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Which Donald do you find the funniest between these 2?
do you think im in class?
Who's Your Favorite Marauder?
Do you think gymnastics is a sport?
COD or Cod
Roblox or cod?
Do you guys like sea food?
Do you guys like stuff crust pizza?
What do you guys like to do during spring break?
Which Movie Genre? (1)
The Maddie Ziegler Polls #1 Outfit
Do you like seafood?
do you like spicy foods?
do you wear glasses? (1)
do you like chocolate? (1)
do you prefer digital art or traditional art?
what is your favorite season? (3)
do you like tomatoes?
Who is better: Blaze or cream?
Do you say legit or litteraly?
what brand of iced tea do you like?
Do you prefer Turquoise, blue,neither sky blue or Turquoise, or another shade of blue?
which name sounds better? (ill probs change 2 of the names at some point)
Who is your favourite youtuber out of these 3?
Which type of Minecraft trolling is funnier?
Who do you prefer? (6)
Who is better? (20)
Which Toyota Supra do you like better?
Oingo Blazes
Which is your favourite instrument?
Do you like the song its everyday bro?
Which character i made looks better (not their real names I just made them now)?
Best part of Minecraft?
Story ideas
What color theme?
What's better cola or pepsi?
Who's better matt or edd?
Who is better tom or tord?
Voting for challenge 3
Which robonaval?
What time?
Style for Sunday?
Pick a Number
Comment which one you want and the winners will be chosen soon
Johnny Blazes revived by Baba for 24 hours edition
TDC 10 voting
sicko mode or mo bamba
Who is your favorite creepypasta? (3)
spiderman or deadpool?
which drawing is better i made of jeff the killer and ben?
Chocolate covered bacon?
do you like batman or superman as a dc character?
What language or languages would you want to learn?
burgers or pizza
Burritos or tacos?
Do you like the Elder Scrolls series?
Up or down?
Breakfast foods?
Full face glam or casual?
Glasses or no?
Girly tomboy or all out glam?
Do you think im nice?
Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley
What should happen?
Who would win? (17)
what do you think my gender is?
Are you antisemitic?
Which Alex?
Favorite color (1)
Favourite French Dessert!
Do you like Lil Pump?
Which watch is better?
Which element?
Chose a color
Who is the best Waterparks member?
Which Teen Celebrity Do You Prefer?
Favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character of the Main Six?
Voting for The Challenge 2
Best chao poll
Practise or Practice?
Choose someone to vote out!
Fanfiction or regular books?
Colors of paper?
Cereal or Juice?
Cute or sassy?
Shattered Johnny Blazes
Vintage or futuristic outfit?
Which Do You Prefer? (10)
Should The 100 Qfeast Edition Be Continued or Cancelled?
Is It Weird To Laugh At Sad Movies?
Day four of shattering
Who is your favorite Creepypasta? (2)
Favorite Creepypasta
Bread or... Bread-that-isn't-bread?
Wake up early or late?
Would You Rather? (42)
Bath or shower? (1)
If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, who would you want to save you?
Pastel or edgy outfit?
Smile I evil face?