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What would u do if u saw Scar getting killed by the demon that possessed him ?
What's your favorite dog breed?
Taylor Swift or Jesus
Chibi or Anime style?
kane choronicles or percy jackson
Does violent video games make kids/teens/adults violent?
Are you very religious?
Grave Mind or Hive Mind
Master Chief or Isaac Clark?
flood or necromorph?
Wat is ur favorite type of technology?
What kind of relationship is cutest?
Who's Better?Elsa VS Rapunzel!
Are You Subscribed To DanTDM?
Pokemon or trainer for story
Which Wolf? (my Demon Wolves)
Which is Better? (33)
Qfeast, Facebook, twitter, or cookie clicker
How do you say banana?
Which cartoon has the worst banned episode?
do you know who samgladiator is?
would you rather be in a anime or manga?
Herobrine VS Steve
Robin VS Speedy
Has anything you've ever made been profiled?
Lightsabers or Blasters?
is one year and ten months far for a middle school couple?
whoose more raceist
witch is scarryer
supergirlygamer or mr.troll
Which game console is better?
Which is cuter? (8)
What do you think of this guys?
What Holiday Do you Celebrate?
Do you like Alios or Ceil?
Who's ready for winter break?(I honestly don't want winter break yet because I have to wait 2 weeks until I see my friends)
Do you like Creepypasta? (1)
YouTube channels or Tv channels?
Nyan Cat VS Tac Nayn
How well do you like derpy hooves?
should students be paid for good grades
terraria or minecraft (1)
Do You Like Ppg Or Ppgz?
Which ant is better?
Would You Sell Your Soul For A Wish?
witch youtuber
Chevy or Ford? (referring to trucks)
Christmas Or Your Birthday
Do you have finals next week?
Which author?
How Do You Pronouce Macaron?
Do you watch Abriged series?
Which YouTuber Is Better? (1)
Which Lps Looks Cuter?
Would you Rather? Part 4
Would You Rather? Part 3
Do you like fanfiction?
Who is your favorite clone from Star Wars?
Are you going to Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour?
Justin Bieber just had a new tattoo. What do you think?
Black or White? (1)(the color)
G.R.L who is the best?
Would you rather?~Black Butler 10
Which Wings of Fire tribe is the best?
How often do you use the "swipe" to delete notifications on smartphones and tablets?
Which Dodge Charger?
Which cat meme is funnier?
Do u guys like Elvis Presley?
what place would you rather live?
What Mangle is better? (was most polled so far on my what fnaf is better!)
Who is your favourite Youtuber (if you haven't heard of these then search them on YouTube)?
Would you live on Mobius as a Mobian or a Human on earth?
Would You Rather? Part 2
Who would win? (14)
which are you brave and daring enough to do?
Which is cuter? (7)
Shadow charmers or wizards? I'm trying to prove to my friend wizards are better so plz take.
Do you like cats or dogs better choose one and compare results to others go wild?! Add in comments if enjoyed!
Which team would win?
Do you like The Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir?
Favorite Superhero?
Do you like Pocky?
Percy Jackson movie or book?
Would You Rather? Part 1
Should there be a more domant gender?
What's the best YouTuber?
Best 2nd season of Fall anime season?
Which one is the best game company?
Which show is the best?
What Is Your Favorite Animal? (5)
What Is Your Favorite Color? (8)
Which Mario Kart Game Do U Like The Most?
What country do u want to live in/go to/go to again?
What fnaf is better?
What should my new profile picture be? (1)
What do you think about school?
Which channel do you like best?
pokefusion business or bookmark buisness
Which Mashup Is Better?