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Which of these three hip hop/rap songs are the best? (2023 EDITION)
Who is more annoying? (and if you don't know their personalities just go off of looks)
Which Doja Cat album is the best?
Ryan Reynolds Red Jacket
Which Tate McRae Music Video is the best?
What is a better singer/band?
Contractor Eddie Bauer Jacket
Are you excited for the Five Nights at Freddy's movie?
Which of these three characters do you think will die in Stranger Things Season 5?
Which of these All Stars winners from RuPaul's Drag Race, should be included in the next All Winners Season? (If there is one)
Which of these U.K. winners from Rupaul's Drag Race, should be included in the next All Winners Season?
Which Girl Group is Better?
which picture is better? (2)
Who is cutest? (2)
Nickey (do you love him)
Scenario: A guy kisses you. What do you do?
would you rather? (122)
This or that: princess kenny or kenny
This or that: the bite of '83 or '87
Tie breaker for last poll
give me one song to listen to on a 5 hour loop
Which Little Trees car freshener should get discontinued?
Help decide a name for a new fantasy-medieval Character:
Which discontinued Little Trees car freshener should be brought back?
What would you rather do? (1)
Which The Music Freaks season 1 episode is your favorite?
Capitalization or decapitalization
This or that: dogs or cats
This or that: pear or hour glass
This or that: fnaf or fnac
Choose a song
Who's more Chauvinistic?
What's more disgusting?
What's more eWite?
Is this Deltarune sprite Monster Kid from Undertale?!
nintendo oled VS nintendo lite
Phrog (no context)
Hood colors
Which Little Trees car freshener would Antoine like the best?
PC, Mac, or Chromebook
What's the worst Little Trees car freshener of 2023?
Does anyone else have a stomach bug?
What is your dream job? (2)
What is your Hogwarts House? (1)
anime or school
Favorite Color of the Rainbow?
Favorite Hogwarts Professor?
Favorite Pet?
Favorite Harry Potter Character? (1)
Which genre do you prefer?
Favorite The Bad Guys Character?
Do you like Grease?
Light or dark
Who's your favorite Stardew Valley marriage candidate?
Best full season of The Adventure Zone?
Find out the answer for long lifespan of mattress?
What would you rather eat? (2)
Which Little Joe car freshener is better between the 2?
should school be banned
Which Computer Game Is Better For You?
What is the best campaign of Critical Role?
Who here likes poetry?
is it just me or when you feel like you're gonna cry nothing happens
Who's more evil?
Which South Park character looks more like Sunbaby?
Choose my outfit for tomorrow
Choose a green shirt you would wear
Scratch vs unity
Is Draco or Harry Cuter
Favorite Color (2)
Femboy or tomboys?
Favorite/Closest To Favorite Round 2
Which is worse, having ten dogs, or having ten cats?
Out of the 5 Anime which one yall's favorite or closest to favorite
Which band influenced metal music more?
Who's a better bald stoner?
Who would win in a fight? (16)
Who's better? (Be a hero, NOT a zero)
bluey or bingo?
50th poll.
Pineapple on pizza? (1)
Favourite Souls Game
Which Wunder-Baum car freshener that released in 2022 is better?
Which song do you like better? (1)
What DnD stat is your dump stat IRL?
Does anyone here read my poems? :)
Cats or dogs or both?
Who's ur favorite FNAF human?
WHo was the better spouse to Sammy!?!?!
who's better at eating pizza rolls
which is worse? (4)
Mario or Kirby?
Ur gay? :P
welcome to bloxburg is a waste of 25 robux
Which Zodiac Sign Are You?
Bloo or gren
What part of a muffin?
What is the best gaming set?
Who's better between the 3?
what game do you like the most?