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what is your favourite book ? (girls only)
Which Fab 5 is the best ? (Disney Channel)
Which Of These Is Your Favorite Part Of The Holidays ?
Favorite Undertale Character?
Which wolf looks better? (1)
Who do you like better? (1)
what is worse? (1)
choose the best Wolf couple out off all of these?
Who cried while watching 'BTS Prologue'?
Which wolf couple is better?
Which wolf is cuter?
Who Is Your Favourite FNAF Character ?(FNAF 1, 2, 3, and 4!)
Do You Use Media From Another Country ?
Do you agree with the phrase,'It's better to have loved and lost,than to have never loved at all'?
Would you rather? epic poll
Would you rather? (24)
Do you know if skittles are better than unicorns?
Which is sexy between Toy Bonnie or Foxy ?
Alexander Sterling or Edward Cullen?
Which MLP evil villain is best?
Do you put pictures on your stories, questions, polls, pages and quizzes ?
Are you allergic to anything ?
Are you fed up of how you have to download everything now it use be all online ?
Have you ever bought a PSP version of a game and downloaded it on the PS3 and you don't have a PSP ?
Do you make a Christmas list ?
Which minecraft ?
Which Disney infinity ?
Do you like writing books ?
Have you ever pulled a all nighter ?
What's more annoying?
Emo vs goth?
Do you like emos?
Which theme song is best for me?
Candy, Cupcakes , or Cake ?
Sweet , Sour , or chocolate ?
do you like pokemon mystery dungeon?
Who still likes a show that they watched when they were around 4 and 9 ?
What Languages Do You Speak? (Besides English)
How many close friends do you have?
What is your favourite drink?
Which Continent Would You Like To Live on ?
Which Of These Theme Parks Is The Best ?
is creepylove12 weird?
Which Of these Is The Best Junk Food ?
Which from fnaf bunny is the best?
Which Is The Best Holiday ?
Who do you ship most?
Which game character do you like more: Wario or Waluigi?
Which mlp deal with it is better?
Who's the best dancer in BTS?
My Little Pony Or Doctor Who?
Would You Rather? :-P
Rate Halloween ~ 10=Best ~ 0=Worst
Do you like the music that's popular today?
Which do you prefer? (4)
How many times did you flick someone off today?
(Sorry for copping u ruby. What ship is better for Maryan?
which wolf is better?
choose the best wolf couple
Which Girl Out Of These Looks The Best?
How do you feel about "Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash"?
Do you like rowan Blanchard?
aWhich emoji descriwlbes you right now?
What show is worse?
Do you celebrate Halloween?
Do you believe fanfiction can go too far?
Do you believe in love?
What is best Wakfu character?
Cursive or Print?
Which Champion is Your Favorite?
Best Fandom? (books/movies)
Best Fandom?
do you believe there is a superior sex?
Is it wrong that I think anime is boring?
Who is more Racist?
Stanley Pines or Bill?
Marge Simpson or lois Griffin?
Dipper Pines or Lisa Simpson?
Which cat is saddest?
Anime or Real Life?
Which singer is better? (Actual bands)
who is your favorite lab rat?
Which crossover would you like to see(I may write on it)?
Would you be a Sith or a Jedi in the Star Wars Universe?
Dork diaries, is Mackenzie Hollister a jerk?
Do you prefer hot dogs or hamburgers?
Who likes coffee? Tea?
Who's the best Doctor(newer series)?
Who's Better, Rose Quartz or Steven?
Do you like Armin Arlert?
Free! - Iwatobi or Samezuka
What book is the ultimate?
DC or Marvel?
what is a better costume for a halloween dance?
what is the your favourite element?:)
Touhou- which sister do you like more, Remilia or Flandre?
Asian guys: Yay or Nah? (girls only)
Which Imagine Dragons song should be Darky's theme song?
Halloween or Christmas?
would you prefer Sword Art Online or Bleach?