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Are you... (4)
Which are you most excited for?
better snack?
Who's The Best Female Attack On Titan Character?
What's you're zodiac sign?
Who do you main in Overwatch?
Which outfits are cuter?
Which guy is hotter?
Which one of these girls are prettier?
Who's Better: Ladybug or Cat Noir?
Five Nights at Freddy's or Undertale?
I need a name for a girl
Favorite Movie Genre? (1)
Do you need a reason to love someone?
What did you think of the Last Jedi?
Taco bell or pizza hut?
When you have a cold, do you go to work?
What would you rate Kingsman? If you have seen it
Which one is better? (Not about the prices)
Do some movies make you so mad that you just to drop the entire series? .-.
Is Christmas a Humbug to you? Or is it Merry? (Based on a Christmas Carol, luv that story)
Percy Jackson or twilight
Which One For Hetlia One Shots ?
Whos the best pokemon
What Females wizard (Not including squids or ghost or the four houses) in harry potter do you like?
Blackfire or starfire
Which Star Wars Character do you Believe I could play better as?
Which Soul Calibur 2 character is better?
Which creepypasta character is your fave?
Anyone else's life so busy, that it stresses you out, besides me?
Which song of Selena Gomez is the best?
Who's better (1)
What would win?
Which character do you think is useless?also comment why you think you think there useless
Who do you think will win Artist of the Year in MAMA 2018?
How good do you think I am at making quizzes?
Which Chipmunk Is Best?
Todd Gurley Or Alvin Kamara Or Kareem Hunt? Who's Better?
Do you think that there are too many games with crafting systems lately?
Voltron: Should Klance go canon?
Out of these places, which is the best to sleep in?
Which is funnier? (1)
Which fan game is better?
Which Undertale boss is the hardest?
Voltron: Should Shallura Go Canon?
Who's Hotter **you have to be at least 12 to take this poll**
Who$ Hotter? Kid Friendly
Which cat looks more cuter in their Halloween costume?
Which cat looks more evil?
Which Kpop band is best?
Cuphead: dont deal with the devil, or Bendy and the ink machine.
roblox and terraria
Type of vamp you be
What country do you live in?
if i was to make a paypal- would you donate? (reasons below)
Jeff The Killer or Lazari?
Which parody maker do you like better?
Which hand?
What is your favorite subject in skool?
Marvel Or DC (1)
Would you rather? #3 (1)
Would You Rather? (112)
Would You Rather? #1 (4)
What would you rather clone? (1)
What would you rather clone?
How long does it take you for you to say the alphabet backwards?
What would you rather do? (Food) (3)
What would you rather do? (Tricky one)
What would you rather do? (18)
Corbijn Streams: Which is next?
How hard do you feel is the Cuphead game? Please comment
Shawn mendes or Justin Bieber?
Which Wolfenstein game do you like more, The New Order Review or The New Colossus?
Plaid or Pink?
Which sound device do you use while playing games on your TV?
Are you planning plan to upgrade your Play Station 4 to Play Station 4 Pro?
Are you planning to upgrade your Xbox One to Xbox One X?
OK so what is your fave character shadow,sans,or Jeff the killer?
Best Mario girl?
Can you swallow with your mouth open?
is Mario or Luigi better?
Would you rather live without TV or without Music?
Are these good? Which one is better?
Who else loves Danganronpa?
Best modern CTU (Counter terrorist Unit)
Who were the best warriors of these?
What would you rather?
Is your teacher nice to you?
White rice or brown rice?
Fries or Mcnuggets
Art or science
Early bird or night owl? (1)
What is the best undersea animal?
Who's? Better
Who's? Better Nintendo or Sega?
What is your favorite animals?
IF! you were to choose, which BTS member do you think you relate to the most
Is this from the 19th century
Cupcakes or Muffins?
Caramel or Chocolate?