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what is your favorite animal
Which did you like the movie or the book of divergent?
which is best?
Which do you like better on a girl? (For boys and girls)
Mario or Minecraft?
what should Oraki's theme song be
who is your favorite attack on titan charecter
do u like dogs?
mom or dad?
Which Hunger Games Book?
Out of Shadow and Scourge, who's the better Freddie Cruger?
baby kenny or cool baby kenny?
Who is your fave character from Robin and the Sheerwood Hoodies?
This is only if you read the story of roses... did you like it?
Who Do You Think You Are?
Mum im finished with my homework!
Which Eminem Album is better
Best "Wimpy kid" Charcter?
What's your favorite character from divergent?
Gummybears or mushrooms?
Which Self-Made Sonic Character is Best?
Do you think bullying I a big deal and should be stopped?
Divergent or the hunger games
should Qfeast become a phone app?
laugh or cry?
What Should Camille The Hedgehog's Theme Song Should Be?
What type of horse is the best?
Which do you like more: super heroes or super villains? (1)
Which do you like more: super heroes or super villains?
Which season of Pretty Little Liars is your favorite?
J-pop or K-pop?
Who is your favorite Black Rock Shooter?
Gale or Peeta (1)
What is your favorite apple product?
which one of my "Light Boy" logos is the best?
Who would be better with Sonic out of Amy and Jackie?
What will u do if a boy proposes u?
Is Mocking Jay a good book?
Who do u think is a better Singer
Divergent or Hunger games (1)
Do want to be a good network connection person
Who should Katniss choose? Peeta vs Gale! Hunger games
what is the best burger king logo?
Whose Better Sonic Or Tails
What is the best holiday outfit?
would you rather have green slime ooze out of your nose when you talk to people, or act like a dog???
[potterheads only] who is worse, Umbridge or Pettigrew?
Did you cry while watching The Fault In Our Stars?
which tastes the best?
What type of Youtube/ers channel do you prefer? (3)
What type of Youtube/ers channel do you prefer?
What do think about one direction
Gummy or Boulder
Whose Better Camille Or Amy Rose
Whose Better Amy,Blaze, Or Rouge (1)
Who Is The Best Hedgehog From Sonic 06
Do you like the new McDonalds logo?!?!?!?
Discord or Tirek?
What was the best thing about Testing Testing 1 2 3
Which Spike is Better?
Which band is the best? (1)
Whose Better Camille The Hedgehog Or Yamilette The Hedgehog You Decide
Have you read children of the night?
Who is your favorite child of the night?
whats your worst habbit
If you could change your hair color what would you change it to?
How old do you want to be?
BIG question! Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Creepypasta, Divergent, or Twilight?
Whose cooler, Batman or Superman?
Why are boyfriends so stupid sometimes?
IPhone or IPad?
Cheer or Dance?
What is Your Favourite Subject?
who is u r fav football team?pls comment.
Despicable Me or Despicable Me 2
Who has the better new look?
What Do you like best?
Cheetah or Wolf
Who is the best? (1)
Do you like the Creepypastas?
Whose funnier. Kevin Hart or Chris Rock
Which evolution of Snivy is the best?
Minecraft or Terraria?
Jolly Rancher Flavors
ICarly Or Sam and Cat?
Who do you want to be Tsugumi Harudori's Meister from Soul Eater Not?
Who is the best Cornerback in the NFL?
Which Do You Prefer; "Standard Base Model" or "Old Way"?
Which of these natural Wonders is the Coolest?
What phone case do you like or have got?
What is your favourite phone case?
whats your favourite bobs burgers season?
which apple logo is the best?
muffins,cupcake or cake?
what do you love about butters from south park?
Which Musician is better?
Nico & Vinz or American Authors
who's better? Pewdiepie,Cryaotic,Markiplier or cinnamontoastken?
Yaoi or Yuri
ok, you should know the update drill by now....