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What's your favorite way to eat chicken?
Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity? (1)
Do you Pray
So far, I have 3 ideas for Halloween:
If You were a singer trying out on The Voice and all judges turned for you ,which judge would you pick?
Do you like Exclamation Point?
Which is the best Attack on Titan couple?
What's your sign?
How Many Of You Are Confused On What It Means To Be Christian?
Are You A Christian? (Answer honestly, please!)
Which Sounds Like A Better Story?
Which Homestuck Troll~
Which Anime Looks Better?
What is your favorite Nickelodeon show?
Who would win The Hunger Games? (This question has bothered me for a long time)
Do you read your horoscope?
Divergent or Hunger games, which is better
Choose your starter Pokemon ?
which belly?
Right handed or left handed?
Mephiles or castiel?
Which Dress Should I Wear For Prom?
We got a new dog, a boy cocker spaniel, what should we call it?
Eyeball or Premierball?(Pokemon)
Which of these is your favorite crime show?
who makes better parodies?
do you like elfen lied?
out of these 3 which is funnier?
Who is your favorite SVU detective
Do you like Sword Art Online?
Is the glass half full or half empty?
Which Dress Is Prettiest?
Do you have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
What do you think I should be for Halloween? (1)
What do you think I should be for Halloween?
Which couple is more screwed?
Which Profile Pic? (I have too many pics so i woill only put a little bit of pics!)
Dark or Light
Which animated movie do you like best?
Should Mephiles and Jasmine marry? (people who know the couple only)
Buy or DIY?
Which Companion From Doctor Who is Better?
Pick The Fandom
Worst HTf boy? (1)
Worst female HTF?
what is the best title for my story
which is best baby?
Do you play Terraria!?
Fave member of five nights at freddys?
short or long?
Which of these desserts are your favorite?
Which of these wolf pictures are the best? (2)
Which of these wolf pictures are best?
Will you check out my Amination?
Marvel VS Capcom what side?!
Do you think that beauty is important?
Who is better (Apollo and Artemis)
Who do you ship with terezi?
Who do you ship with Karkat?
Do you like Pokemon? (1)
What drink do you prefer?
Which is your favourite game of thrones house?
Do you think kid flash in young justice is dead?
do u like minion song?
do u like minions?
would u rather... (7)
would u rather... (6)
would u rather... (5)
what mario charater do you like
Do You Like X-Men Evolution or Wolverine and the X-Men?
toad or baby luigi
Imagine dragons songs? Whats your favorite?
Favorite homestuck girl?
Real hedgehogs or Sonic hedgehogs?
Sonic or Sonic?
witch is your favorite mario
Do you like MylittlePony?
Who is your favorite Gallagher Girl series character?
(Biggest Debate) Who's the best [Anime] voice actor [Dub]
Behold the wisest of all ?
Who's gonna win ? Huh!
Do you have a bf/gf?
Derpy Hooves?
Is Lionel Messi your bae?
Who is the best Pokemon Starter?
Have you read "Before midnight: A retelling of 'Cinderella'"?
did anyone see Tails react to what does the fox say?
How old is everybody here?
Which MH or EAH couple is best?
What Unova Starter is the best?
Twilight or twilight?
Applejack or Applejack?
What Applejack?
Do you wanna build a snowman?
Would you rather? (16)
What zombie apocalypse team?
Favorite Super Mario 3D World Cat Suit?
Which is the best between these anime?
Hot chocolate or Tea
Is charmy annoying?