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Frozen or minions ?
Do you like day time or night time?
What would you do if an animal was harming a loved 1?
Twitter Snapchat Facebook tumblr we heart it or Instagram
Fav Happy Tree Friend?
Which is your favorite Creepypasta?
Gaz vs. Mandy!
Which other FNaF character do you like?
Which Foxy do you like?
Which Bonnie you like best?
which is the cutest?
Do you have a habit of shipping random characters even before you've seen the first and/or second eposide/ect.?
Which Chica do you like?
Which Freddy do you like?
Would you rather kiss YAZZ or HYKEEM or get 1,000,000$ ?
Are you popular?
which dress would you?
What was ur favorite quiz a made?
Who is better? (23)
Is FNAF cool or naw
Who do you think would win?
Have you ever looked up your name?
What grumpy cat meme makes you laugh more?
What is your favorite bunny?
Which furry couple? (2)
Which furry couple? (1)
Which furry couple?
Doge or Grumpy cat?
Which one out of these ?
what do u like to do over the weelend?
Yuu or Mika? - Owari No Seraph
Who watches horror movies in the morning ?
Tails vs Klonoa!
Do You Believe in Santa ?
Gravity Falls Or Steven Universe ?
Which school are you in?
Who should be my number #1 bae?
Which version of me did you like best?
Marvel or DC? (1)
Which is cuter? (4)
lab rats mansion or island
Tails or snivy
Homer Simpson Vs Stanley Pines?
Who would win? (10)
Charlie Brown or Snoopy?
Do you listen to EDM or Dubstep a lot?
which hairstyle is better?
Sasuke Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki?
What is your favorite dragon from the movie How to Train Your Dragon?
Furry tale gone bad? (FYI: I found these)
Which should be my knew profile picture?
Who Is More Kawaii? (Russia or Canada?)
What should a profile picture be? (3)
Who Would win in a fight? (9)
Are you an SAO fan?
What pic of klonoa is the best?
R u a awesome person?
who would win notch or herobrine?
what style type are you? (1)
what style type are you?
what hair color?
What attack on titan regiment do you want to join?
what's your fave ship (fnaf)
Which is the better looking Peacock?
Which actor is hotter?
who is cuter? (8)
Do u like ruby or sapphire, or both or dislike them
Do you think dolphins are cute?
Would you ever consider having kids?
Which one of these would u rather look like?
Who is a better youtuber? (1)
What is your favorite color of icing?
Solangelo or Reynico?
What ruby and Sapphire pic is the best?!
Which wolf looks better? (9)
Which wolf looks better? (8)
Which wolf looks better? (7)
Which wolf looks better? (6)
Which wolf looks better? (5)
Which wolf looks better? (4)
Can u survive a whole year without showering?
What picture is the best out of these?
Would u rather? (4)
Can u survive a week without talking?
What would u rather do.. Never speak or never move your arms again?
Which do you like more: chocolate or candy?
Would you rather be a crazy person or a calm person?
Which Game Over Easy seems better?
What Christmas picture is better?
who is cooler ichigo from bleach or toshiro from bleach?
Who is your favorite Host from OHSHC?
Who's the best Youtuber?
Steven universe or the simpsons?
Bubsy vs. Omochao
?Would you rather~Black Butler 8
Do you like Vocaloid? (Music)
Which of these custom CP characters looks cooler?
Who's your fav Adventure Time character?
kickin' it
Whos the better busker?