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what do you think of Thomra?
Which voltron charater is similar to me?
Which video streaming website do you like more: YouTube or Netflix?
What does liking someone's qf post mean? (Most of the time)
What creepypasta do you like?
Who do you prefer? (18)
Which singer do you like more: Jennette McCurdy or Ariana Grande?
Which singer do you like more: Wendy or Ariana Grande?
Which band / singer do you like more: Fifth Harmony or Camila Cabello?
Which singer do you like more: Demi Lovato or Zendaya?
Which singer do you like more: Victoria Justice or Ariana Grande?
Who do you prefer? (12)
Which singer do you like more: Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?
Which singer do you like more: Taylor Swift or Kanye West?
Which singer do you like more: Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes?
Which singer do you like more: Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey?
Which singer do you like more: Justin Bieber or The Weeknd?
What was she trying to tell us?
The Sharkenge #6 Voting (Finished)
Voltron charater (all that i know of so far.)
Which singer do you like more: Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus?
Should this be the new photo of m account?
Is Batim17 dead? (Just asking :/)
The Sharkenge #5 Voting (Finished)
what year did you join qfeast?
What did you think of the fault in our stars book?
Ya like jazz?
The Sharkenge #3 Voting (Finished)
The Sharkenge #2 Voting (Finished)
Who do you prefer? (5)
Who is your favourite Dance Moms girl?
What's the best undertale song?
What is your vocal range?
Whats your favorite color? (3)
Do you like ASMR?
voting dunnn
Latias vrs Latios (sibblings)
What is your favorite video game?
Can you pick the better picture of Ichigo Kurosaki?
Which Eminem Song is Best?
do you support safe planned?
do your younger siblings try to copy you?
Who do you prefer? (4)
Strawberry shortcake or ice cream sandwiches
Apple pie or pumpkin pie
Coffee cakes or ice cream
Anyone like memes?
Which blaze picture part 1?
Which Quote do you like best Part 2?
Which quote do you like best?
Which crown is the most beautiful?
which eddsworld au is the best?
whats your favourate animal?
Are you stylish?
Do you like mushrooms on pizza?
Would you understand if I said fman122?
Are you awoke?
Do you know da wae? (1)
Memes or Anime?
Mother, Earthbound, or Mother 3?
MM episode 6 dislikes
MM 6 likes
What does a rainbow make you think of?
are you over the age of 13? and following the qfeast rules?
Marvel or D.C.
How do you eat a kit kat?
Which pun is best?
Which final evolution starter do you prefer the most between these 2?
Which dragon do you prefer the most?
Minecraft or ROBLOX? (1)
Should Sam and Cat be revived?
Which ideology is the best?
Do you find it annoying if someone won't stop talking?
which colour: black or orange?
Do you approve of war?
Do you disagree with hittler?
Do you like cockroaches?
Which YouTuber has done the meanest things?
do you use qfeast on computer or phone/tablet?
Do you like JoJo Siwa?
Choose one that you prefer!
Which song is better? (8)
Which bfb team? (Bfb wars) (Beep vrs the losers)
Which bfb team? (Bfb wars) (Death p.a.c.t vrs free food)
Which team? (Bfb wars) (iance bleh)
Which team?(bfb wars) (Team ice cube or Abntt)
Would you rather be? (1)
Who should be king/queen of qfeast?
Do you think with your feelings or with facts?
Which nation is the best?
Best Rainbow Dash meme
Woud you rather? Kennith version
pick your mcfreaking death plz
If you could like your own posts, would you?
Who's Your Favorite Futurama Character?
Which Reddit Post YouTuber Is The Best? -Out Of These Choices-
RandomWould You Rather Question
Fusion Shitpost Poll