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Ciel Phantomhive or Alois Trancy?
Favorite 5NaF Game?
Wake up and smell...
which phone is best
which gift box is best
Which of these Kenz Zinger watercolor paintings is best?
Would you rather beaten by...
Do You Support Polygamous Relationships?
People, Would You Rather...
Favorite Animatronic?
which dark blue dress is the prettiest
which gold and white dress is the prettiest
which pink dress is the prettiest
which blue dress is the prettiest
Which of these schools would you rather go to? (Some are made-up and some are real)
Do you like algebra?
What is better? (13)
Soul eater- who is scarier?
Are you a secretly a cupcake?
Are you secretly a banana?
What is the WORST mob on Minecraft?
Would you rather... (Music Version)
Techno or Dubstep?
which painting is beautiful?
Which black dress is the best?
Should tony abbot be allowed to live
Would you help to make SAO a reality? (by this I mean to make the nervegear and the game)
Would you join bully prevention page?
Which is Your Favourite Pokemon Type?
Do you like Purple?
What's your favorite pet?
Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
Qfeast Mobile or Qfeast Desktop? (please comment)
whats your favorite soda
Would you rather... #1
Which yellow dress is the best?
Which white dress is the best?
Say "Toy Boat" three times fast. IS IT HARD TO SAY?
which mlp princess is your favorite?
ever after high: royal or rebel?
which of these is your favorite to create
Would you rather... (15)
If you saw someone about to shoot a healthy, innocent deer, what would you do?
what is your favorite faction from divergent?
purple and black or purple and gray
Semester Test or Semester Project?
Do you go on Qfeast everyday?
do you think homework should be banned?
Who's Better on Victorious? (girls)
Procrastination. Which of these are you most guilty of 'Putting Off' the longest?
Are you excited for school to be over?
Why would you follow a person on qfeast?
do you think single sex schools are better for the child's education
do you think reality tv does more harm than good?
Ice cream or Ice cream cake?
are you a vegetarian?
Monster High vs Ever After High
Good Vs Evil
Would you rather... (14)
Lambs Vs Ducks?
Harry Potter House
Do you sleep with your head on the pillow or the pillow on your head?
What would you do if a bear was coming after you
Which one is better? (3)
Hey Gamers - Which One of These Things is the Most Annoying?
Hotdogs or hamburgers?
Coke or pepsi? (1)
What is your favourite game out of these ones?
Should street art be allowed?
Would you rather be the tallest person in the world or be the smallest person in the world?
What Kinds of Books do you like Best?
School is almost OVER! What grade are you going to be in?
Do you like Taylor Swift?
Steam-Punk or Sci-Fi?
Which green dress is the best?
Which peach dress is the best?
Which red dress is the best
How do you feel about the idea of fanfictions?
Is it right for scientists to bring back extinct animals from the dead?
which mlp pegasus out of these
which pokemon is cutest?
do you want to be my friend
Which name for a Pokemon White remake?
Favorite rapper
What's Your Birthstone?
Which FNAF 2 animatronic would you hug?
which dress is the best(2)
what is your aim and aspiration
which cartoon is best
what is best colour
which baby is best
do you like winter
Who deserves to live?
Are you a bookworm
which hairstyle is the best
which earrings is the best
which shoes is the best
which. Is prettier
do you think im a dog person or cat person?
Natsu or Gray?