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can you be chaotic good if you eat babies?
do you like steph?
Whose your favorite Darkwing Duck character?
do u prefer PASTA or RICE?
Naruto or One Piece?
In twilight if you were Bella would you go for Jacob or Edward?
xbox or playstation? (1)
Homeschooling or normal school?
Do You Still Support Lana Del Rey?
Dog/cat/no one
dogs or cats? (4)
Tikki or Plagg?
books or movies? (1)
Will Smith or Rebel Wilson?
Do you swear? (1)
what would you rather eat? (1)
Johnny Blazes 4
Which grade do you dislike the most in school?
Favorite grade in school?
Do you like the game Kindergarten 2?
Would you Rather? (137)
Which skate theme do you like best?
Which IceWing animus touched is best?
This or That (part 4)
Would you vote a law that obliges you to get vaccinated (vaccine to protect from covid -19)?
Are you afraid of Covid - 19 ?
Choose one (part 1)
This or That (part 3)
On a scale of 1-10 how much do you know about the Fnaf series?
This or That ( part 2)
This or That (part 1)
what bangs should cut? u already know who i am tee hee
You're gonna laugh
Iced Capp or Iced Coffee?
would you rather be a killer or be a ghost?
Which system are you planning to buy?
Windows paint or Windows vaporwave aesthetic?
How does this outfit make you feel?
Which of these art styles do you like best?
can white people use black emojis (and vice versa)
Which song do you really not want to hear on the radio?
Do you listen to Blood on the Dance Floor?
Which music artist would you rather listen to?
jojo or nojo?
Worm on a string or Furby?
Do you prefer Daphne or Velma?
Which Little Pup car air freshener do you prefer the most?
What would you rather do? (16)
Which mantis is superior?
what type of bug is this?
Which Jelly Belly flavor do you find the worst between Dirty Dishwater and Stink Bug?
Which Jelly Belly flavor tastes better between Birthday Cake and Toasted Marshmallow?
Most Adora-ble She-Ra pairing?
Best She-Ra character? (Netflix shoW)
who better?
best carnival games
Which anime girl is the cutest? (2)
Which Little Joe car air freshener do you prefer the most?
Would you sell a part of you (e.g. a kidney) to obtain something valuable?
Who's your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
What is your birth month flower?
Can you swim?
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne or You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift?
Do you like Avril Lavigne?
Do you like MS Paint?
Moths or butterflies?
uwu or :3?
Can you believe it's not butter?
What is your birthstone? (1)
Which one of these images is your favourite?
Is Rock Lee perfect?
Which Total Drama season is the best?
Which FNAF game do you like the most: 4, 5 or 6?
Marinette or Kagami?
Adrien or Luka?
Who is your favourite Little Mix member?
Best season of the Office?
Little Mix or Fifth Harmony? (2)
Most confident James Bond actor?
Ballet or Tennis?
Do you consider tomatoes a fruit, vegetable or a herb?
Yaoi or yuri (1)
Would You Rather? (136)
Would You Rather? (131)
Have you watched The Office?
Has anyone seen the Clone Wars Season 7 recently?
niki vz gabi (they are twins they just have different styles)
How many BTS members are there?
minecraft or fortnight
What do you think of this funny dog picture?
Who Is The Best Wammy Boy Death Note Character?
GIRLS ONLY- When did you get your first p e r i o d?
Do you have a side part or middle part in your hair? (naturally)
Do you prefer chloe's album version of kalmia kid or her youtube rendition?
Which is better ,anime or manga death note?
Do you like DC's Superhero Girls?
Has anyone used IXL before?
what to draw ?
U.S. House Illinois District 18 General Election 2020 (November)