feel about me? (if you lie I can tell and you will die XD)
What Gaming Platform is Better? (PC Vs. Console)
Do You Watch Dragon Ball Super?
Are You Getting the Nintendo Swtich?
Have you ate a kidney?
What's your favourite Element?
Which Unix design?
How many korean dramas have you seen?
Are you materialistic?
Is puppet a Boy Or A Girl!?!?
Which book series is better? Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
Are you good or evil? (1)
Who is your favorite Wings of Fire character?
what is your favorite kitten?
Which Book Series is better? Series of unfortunate events or Warriors?
Would you rather? (93)
Do You Have A Opinion Or Not ?
would you rather!!! (15)
Do you watch anime?
What home stuck ancestors do u like best?
What do you think about Gilmore girls a year in the life?
What Levi Ackerman Picutre Is Most Cuter ?
Do you think that are there too many people on Earth?
What is your Zodiac?
Do You Think Transgender Students Should Be Able to Use the Bathroom of Their Gender?
Holden, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Merc
Would you rather kill or be killed?
Which one of my tiger drawings is better?
Apples Or Bananas
Do you judge books by their covers?
Would you rather: Fall Forever in a White Void or Drown Forever in an Ocean that plays With Your Mind?
Do you play board games?
Which pet do you have?
Which heart is better?
should scott change his user to gaykink69
Which are you most likely to read?
What is your preferred method of education?
what do you think is beater?
Would you rather? (92)
Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?
Tragic endings or happy ones?
Which Warrior Cat Meme is Funniest?
Which poem is better?
Which of the following video games is your favorite? (1)
Sunny Days Or Rainy Days: Which Is Better
Do you think school "kills" our creativity?
Arctic Fox Or Fox? (on Animal Jam)
Do Albino Praying Mantises Suck
Which word is worse?
Is Ucky a word?
Which do y'all like more? Lord Of The Rings Or Harry Potter?
twd or spn?
Who should have lived in Harry Potter?
Do you know anyone from Qfeast in real life?
are humans surperior to animals and plants?
Doge or Moon Moon
Which Pretty Little Liars Cover? (I made these so please no stealing)
What Quote Do You Like The Most ?
Rosalina Vs Silver The Hedgehog
Destiel or Sastiel?
Which roast is better?
Dad jokes or puns?
Have Ever Been Bullied To The Point Were You Almost Kill Yourself ?
Do You Watch Maid Sama ?
Do you have a bucket list?
Do you like Trash Doves?
How is your self esteem: low or high?
Are you vengeful?
Is there an afterlife?
Who is better Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun?
Which Pokemon Sun And Moon Legendary is Better?
Which Mario game character do you like more: Mario or Luigi?
What Pug Is The Cutest?
What Animal Is Cuter ?