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Which New Super Mario Bros Wii world is the best?
which type of sweet food food do you prefer?
Lip balm is absolutely horrible.
which character acts like a bitch?
Padme, Leia or Rey
Favourite Ahsoka Fit
Pottah? Pottah.
are you gay or european?
Just choose a pic Semifinals part 2
Just choose a pic Semifinals part 1
pick one- i need to know lol
Pick a smole logo bish
Which Wunder-Baum car freshener is the best?
Who's a better person? (3)
Which sentiments Little Trees car freshener was the best?
Duz u like catdogs
You like Yandere?
With or without?
who would win??
Which twin is better?
What bread?
Just choose a pic 4
Just choose a pic 3
Just choose a pic 2
Which is the best remaining Little Trees car freshener fragrance of 2013?
Which is the best remaining Little Trees car freshener fragrance of 2017?
just choose a pic
candy or fruit?
Which should be my pfp? (Lots of choices lol)
Which BTS member should be my pfp?
Do you have a crush? (2)
haha or lol
How do you eat nutella?
Huh what the?
What is better (: or :)?
How do you make your corn?
Pepsi or Coca Cola
What Bagel?
Toilet paper?
French fries
Would you rather know it all or have it all?
Would you rather be a dog or a cat?
Would you rather go to 1950 or 2050?
A third leg or A third arm?
Eat sweet or salty food?
Which is your favorite or least favorite Emoji Role?
Which game is better? (8)
Do u like my miku cos?
How do i look lol?
do you love your fictional other or significant other more?
CaravanPalace, yes or no?
What is the best game?
Is Lola bunny hot or nah?
what is your opinion on rowlf?
which uzaki pfp?
Arson yes or no (for legal purposes this is a joke)
who is the best afton? (1)
pancakes or waffles? (1)
Which one is better? (13)
What sign are you?
Who do you simp the most?
Which cheese is better? (you know what I'm getting at, Madelyn)
If you could be any elemental bender, which would you want to be?
Debate:Adrienette or Lucanette?
Pick a cliche plot:
Who's prettier? (pick fangirl)
What's your favourite version in Minecraft
Do you use Pixilart?
What should my pfp be?
why does saturn have rings?
Do you agree zeke's at least a little gay?
Which one of these dream smp members is your favourite?
Do you want covid to end?
What do you like more? (food)
What you prefer to do in your free time??
who is the better qfeaster?
Day or night? (8)
Just Pic a Pic (4 pt2 )
Just Pic a Pic ( 4 )
What's your favourite hobby?
Which should .I work on?
Which is cuter? (15)
Day or night? (anime version)
which one? (39)
How do you use qfeast?
Best Mha boi?
What would you like to see in a story?
Choose a Supernatural being!
do you use qfeast dark mode?
Would you rather? (164)
which is better??
What house do you think I would be in at Hogwarts?
Which should be my pfp? (1)
universal studios or disney parks?
How do you like your banana bread?
Android or iPhone?
day or night (1)
would u rather date bakugou , dabi, deku, or todoroki?
would you rather join the l.o.v or be a hero?