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How messy is your room?
What is better? (19)
Which breakfast meat is your favorite: Bacon or Sausage ?
Which egg food is your favorite: Boiled Egg, Half-Fried Egg or Omelette?
Minecraft Vs. FNAF
Which batch of car air fresheners would you rather buy?
Falsettos revival or original show?
Have you ever had a lucid dream?
Draw the squad
You just failed your most important test! What do you do?
How do you pronounce doge?
Which of the following popular rappers should be the Best Rapper of All Time?
Which of the the following popular sports shoe brands is your favorite?
if you had to choose...
Glinda or Elphaba?
What Is Your Favorite Quote? (1)
Should London Have An NFL Team?
Who gonna win? **London Game**
Who gonna win? (1)
Who gonna win?
Intelligence or Happiness?
What's Your Favorite 21 Savage Song?
Who was/is the better main sona?
Which character should be in the next meme? (2)
How many relationships have you been in before?
Creepypasta or Fnaf? (1)
Who is your Blackpink bias ?
Who is your BTS bias wrecker ?
Where does Ariana Grande look hotter?
Are You a Good Singer?
Would You Rather? (109)
Which of these boys would you go on a date with? (GIRLS ONLY) boys if desired
The book i am writing will be coming out on qfeast! Its called The Tale Of One The Dark Knight. Will You Read It?
Which Halloween would you rather have?
What scares you the most?
What is your favourite season? (1)
Which girl is prettier? (2)
Would You Date Me? 2
Who do think Mayla's favorite Winx is ?
Do You Like The Harry Potter Series(Books and Movies)?
Is the Twisted, drawkills or Ingited creepier?
Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap - which one do you prefer?
Earphones or headphones, which do you prefer?
Honey or sugar in tea / cofee, which one do you prefer?
Do you believe Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020?
Which Song Is Better? (4)
Which do prefer more: Ash vs Evil Dead TV series or Evil Dead Movie series?
Do you prefer movies or TV series? Please comment why
Do you ever go to cinema alone? Please comment
Do you prefer watching films at the cinema, at home or on the go?
Where will you go to see the Star Wars Episode The Last Jedi (December 2017)?
What are good names for this character?
What's your favorite word to say when you're mad?
What song describes your love life?
Favorite type of music?
Boyfriend is not treating me right
BTS favorite
Which sister location song represent more sl?
Do you like The Simpsons?
Basketball, American Football or Soccer?
Which Nintendo character is your favourite?
Are you afraid of needles or shots?
What is the scariest?
Which name matches me most?
Which of my favourite cartoons do you like best?
What is your biggest fear?
Which bendy and the ink machine character is your fave?
Which one? (28)
what are your favorite candys?
how old are you? (10)
Who is your favourite Doggie from Doggie School Simulator?
Who's your favorit FnaF World animatronic?
What generation of Pokemon first got you into the series?
What would you prefer to watc?h
Pick A Song! (mcr edition)
Out of the guardian deities of Alola, which one is your favorite?
Equality or Equity?
What is your opinion on otherkin?
Do you think they/them pronouns are valid?
What is your opinion on feminists?
Who would you rather meet? (2)
Who would you rather have as a friend?
How did you react at the first time you played FnaF2?
Which type of Chica is your favorit?
Favoured reed brand?
Who's your favorit sl animatronic? (Re-Upload)
What would you rather have as a pet?
Pick which cat was more awesome and comment why!
What song is Better out of these?
reaction test #2: you see a random cat. you:
Reaction poll: you see a cute guy/girl walking on the sidewalk in a busy city. you:
Do you like anime? (3)
Did you like Supernatural season 13 episode 1?
jackcepticye or markiplier
Which one is a better portrayal?
Who is prettier finals 2?
Would you rather (7)
Which is better, Shopkins or The Grossery Gang?
What is your favorite gaming platform?
does anyone else find this emoji thing cool? (-_-)