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Homework- A speech about spanish dance.
Which One Do You Like Better?
Pick the best superpower?
Subbed or dubbed?
What do you think of Justin Bieber
What do you think of Thorinduil (ThorinxThranduil)? From the Hobbit?
Do you like gender benders?
where would you rather live? round 1. 1/6
Who is hotter? (9)
Which Doctor?
Which Keep Calm?
Which nickname is the best for the undead on The Walking Dead?
Which singer(s) is Worse?
Least Favorite Day of the Week?
Which Would You Rather Be Eaten By?
cupcakes or doghnuts
which outfit do you liker better on me?
Who looks better out of these random equestria girls?
Which story would be more scary to live in?
if you could be nicky ricky dicky or dawn who would you be
Steven Universe- favorite Gem Fusion
What is your favorite animal? (3)
would you rather2
Best Fandom Word(s)?
What show is better
Which is worse of these?
Jason or Percy
Piper or Annabeth
Favorite anime? (Warning: Many Choices)
Sebastian or Claude?
Who is your favorite Doctor?
Have you read my bio?
Ferrari, Land Rover, Audi, or Mercedes?
Which Number?
witch singer do u think is better
What kind of hair color do you have?
Hot Topic Vs Spencers
Would you like FNaF to go on the Xbox/Playstation?
How long can you go without eating?
Who's better? L? or Light?
Which is the weirdest kpop acronym group name?
What is more precious to you?
Would you rather listen to bad music or none at all?
Who is your favorite companion from Doctor Who
Do you believe in the 5 second rule?
Do you like school brah?
What applies to you?
Cable or Netflix
Which song do you like better?
Levi or Gray ?
Which forest of these is more beautiful?
The wanted, One Direction, Both, or Neither
Which should be Wolfie's future death?
Ciel or Alois
Who do you think is more evil
Death note VS. Hetalia
Is Envy a girl or boy?
Favorite Group?
Which Boy Band is the best?
What is better? Books or Movies
Which song is the best of the following?
Full Moon Wo Sagashite Contest: Mitsuki vs Mereko
Do you swear?
Does music have an effect on the brain?
What hair color do have?
Pink or Silver?
White or Silver?
Do you like Green or Silver?
What do you think you are?
how do you look at easter
Which Bread type?
Which Racism is the worst?
(Fnaf 3) scariest character?
(Fnaf 2) Which toy animatronic is the scariest?
(Fnaf 2 old animatronics) Which one is scariest?
(Fnaf 1) Which one was the scariest?
Are you a left or right handed person?
Which is a better animation company.
What's your favorite type if art?
what should my theme song be? (3)
Do you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere?
Which Phone Company Id The Best
What's your Least Favorite Social Media?
Which FNAF game is the Easiest?
Apple or Amazon
Have you Seen The TV Show Lost?
Who's better? Buffy or Angelina Jolie
which is better? The Harry potter Movies, or the books?
Who is the awesomest warrior cat
Do you like Horimiya?
Vocaloid Contest Special Edition: Kimono Style
do you like math?
Do you think you could survive in Candor?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
How would you perfer the end of the world?
Fav activity 4 school
What subject is best
Do you find babies cute or ugly?
How many polls have you made on Qfeast?
What kind of dragon are you?