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who would win,a Dragon or a Phoenix?
Favorite Fandom?
Do you say "Stupid" or "Baka"?
Do you say "Cute" or "Kawaii"?
Who remembers What Does The Fox Say?
What ship is better? (1)
Peridot or Bill Cipher?
Which Vocaloid is your favorite out of these?
Do you like Homer Simpson?
Who is more illuminati?
Does Link Neal look like Velma?
What would make qfeast better ?
Are some cartoons better in anime form?
Which Titan Form Is Your Favorite So Far?
Which Cryaotic is your favorite?
Who's your fave BVB member?
when do you get up from the bed?
When do you go to bed?
Is your computer slow?
What laptop brand do you have ?
Who's gonna win? John Cena or Seth Rollins
which show would you perfer?
Cryaotic or Pewdiepie?
Do you like Google's new logo?
who would you rater be?
Who is more annoying? (1)
Which of these stories would you best like to read (will give description if you ask)?
Inca, Mayan, or Aztec
Which movie do you like more: Despicable Me 1, 2 or Minions?
What is your favourite dork diaries character?
Which minion do you look like most: Kevin, Bob or Stuart?
Which movie animation do you like more: Frozen or Despicable Me?
Twilight or Pinkie Pie?
Lps or Mlp?
What brand do you like more, Apple or Samsung?
Who is Your Favorite Celebrity II?
How many "letters" (-,!jkg etc) should a chapter on a story have?
Wait even better should maryan be single or with tails doll?
Do you have good netiquette?
Do you think pewdiepue buys his subscribers?
Do you like notifications?
Do you like this photo?(The one on yes.)
Do you like the story/movie, "CORALINE,"?
Mangos or strawberries?
Are You Homeschooled?
Which style is best?
Which car do you like more, Chrysler or Dodge?
Randy orton or John cena?
Funny or Weird or cute?
Ok this is dumb real dumb(what creepypassa should date me ? Sorry for canons)
What candy do you like best out of these?
How many game consoles do you have?
Beach city or Gravity Falls?
Hedgehog or Porcupines
Anyone like my new profile pic?
Show By Rock -- Favorite Band
Which Anime Guy is Cuter? 2.0
Show By Rock - Favorite Member of Plasimagica
Have you ever stolen anything? (It doesn't have to be something big or expensive or even on purpose)
What is your favourite ride in an amusement park?
Which is the better Pokemon?
What do you think is important to have in a friendship?
If you had to pick a animal to transform into, which of these would be the best?
Raise your hand if school/work get in the way of fun?
Agario or Cookie Clicker?
Who ships Andley?( Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy)
Best anime loli?
Do you need help with something?
Who can't you. Tolerate ? dork Diaries
Who's more Famous? (1)
Who's more famous?
Do you think Nikki and Brandon should ever be a couple?
Eye Sight what do you prefer?
Which BFF woukd you rather have ?Dork Diaries
Who has the best hair?
Which girl seems like your type?
On which device are you at when you're on Qfeast?
Have you seen ghosts IRL?
Which twin? (Gravity Falls #3)
Are you excited or nervous about the first week of school?
Jurrasic World or Inside out?
Do you have an innie or outie belly button?
Are you excited for the dork diaries movie?
Who is the Grammar Hitler?
How old do you want to be? (1)
Which is your favorite band?
Have you ever brofisted the screen when watching Pewdiepie?
Which would be worse?
who is your favorite from thg?
Which jumpscare is creepier?
Dipper or Stanford?
Do you like High School Musical?
Who is your favorite sailor moon character?
Which day do you like best?
Does anyone here play pocket knights?
What gravity falls villain do u like?
What is your favorite crystal gem?
what do you look for in a relationship before you start dating a girl ? (boys and girls are both welcome to answer)
The most annoying song?
Are you a fan of Melanie Martinez?