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Should we throw away all creations of society in order to live a better life as human beings
Which hunger games character is your waifu/husbando?
which cosplay wig should moi get?
who sexxxier?
Which eighth and ninth generation console do you prefer?
Which seventh generation console do you prefer?
Which sixth generation console do you prefer?
Which fifth generation console do you prefer?
best valentine that Corb made?
more Whee? (the goblin bastard)
Which dreamtale apple would you eat?
which pic is more peculier?
do u like stardew valley?
what cat who you be?
which profile pic do you want meh to use?
Which ones look better?
Wolves or foxes?
Who should be made into an anime character using CHARAT?
What's your fav game?
creeper of Enderman?
Do religious people typically live better lives than atheists?
Is obesity a worrying illness?
Star Dirt Oingo Ep 2: Jordan Roadagain
Is it error x ink or ink x dream
Johnny Blazes 3: Star Dirt Oingo
Takis, Hot Cheetos, Both, Or None?
do you perfer Jeffery or Jane the killer?
Should we abolish the insanity plea?
how should date dream?
which is better crossmare or cream?
Is giving people in need necessities such as food, water, or shelter better than giving people in need money?
Johnny Blazes X Johnny Blazes 2
Vine or TikTok?
What is your favorite creepypasta? (2)
How do you pronounce "preface"?
Whats the longest you ever felt one emotion?
Do you believe anyone will ever come to this year from the future?
Do you ever want more from your partner?
Should poor people be allowed to rob stores?
Which card is the strongest? (These cards are all made by me)
w0ts your confidence level?
Markiplier, Jacksepticeye or PewDiePie? (Redo)
Which member of Robust is your favourite?
Darkiplier or Antisepticeye?
Which team are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?
okay so what should the next salbyuo song be
Do you count Strawberry Blonde as being a red color?
What do you see the most advertisements for?
Which "ism" do you believe is the most prevalent in your country?
Do you want popularity?
Pedro or peppa
How bad are your periods?
Whats the worst kind of pain?
save a dog or save your crush?
Who is your NCT bias?
How many times have you snuck out of your house?
Do you care if people photoshop their photos?
Are you right handed or left handed? (1)
How many animals do you have?
what is your fav jack stauber song?
Are you happy that Byleth is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?
Favorite female singer (1)
jack stauber vz anime
Which Powerpunk Girl is your favourite? (1)
Do you think Mangle is a girl or a boy?
Should parents help pay a small bit for their child's wedding?
Which FNAF game is your favourite?
Uh how do you feel about people eating their placentas
Do you think humanity will survive to the year 3000?
R u ok bro
What's your favourite colour? (1)
What do you do more?
Do you like FNAF? (1)
Which character from MHA Inverted AU should be in an X reader?
How many siblings do you have? (2)
How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
Which do you prefer? Chocolate milk VS Strawberry milk
Are you single or taken? (1)
Have you played FNAF VR Help Wanted?
What's your gender? (2)
Which group looks better?
Powerpuff Girls, Rowdyruff Boys or Powerpunk Girls?
How old are you? (11)
what is your asthetic?
Joanna Blazes
Warriors or Survivors?
Who do you prefer? Elsa or Anna?
Which TD season is your favourite?
if you had to choose
Has anyone flown on Alaska Airlines?
Masky, Hoodie, Or Toby
Which Rowdyruff Boy is your favourite? (2)
Which Powerpuff Girl is your favourite?
who is best? (2)
What do you say more: Yes or No?
who is better? =-=
hi there peeps
Are vegans who wear fur or leather hypocrites?
Are you disgusted by child beauty pageants?
what is more deadly?