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have you ever tried to kill yourself
Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?
what does the cat say
Which One Is Better? (1)
Who is better/cuter together? (from the Tommorrow People)
What is better
how many people self harm or ever.
Who's your favorite 1D member?
If you could compete in one of these things what would you do
Soul, Maka, Blackstar, or Kid?
Who do you like better Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake??
Hi! So, my two BFFs hate each other. What should I do??
Which Show Do you like???
What is your perspective of the cup?
Who is better Tigerstar or Leafpool?
What song is better?
Cedric diggery vs Edward Cullen
What Website Do You Like?
Which song is better?
Whos the most childish?
Who's prettiest?
Who's a better singer (1)
Which of these Harry potter art pictures is your favorite?
Parvati patil or Padma patil?
Edward or Jacob
Gale or Peeta
Which one of this characters is the best?
What is better mine craft or Cube World? (I personally prefer cube world)
Whats your favorite Horror Movie?
Do you have minecraft? if so put your user in the comments!!!
Who is the Best Teen Titans couple?
Who is the best Teen Titans Character?
which cellphone is better?
Who's Best Crusader
which is scarier?
favorite regular show character
What video is scarier (look them up on you tube)
Which game do you like more: Skyrim or Minecraft?
What Type of Film Do you Like???
Do you Like House of Anubis???
Do you use matches to light a candle or an electric lighter?
What electronic devise do you use more
Soul Eater: Weapon or Meister?
Should I do a qiz?
Who's a better singer live?
Who's your favourite member of Little Mix?
Do you prefer Liv or Maddie?
if you could be a ghost, werewolf, or vampire for a day, whatwould youchoose?
Scariest Creepypasta
What do you use to Search?
You got yelled at by a cat because you and your litter mates were playing ruff!! What do you do??
Who's scarier?
What's your favourite band?
Dish Network or Direct TV?
Which Character would you like to be in House of Anubis???
Disney or nick
Why do you think redgiraffe is so cool to me?
From curiosity, those who watch Disney Junior's 'Sofia The First': Who do you prefer?
Which guy from the Tomorrow People is hotter?
How old are you?
Is Karate better then Boxing?
who would you rather date?
Do you speak a language other than English?
Would you rather eat one jelly bean every day or one chocolate chip?
From Death note there was a side for Beyond Birthday, the novel was called Another Note, who do you think A is, a boy or Girl?
Twilight, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games or Harry Potter?
Hey guys please vote for how much i should com on!!
Who's your favourite? Thor or Loki? I'm Loki all the way! <3
Who's your favorite charecter in Tracy beaker
Which Candy Is Best?
which song is better
who's hotter
Who's your favourite
What does the fox say or I Love it
Best Professor Layton game?
Whats your favorite bbc show!
Which Harry potter thing is the best?
Which is the better Skillet song
Which Harry potter character is your favorite? (1)
Glee or pitch perfect
What Hogwarts house are you in?
who is better looking edward cullen (robert pattinson) or jacob black (taylor lautner)??
What is better? Brothers or Sisters?
The age old debate....Batman or Superman
Which is better(i could not decide myself so i need yo to do it)
Which experience would you rather go through.
Which is a better book series?
What is your favorite Hunger games character?
Facebook, Twitter, Qfeast or instagram
Who's better?
The Beatles vs One Direction
Horses- Has any of these happened to you?
Cho vs bella
Do you think Santa Claus is a stalker?.... I mean come on "he sees you when your sleeping"
which is better
The big question... kindle, nook or book?
Who is hotter
Hannah Montana, Wizard of wavery place or Sonny with a chance
Horses or cows?