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Is Little Tay alive?
The wrost Johnny Blazes YET
Which apple is best apple?
Elvis or Michael
Which Helper From the MAF Series Do You Like the Most?
Which house are you in?
Do you think that women with hairy legs are unattractive?
How do you feel about online dating?
this or that (thrifting style!)
Which piece of art it better?
Have you ever been suspended before?
What do you think about my character Vanessa?
What type of school do you go to? (1)
Will it be cool if you could do a liv video on here
which pikachu?
How many times does your heart break?
What company do you choose?
Would you rather have a chinchilla or have a kitten?
Mantis, Black Widow, Gamora, or Scarlet Witch?
Who Should Date Billie Eyelash?
Which Avenger would you miss most in the MCU?
Do you believe in the Michael Jackson child molestation accusations?
Which of these songs by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson do you like best?
Which version of State of Shock do you prefer?
Which one of these three adventure time drawings is your favorite?
Is revenge overrated?
what would be the best YouTube user? feel free to add suggestions. these were some my brothers suggested.
do you like sheep? :3
Whats the worst? (2)
I don't know which is grammatically correct; what do you say?
Which is the worst?
Is your town very far ahead or behind in technology?
Who do u think is the best in vastaria?
Who would win? (19)
Which team would win in a fight?
Who would win in a fight? (6)
Are you ready for Rise of Skywalker?
what's shallot's name?
Have you seen tremors?
What SCP would win in a battle arena?
Would SCP-096 be able to kill herobrine?
Which Dairy Queen summer menu blizzard flavour is your favourite?
Which temperament blend are you?
What MBTI type are you?
Which Girl Scout cookie is your favourite?
Which alignment do you think you are?
Will you be my friend?
Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?
Can i leave for no reason again
Do you like old town road?
What Hogwarts house are you in? (1)
Silver or black and green?
Have you ever heard of a Shihpoo?
Which do you like better? (3)
Where do you do when your bored?
do you like piranha plant?
Which one? (pick one please)
who's the deeper lyricist?
Why won't my girlfriend text me back (if u know plz comment)?
Which hated kind of person of qfeast did you get?
Who is the cutest legendary pokemon as a human?
Percy Jackson or Harry Potter (1)
Harry Potter quiz poll
Dark colors, light colors or neon
What Youtuber do you prefer?
Which one is better? (10)
I *Edited What table type is best?
What's your zodiac?
Which wallpaper?
Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, or Cardi B?
If a new eeveelution were to be introduced in an upcoming pokemon title, what type would you want it to be?
Which song? (4)
MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) or DCEU (DC Extended Universe)?
Which Hollywood Chris is your favorite?
Which Michael is your favorite?
Is it a good idea to evaluate your self worth based off of Papa's Scooperia?
Do i mean alot to you peeps? and be truthful. ok? dont say yes just to be saying yes if fact i want a reason in the comments.
Best Minecraft Music disc?
Which European music do you like best?
Favorite element
which singer sux more?
Who is your favorite Beatle?
Who is better? (21)
Is @Samanthavs.Zero a good artist?
Who is your favorite Queen member?
Best Beatles Movie
What sexuality do you personally identify as?
Would yo rathaer?
Is Brendon Urie Fabulous?
What is the better pet?
Which food? (2)
Who is the better qfeaster outta those?
Which one is better?going to the movies,under tale birthday party,Minecraft birthday party,or a fna f birthday party?
Favourite Song Out Of These
Who is your fav of the three?
Which Hogwarts house is better?
Yaoi or Yuri?
What Lps is better new or old?
What franchise is better?
Foot fetish