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Best dafuq post?
Mobile Qfeast or Desktop Qfeast?
Who is the cutest boy vocaloid?!
how thin do you think tablets will get?
Who in One Direction will you marry ?
Which youtoube channel is better?
Better Band?
what is your petpeeve (i just want to see which one is more common)
who do you think would win in a fight between horror movies
Favorite Cartoon Network TV Show?...
Who is the hottest Silver or Manic?
Favorite Bands?...
spaghetti or spaghetti O's?
Tris or Four?
What is your favourite book? (out of these)
Which God Tier is your favorite
Which Web Browser Do You Prefer?
who is the biggest bad ass!?
Which type of gaming console is the best?
how advanced do you think robots will get?
The Walking Dead: Who's The Best?
Do You Think Daryl Is Awesome?
What Florida Georgia Line Song Is Better (I put The Walking Dead pics because I have no other ones -.- LOL)
Awesome/funny pic or what?
best couple
Fuenciado or Kellic?
who is your fav member of big time rush?
percy ,leo , or jason
Bleach Or Naruto
what is your fav goosebumps book?
What is your favorite young adult series/books?
Do you like Pretty Little Liars?
how would you rather die
What mermaid is more believable?
The Walking Dead: Do You Like It?
do you like daylight or the darkness of the night?
do you like barbie
What is the best 2014 Club Penguin party?
Which Music Genre is the best?
The Walking Dead: Daryl VS Merle
Do you still like PBS kids?
tree house or crystal house?
what is your fave panic song
Computer searching sites
What Show/Movie Is Best?
The Walking Dead: Hershel VS Merle
The Walking Dead: Daryl VS Rick
What is the best Squad in Bleach?
Which Type of Weather Do You Prefer?
what is your take on eating meat?
What would you do if someone says nya?
2-D or 3-D Video Games?
Who is your favorite Mario character?
Favorite Beverage?
If You Could Travel Through Time, Which Would You Choose?
How Many Languages Do You Speak?
Do You Study With Music On?
Who is your favorite Super Mario RPG major boss character?
Do you pick truth or dare?
Which classical Sonic game is the best?
Who is better? Wario or Waluigi?
Sims or minecraft?
After a break up would you listen to romantic music?
Polka Dots or Stripes?
Which SEGA console/handheld is the best?
Which Nintendo console/handheld is the best?
Smores or Popcorn?
Who will win the big test?
How do feel about cartoons?
Favourite Road Vehicle Poll
Phones or Computers
Which version of QF is better?
Which Greek villains are more powerful (according to you ) .(It's for you Rick Riordan fans )
Which martial arts will you choose for your self-defense .
Choose your favorite couple in Heroes Of Olympus .(May or may not be together)
star wars or hunger games ?
mars or twix?
Ice Cream VS Cake VS Candy
Where would you go on a vacation?
Best shoe brands
What is the best physical feature of a boy
What do you think the best region in the U.S.A is
The best rapper of all time
Who do you think is the most psycho?
The best food (includes different countries)
What type of soft drink do you like?
What Type of Chips do you like?
Which Video Game would you choose?
What video game system is your favourite?
What clothes?
Which olympics are better?
Which sports championship do you like to watch the most?
What is your favourite sport?
What do you think the best pet is?
The best youtube series
That awkward moment when....
Which Rick Riordan series is better
If you were on a deserted road with no gas in your car at night without Wi-Fi on your phone, what would you do?
Do you like the divergent series?
If you were in jail, how would you get out?