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Which dress is best????
Which Dress is the best???
Marvel or DC
Minecraft or no minecraft?
Do You like Bunnys
Should Jackie join Team Sonic?
Should Ezra join Team Chaotix?
Which Kitty Do You Think Is Cutest?
Do You Like Minecraft? (1)
Wich is better?
which ever after high is best?
How do you like to do your hair the most?
What movie is best?
What is the better movie?
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
wich photo with mions is the best?
which angry bird photo is better?
Do the M&Ms colors taste different?
What stories do you like best on Qfeast?
what channel?
who do you like better: Rihanna or Beyonce?
Would you leave your boyfriend/girlfriend if he/she moved in another city?
wich photo with Rihanna is THE BEST?
Nivea or Dove (just 4 girls)
Who is the most popular fictional villain of all time???
which is better (7)
do you believe in fairytales coming true?
Could you live without music?
Do you listen to music daily?
Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts?
Do you eat fast food?
Where would you go on the first date?
do you have brother or sister?
Who's your favorite?
Tennant or Smith?
which do you prefer: ballet or hip hop?
If you're late for school, would you clean your teeth?
What is your favorite sonic boy
Best iPhone Case?
Which loom band (which I made) do you like most? :) Also comment ideas for new ones :)
Which O,Hair twin is better
Who should dexter be with?
Cerise or ashlyn
Which of the following, is your favorite wild animal?
How many times have you listened to Let it Go?
Which is your favorite color?
What would you buy from Wandering Oaken's Trading Post?
What's your favorite "Mulan" character?
What's your favorite "Tangled" character?
Who is you favorite character from the movie Frozen?
Since Gravity Falls' season 2 is coming on August the first (I just got back into the fandom~), who is your favorite character?
Which song best fits Shadexis?
best anime girl?
What Color Are Your Eyes?
Which colour is prettiest?
Who is your favorite character of The Three?
Which 60's show is better?
Olaf or Sven? (1)
Anna or Elsa
Kiss Me Kiss Me or Amnesia?
How To Train Your Dragon 1 or 2?
Favorite Eeveelution
What's your favourite 5SOS music video?
What's the better name for a main character?
Out of these dogs, which kind do you like the best?
What's your favourite song from 5SOS's Somewhere New EP?
Which Color Is Better? (1)
Choose A Cool Book Picture!
Princess Bride or Lord of The Rings Two Towers
Which one. One direction or the wanted
Which guy better is a better with Katniss?
which animal do u like best
coca cola or pepsi?
whos better messi or Ronaldo?
should saiko die or not please explain why in the comments I believe that she shouldn't
What is your favourite song from 5SOS's Don't Stop EP?
What is your favourite song from 5SOS's She Looks So Perfect EP?
Shake it up or good luck Charlie?
Keep calm or teenager post?
Peanut butter or jelly?
Perfect First DATe
Who's The better dancer?
What accessory are you? Girls only please!
what is your height?
What describes your closest friend? Girls only please!
What is the best ice cream topping? Girls only please
What flavor chips is your favorite? Girls only please!
What band do you like best?
Which Mythical Creature is Your Favorite?
what super power do you want
Homestuck - Favorite Ancestor
Live, Love, or Laugh?
What's the most fun part of a carnival?
Choose one!
Choose a phone!!
Favorite instrument?
What your favorite kind of music?
If you could die your hair, what color would you die it?
Which Drink?
Do you like waffles