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5 Seconds of Summer or One Direction?
Pick An Element
Dan Howell or Phil Lester?
Little Mix or Fifth Harmony? (1)
What is better for art?
What is your favorite Eeveelution?
On a scale 1-10, how annoying is Ayumi Shinozaki?
Which game franchise is better Call of Duty franchise or GTA franchise?
Do you like cliches?
Freddy or Jason
Who is the best evolution of Eevee?
Do you like Pentatonix?
Which House of Anubis character do you think you are?
what name do you like best?
Are you quirky or mature?
Lost Silver Or Ben Drowned
Do you like Angel Beats?
Which of the following lips look cooler?
Which cartoon do you like?
Who is the best YouTuber EVER?
Who is your favorite Call of Duty character?
Which movie character do you like more, Katniss or Annabeth?
whose babies would you rather have (Aot versia)?
Which Of These Animes Do You Like Most?
Homestuck - Caliborn or Calliope
what is your favorite tv show out of the two listed below?
Which name do you like better?(2)
would you rather get bitten by a vampire or get bitten by a werewolf?
Do you like conspiracies?
Who is your Favorite Soul Eater character?
Which is the best youtuber, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, Markaplaier or Stapylongnoes?
Which of these is your favorite Kaiju in the Godzilla franchise?
Mario or Luigi? Who would win?
do u like anime or naw
Does this (first picture), look like this (second picture)? Cause these ppl r exactly the same, part 2.
So does this (first picture), look like this(second picture)? Because these ppl r exactly the same
Favorite character from K-On?
BEN vs Lapis Lazuli vs Flame Princess
Favorite .exe character?
Who is your favorite Ally (Hetalia)?
Which gaming console do like the most?
What is the weirdest?
Which Clan would you rather be in?
What is your Favorite Online Game?
What do you like better? Reading q feast stories or making them?
What is your Fav movie Genre?
What's your favourite emoji?
Which Mario game character do you like more, Mario or Waluigi?
Monster or Starbucks?
Which Mario game character do you like more, Princess Peach or Princess Rosalina?
How do you pronounce Uranus?
Who can read Binary?
Who Is Your Favorite Mario Character? (1)
which dorito would win?
what do you do on tranzit?
Who is your favorite girl from Gakkou Gurashi?
Who should maryan ship with?
How long are you are you on q feast each day?
Izaya or Shizuo?
What computer game do you like more, Minecraft or Roblox?
What is the best kitten name (female)?
Do you wear glasses, contacts or neither?
Grump cat or Doge?
Who should date angle?
Are you a vegetarian? (1)
Which Instrument (woodwind)?
Which of these quotes do you like the best?
What do you value?
What do you like doing, Procrastinate or Study ?
Which School outfit? (Comment number)
Be Proud of Heritage!
What picture is more PRETTY?
Would You Rather..? (4)
Which amusement park one do you prefer, Dismaland or Disneyland?
What is your favorite Roblox game?
who would win creeper or enderman?
Sword Art Online vs Gun Gale Online
escape the fate or falling in reverse
Do you like Hatsune Miku?
How many polls have you created on qfeast?
Who is the best until dawn character in your opinion?
What is the most evil Disney Villain?
Favorite Element?
which car would you rather own out of the following cars listed below?
Wich out of these countries would you want to visit?
Which picture would be the best prompt for a story?
what's your favorite anime?
Minda, Fi, or Navi?
Navi the Fairy-
What do you think would be the hardest part of Cyberspace Fighting?
Netflix, television or youtube?
What fate should Marvel villains have in further movies?
Which would you rather do? (2) (1)
Which would you rather do? (3)
For how long can you hold your breath under water?
Which band/singer do you like best?
Do you think there should be a Qfeast app?
What's your favorite cat
What is your favourite mythical creature?
Who is the best Simpson character?