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What language do you want to learn?
which anime? >:^(
Which dagames song?
Do you mostly say yes or no?
Would you rather be hackerman or have remaes bank card?
what is your favorite earbud color?
I swear this is the last talent show one: just please pick a song maybe?
Do you believe there are more than two genders?
Would choo folow Hyper?
Will you follow dowogami_is_in_love? On qfeast
What's your favorite car brand?
What continent do you live in?( me: North America)
Which should get done 1st?
5sos or little mix?
Villana of games
Which starter is the easiest in generation 3?
Which starter is the easiest in generation 1?
Which car air freshener do you prefer the most? (1)
Who's your favorite series of unfortunate events character?
What's your favorite Harry Potter character?
What Should My Character be for a comic/animation series? (Pictures show examples)
Favorite shadowclan leader
Which movie did the "people living in your head" plot better?
Sweetie belle: what is better?
Is the Earth flat?
Update on the Talent Show: Which song? (Based on my thoughts, and the votes)
Which 'chan'?
Are cuphead and mugman kids or adults?
Negative Or Positive
What Meme Is Better?
Sweetie belle: I found some cute pictures of "Scootalight"
Talent Show: Which Song?
Which Ayano Photo Is Cooler?
What do you like better, chicken or beef disguised as chicken?
Which of us four is the cutest?
Which is your favorite type of crayons?
What anime is cutest?
How Do You Promouce Chip?
Warrior Cats Poll- Who is/was ThunderClans Best Medicine Cat?
Warrior Cats Poll- Who Has the Best Power in the "Power of Three" Arc?
Warrior Cats Poll- What is the Best Clan?
Got any grapes? (This is my most popular!)
Daddy Penny or Waluigi?
Which starter from generation 3 do you prefer the most?
Which starter from generation 2 do you prefer the most?
Which starter from generation 1 do you prefer the most?
Which vegetable do you prefer the most?
The best Greek mythology romance
Would win in a rap battle?
What gender are you?
Which Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary character is the best?
Which character do you dislike?
Who would win in a rap battle? (4)
What game is better? (1)
best minecraft youtuber couple?
Who was the largest dictator of history?
Do you think qfeast on tablet and computer should have the same features?
Which one? (35)
Earth or the moon
Who do you prefer, Aquaman or Wonder Woman?
Who do you prefer, Batman or Superman?
Who won in this Rap battle?
Are you Goth, Emo, Human, Not Human, or a Potato?
Would you rather? (1) (1)
What is your favorite creepypasta? (1)
Would you rather? #4 (1)
Which code of Rugby is the best to watch?
Which is your favorite fan fiction site?
Is it easier to draw animals or people
What teenager post most describes your l I f e?
Which form of keinoa?
Should teachers be armed?
what lps do you like most?
Which one? (34)
Glitter Force: Who is a better leader, Queen Euphoria, Queen Candy, or Emperor Nogo?
What picture of ldshadowlady?
who is your favorite creepypasta? (1)
Who would you not want to be trapped in an elevator with (for 5+ hours)?
What gender is easier to draw?
Which do you prefer, waffles or pancakes?
Do you prefer redtail or crowfeather from warriors?
Which is better: leaffeather or crowtail?
who's funnier out of the Weasley twins? (ik it's hard)
What's the best Hogwarts house?
Half full or half empty? (1)
Do you roast people?
What Chibi cat would you adopt?
Who is best robot master?
Should the Paul brothers be banned from You Tube for life?
Which one? (30)
Would you rather? (115)
What Chibi dinosaur is cutest?
Which bunny mascot looks better?
What do you prefer the most? (2)
Which battery brand do you prefer the most?
Are you grateful for your life?
Full or empty
Delivery or Digiorno
What character do you prefer from the Lunar Chronicles?
Do you like the unicorns in Harry Potter?