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Would your rather?
who out of the following?
Do you consider yourself good at flirting?
Which Animal Jam YouTuber is your favorite?
Which game do you like more: Skyrim or Fallout 3?
How you rather have a wand or a light saber?
Do you like CHS Lip Dub 2016 Cheyenne, WY?
Which is the best YouTuber out of the following?
Junk food or healthy food?
Why do you shave your legs?
What Is the most cringest fandom ever?
Which album by Twenty One Pilots is the best?
Which movie do you like more: Zootopia, The BFG or The Jungle Story?
Would you rather..? - sry, got really bored!
Which band?
Which celebrity?
Would you rather? (82)
What is easier to you: love or be loved?
What do you do when you got no homework?
Which colour should choose for hoodies?
What is more important to you: trust or love?
Who is more adorable?
who is better frisk or chara ?
Which color do you like more: black or maroon?
who is more creepy ? [creepypasta]
who would win a fight between korbyn and sally ? [creepypasta]
What do you like to do the most on Qfeast?
witch one is worse [creepypasta]
Are you Atheist or Christian?
What to draw? (1)
who is the best creepypasta proxy ?
who would win a fight between jeff the killer or jane the killer ?
who is a better couple ? [ yandere simulator ]
Who is the better Story Writer?
what is your fav anime? 3.0
What do you think of horror/scary stories?
Which Saw movie is the scariest?
who would win a fight between 2D and noodle ?
Which form of Ellie do you prefer?
Do you like Ink sans from Inktale?
Drarry or Dramione
EA or MH? Ever After or Monster High.
Would You Rather? (Video Game)
Do you prefer the toys with their badges or without?
Do you play Love Live! School Idol Festival?
Who is your favorite My little Pony Character?
what cat from warriors do you like best?
what character from soul eater do you like best?
Which Christmas song?
Do you sometimes wish you could live the life you'd rather have?
Mlp, Lps, or Tmnt?
How much do you use styrafome? (sorry I spelled that wrong)
Which Toads' cd toy is your faverouite?
what is your fav anime? 2.0
What Kind Of Qfeaster Are You?
Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton 2016
which assassin would you be?
Which is your favorite game out of the following?
Which Suite Pretty Cure is your favorite?
who do you like more? creepypasta
Which Cartoon show is better?
Whose Your Favorite in the Emo Quartet?
Which is Your Favorite ?
who do you think will make great president in 2016?
Which Quarterback should the Cowboys play with?
what do you like better? (2)
Which is your favorite game developer?
Would you rather have Voldemort stuck in your head wrap for a year, or Nagini lurking in your toilet for a year?
Who is blueberry sans?
Who is your favourite "Book Celebrity"?
Would you rather? (81)
Which is your favourite Five Nights at Freddy's 2 character?
Which is your favorite Five Nights at Freddy's character?
Which FNAF do you think is better?
Are you excited for Halloween?
Which internet star is your favorite?
Who do you most want a poster of?
Which rainbow hairstyle do you like most?
Which hair colour is most beautiful?
How do YOU pronounce?: Arabic
How do YOU pronounce?: Gala
who do you like best in harry potter?
what is your Favorite anime? (2)
Which movie?
which is your fav website?
Which fandom is best?
Who will win on this fight: Puppet or Puppet sad?
Which actor do you believe is more suitable for playing as Batman: Christian Bale or Ben Affleck?
do you like Jared Leto or Heath Ledger better?
Who is your favorite Animorph?
What's your favorite song?
What % Busy Are You Actually?
which wolf do you like best?
Who is your favorit animatronic on mine favorit animatronic?
Which personality fits you the most?
True or false- Mangle is a male?
Which One? (22)
What Is The Worst State In The Nation?
Which Harry Potter character has the saddest death impact?
What is your favorite Monster High ghoul? (Of the main characters)