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what shoes do you wear most of the time?
how to train yr dragon VS nightmare before christmas .
What Phone Is Better? (Based On Looks, Specs Exc)
What Colour Is Better For A Phone? (Between these two, Picture is how they look like)
Do you like google plus?
Bacon or sausage
Do you like YouTube poops?
Do you think you're a good person?
Who's your favorite Giant Woman?
Favorite Funk Volume Rapper
Do you like glitching computers?
where would you choose to go on your vacation?
What movie should CN make?
What Fandom? (im not in all of these I just wanna see which ones qfeasters like. :P)
Do you think the series, Gravity Falls, is about to end? (I love GF, but I needed to make this!)
Chaps or chips?
Crispy or Chewy Bacon?
Are you "hip", or in with the times?
which animated movie u like?
Who's your favorite warrior from Power of Three?
Have you ever been attacked by a chicken? (Not in a game)
What is your life motto?
Which quote speaks to you ?
Do you believe this motto? (Live life to the fullest, cause you never know when your life will end)
Which is your fav* quote
Geek vs. Nerd!
Do you agree with some states legalizing marijuana?
who's the best teen titan?
Who is your favorite Dance Moms dancer?
Who is your favorite Hunger Games character?
which girl looks cuter
Why are cats better then dogs?
which prom dress is for you
which wedding dress says I do to you
5sos or 1D
Zelink or Rhink
Which band is best? (1)
What Would You Change Your Name To? -Girl Version-
have you read the book Wicked?
What's your fav pic?
Favorite type of Dog
What's your favorite type of party?
What anime do u like more?
Do u like pickles or tomatoes the most?
which movie u think it's best?
Which warrior cat is the best?
Which PLL Guy?
do u like sasuke or naruto more
Which PLL Girl?
Are you hype for fnaf 4?
Do you like Crying Breakfast Friends?
Which do you like better?
Which Warrior cat is The BEST!
Favorite GMM will it episode?
Pringles or Doritos?
Raptors or Pterodactyls?
What did you think of the GMM season seven finale?
Best Youtubers?
Do you like finding easter eggs in gaming?
(For girls) Personality or looks in a guy
Who is your favorite youtuber?
Batman or Superman?
Jurassic World or Jurassic Park?
Popular or Nerd?
The Conjuring or Annabelle?
Fnaf or Slender?
Supernatural or The Walking Dead?
Biker or Surfer?
Jacksepticeye or Pewdiepie?
Which movie is worth seeing more? Inside Out vs Minions
kpop vs jpop
Vote best dessert
Voldemort, Draco or Bellatrix?
Divergent or Hunger Games? (1)
Did you enjoy the movie Minions?
My little disney 3: Who makes the best Rainbow Dash? (I am now taking suggetions for my little disney!)
My Little Disney 2: Who makes the best Fluttershy?
My Little Disney 1: Who makes the best Pinkie Pie?
How do you feel about the song Waffles from Teen Titans Go?
Ice cream or chocolate?
Which Gem would win in a fight with weapons? (Steven Universe)
Gravity Falls:Should Stanford(The Author)forgive and thank Stanley(Grunkle Stan)?
Which Out of These Places Would You Want to Go to
Should this cat be a famous internet cat?
Fabulous or Awesome
What washi tape design is your favourite?
What do you think of me
When are you too old for Wild Kratts?
Is Purple Guy Golden Freddy or Just Freddy
In anime,which is better sub or dub?
Which is better? Books or the movies?
Are you a Sam or Dean girl?
How often are you bored?
Do you like regular show?
Which Anime do you prefer out of these two?
Are you a social person
What is a better mixed color?
Who is the cutest Naruto canon couple?
Do you watch Good Mythical Morning? A.K.A GMM
dipper or mabel (gravity falls)?