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Which wolf most represents you?
Which is better; Wolves or Polar Bears?
Which version of scar the demon wolf do you like the best?
Which of these would you like to be a movie show or anime?
Who would win Goku or Superman?
Who is better? (29)
Which anime drawing is better?
Do you know who Aphmau is?
Which native Wolf furry?
What Movie Do You Like Better?
Is Peach from Mario kinda always needing help? A damsel in destress
Daisy or Peach?
what sailor moon character is ur senpia?
Who would win in a battle? Black Butler
Who would win in a battle? Soul Eater
Which couple looks like you and your true love?
What's your Opinion on Life?
Who is your favorite OUAT couple?
Do you want to escape this world, and go to another world?
If you where trapped in a death game, what would your reaction be?
STAR WARS which side do you choose?
Which of these omens are the worst?
If you where trapped for life in one of these games what one would you pick?
what is more Christmas related to you?
Which singer do you like more: Eminem or Ice cube?
Who do you like most on youtube?
Which Super Mario Character Should Be President?
Qfeast GOP Poll (1)
Who has a better Gender Bender?
Which grim reaper would win in a battle?
If you wanted to have a tail what would it be?
Which Harry Potter Character is the best in the choices below?
Do you like Selena Gomez's songs?
Do you like twentyonepilots?
are you happy that Adam, Bree, and Chase have another brother?
hey well everyone has been asking me this question. who do you think will win the fight, superman or batman? who do you think?
Which keep calm Wolf picture?
Young and the Restless or Gravity Falls?
The Dreaded Question: Harry Potter or Twilight
What job/role category is your favorite?
Which Prism planet is your favorite?
Do you love Prism?
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter: which game do you like more?
Undertale - Soriel or Sansby?
Marvel vs DC Which do you like more
Tupac vs The notorious B.I.G (biggie)
Would you Rather? (40)
Are you a boy or a girl? (Im curiously bored)
Which monster5728 is cooler?
What song do you like from undertale?
Which do you like more about Hunger Games: Movie or Book?
Montegue or Capulet?
Do You Like To Sleeep?
Would you rather drink orange juice, expecting it to be milk, or drink milk expecting it to be orange juice?
Who is ur favorite out of the ones listed below?
favorite color
what do you say the most?
Would You Rather Go To a Party or Stay at Home?
Which man would win in a fight?
Which Book Series/Single Book better?
Undertale - Which Friendship Is Better?
What Anime is your most favourite? (Ultimate edition)
Which Anime is the Best?
Undertale,Pokemon,Or Both?
Undyne,Sans,or Frisk?
Which of the horror girls is your favorite ?
Which Incredible family member do you like more?
Disney Or Pixar?
Who's your favorite Gamers' Guide to Pretty Much Everything character?
Who is your favorite Gravity Fell character?
Which animation movie do you like more: Frozen or Tangled?
The BEST President! (Original by Letsago)
Who is your favorite FNaF (five nights at Freddy's) character?
Who would make the BEST president?
What ASDF character is your favorite?
Who is your favorite undertale character?
Who would you be friends with?
What game do you like more: Rise of the Tomb Raider or Fallout 4?
Which form do you like Aria in?
Do u like bubble tea?
what's ya fav flower?
do you like koalas?
Don't we all have a Dark Side?
Do you think Grell is a guy or a girl?
Do you like love triangles/squares?
if you had to become one of the following, which one would you pick?
Qfeast Democratic Poll
Qfeast GOP Poll
what anime is better? (3)
Which is the better Sans picture?
Okay. (Jeff The Killer Question) Do You Feel Bad For Jeff?
Which one should be my new profile picture?
Who Is Your Favourite Character From The Musical "Wicked"?
What would you do if a famouse youtuber visited you? (any youtuber you want)
What Is Your Favorite Book Series? (1)
What is your favourite game out of these?
What Do You Think Is The Most Polite Way To Point Out A Spelling Mistake?
if you where trapped for life in one of these games what one would you be trapped in?
Which is creepier?
Which R&B group is better?