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What would you rather be? (3)
Whats your favorite color?
Do you have a cellphone?
Heart or Brain?
Which is the perfect weapon to Make people die?
Who's better out of Justin Bieber or One Direction
The Would You Rather Series 1-23
Would you rather? (18)
Fairy Tail: Meredy vs Ul
Fairy Tail: Yukino vs Lisanna
Vampire vs werewolves
Bella or Tris
Green or blue?
Which clan do you choose? (Naruto)
Purple or pink
Purple or turquoise
Red or orange
Girl or boy (1)
Favourite mane six pony? (I picked the scariest pics ever...)
Fairy Tail: Virgo vs Aries
Fairy Tail: Juvia vs Aqaurias
Fairy Tail: Lucy vs Sherry
Fairy Tail: Erza vs Kagura
Fairy Tail: Mirajane vs Jenny
Fairy Tail: Wendy vs Chelia
Choose your Naruto eye type!
Who is the leader of the Illuminati?
How do you think Simba choose which lions to exile?
Twitter vs Instagram vs qfeast
Who do you think will win the hunger games?
Are you right handed or left handed?
Video Games or Books
Which one Divergent or Hunger Games
Minecraft Vs Mario
who's you favourite out of One Direction (1D)
Favourite *board* game?
What is the best D&D/Pathfinder class to play?
Which Minecraft Youtuber do you like Better BajanCanadian or ASF Jerome
Do you like Lindsey Stirling?
Do you like apple pie or cupcakes better?
Which Of these horror characters is your favorite?
Who is the best villain in Vampire Diaries?
No facebook or no youtube?
Yozora or Sena?
What Color Is This Dress?
Who is the best in 1D?
Gif vs Jif
Do you like Yaoi's?
Which subject do you dislike?
Should every teenager have an allowance?
Does anyone know how to make your hair look preety? PUT INCOMMENTS
Which season?
Which Should The Story Be About?
Do you read your NEWS FEED?
At this moment, what devise are you on?
would you rather (1)
Teen Titans or Teen Titans Go?
What do people like the most?
Hunger Game vs Divergent
Black or White
Are you team Edward or Team Jacob
What eyes do you like best?
Which dictionary is better?
Which of these legendaries is your favorite?
Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
What amazing book is better?
Strength or Yuu?
do you like cats or dogs better? (1)
What divergent faction would you want to be?
Which Character from FNAF 1/2 is your favorite?
Which Would You Rather? (None Of These Are EVER Suggested)
Brown, Green, Blue, Black, or Hazel eyes on guys?
What do you like best in songs?
Anime or Tv shows?
Tv or Books?
What Is Your Favorit Ever After High Character
Do u think ghosts/spirits r real?
If you were one of 3 kids which would you want to be?
What is your favorite book or book series
What is ur Fave Percy Jackson character? (2)
Which Hogwarts house is your favorite?
What Do You Want To Be? (Not Career)
Which of these restaurants is your favorite (on this list)?
What school subject is your favorite?
What building could i make in the sims
Which pokemon is the most beautiful (On This List)
Supernatural- Sam or Dean?
What Type Of Girl would you choose to date?
What type of guy do you like? (Be Honest)
would you rater be ghetto or not?
Which is More attractive, Gamer girls or Beautiful Girls (Boy's only)
Which of these pokemon is the cutest?
whos your favorite ?
Do you ever feel randomly ill without any reason?
Do you want to be in with the crowd
What type of story would you want on Qfeast?
Which Rock Band
What do you want more of
What language would u speak if you could only speak it for the rest of ur life and u could learn it in 1 hour? (not english)