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What sounds like a better quiz idea?
Best fnaf song
would you help a homeless orphan?
What would u choose?
Who is Hotter? (Teen Wolf poll winner v.s. The 100 winner)
Rowling Elves or Tolkien Elves?
What would you choose? (1)
Who was a better Dumbledore?
Which Actor is Hottest?: The 100 Edition (past and present)
Which is your favorite Shadowhunters book series?
What is your favorite drink out of these? (1)
Do you have any secret crushes?
Do you have a stereotype?
Which Nickelodeon show is best to you?
Who is your favorite lesbian youtuber(s)?
What is your favorite school subject?
do you think fast?
Do you like high school better than middle school/ do you miss middle school?
Does any of you have a rod of discord (i do but i heard it's very rare so i got curious)
Does Firestar have absolutely have no flaws or no?
Out of these characters, who looks to be the strongest?
Undertale Mettaton Ex or Underfell Mettaton EX?
What do you think you'll find outside the universe?
is jeff and jane a good coupel
is masky bitter that jeff the killer
How would you describe your personality?
Which game would you rather play? (3)
Which game would you rather play? (2)
Which game would you rather play? (1)
Which wolf? (10)
Are you scared of mascots?
Do u like marshmallows?
Bloodbourne or Dark Souls?
You see a strange alien-ish portal/wormhole, you would...
Would You Name Your Child Dankley Memerton?
Do you have more dreams,nightmares,or just pitch black nothingness?
Fantasy: Fae or Middle Earth?
Whose side are you on Civil War: Iron Man or Captain America?
would you rather? (63)
Which is not a correct title for Vlad Tepes?
Do you like fairytail?
Erza, Natsu, and Gray are in a fight!
What would you rather be without for the rest of your life?
how offten do you qfeast?
Would You Rather? (62)
Fnaf or undertale?
Who looks more like President JFK?
which bird is your favorite?
Would you rather? (61)
Space Balls or Star wars? please comment
Do you like Vocaloid?
Do you like fairy tail? (1)
Who is the hottest Teen Wolf Guy? (past and present)
Minecraft PE, Minecraft PC, or Minecraft Xbox?
Do you like computers or ipads/tablets?
witch game is the best?
Would you rather? (60)
Who is better from dance moms Maddie or Kendall?
Which fruit do you like more: Banana or Strawberry?
If Fnaf WAS Real, What Would You Do?
Would You Rather 14? LAST ONE
Are there any Dylan O'brien fans in the house?
What are you in minecraft? (please comment)
Which Weapon Would You Rather Master?
Best Dog from UnderTale?
Undertale - Favorite Food Vendor
What would you do in a fight?
Do You Support the Black Lives Matter Movement?
Which Kagune Would You Like To Have?
Which singer do you like more: Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato?
What trainer from diamond/pearl/platinum is your favorite?
Dawaranwa Laka Airline llak balakhu orapnvu lakhugi laku giwavuhavuhavu? ?
Who should Glitch/Ellie be with?
What trainer from saphire/Ruby/emerald and ORAS is your favorite?
what is your favorite game out of these?
Would you rather? (59)
What trainer from silver/gold/crystal and heart gold/soul silver is your favorite?
Fanf or NAW?
Do you think the Confederate flag is racist?
Who is best MLP princess?
Dashiexp vs Markiplier
Rocky or Roxy they are Boyfriend And Girlfriend
What's your favorite Star Wars government/faction?
are you annoying?
would you rather? (58)
who do you like more from the percy Jackson?
Who Really is The Best Band Ever?
Where Would You Go In A Zombie Apocalypse?
What trainer from red and blue/green do you like more?
How did you first find Qfeast?
Which Slither.io Skin is best?
Better Animatronic from FNaC?
witch version of undertale did you play? demo or full
Say you found the love of your life who truely loved you back.What would happen if they died?
Who is your youtube crush? (For boys)
Who is your youtube crush? For girls
What is your favourite unhealthy food?
Which version of Starring Role do you like better?
Do you consider yourself tomboy or girly girl (for girls)?
Whats your fave game to play?