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Who is your favorite "helper" in LoZ?
Captian America or Iron Man? You Must Choose NOW!
If You Could Visit A Place For Free, What Would It Be?
what kind of wwffy?
Which console do you like more: GameCube or Wii?
What's you're favorite outfit?
Headphones Or Earbuds?
What is funnier?
Marin or Malon?
Minecraft or Roblox?
Five Night's at Freddy's or Legend of Zelda?
Thoughts on Playstation Home
What is your favorite type of cat?
A Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th?
Which of these self aware action movies is better?
Which Jeff the Killer wolf looks better?
Boy or Girl fnaf?
What's your favorite anime girl outfit?
Favorite Disney Princess Movie? (Out Of These)
Who Do You Think Should Win For The President's Spot?
Love or Money?
Would you rather...? (AKB48 edition)
If you watch Sailor Moon(Original or Crystal),which Sailor Guardian is the most relatable to you?
Do you like death note? (1)
Favorite Disney Prince and Princess (Favorite Couple)
Which Disney Princess/Queen?
What do you think of friday the 13th?
Facorite Falling in Reverse album?
Fighting, YA or NO
Which is your favorite Dylan O'Brien character?
Scott Howard or Scott McCall? (movie vs tv)
Stiles or Stiles? (movie vs tv show)
Which Idea for a Story Sounds Best?
Which of these pictures are the best?
How do you say 'UNO'?
Who makes the best music according to you?
Yandere or Senpai?
When did you get your first period?
Which books series do you like?
Which is your favorite FNaF game?
Lauray or Yulian?
Favorite Pie?
Which Classic Action-Adventure Hero? (Jones vs Bond vs plisskin)
Which anime is your favorite? (look up if needed)
Which Willy Wonka? (Please don't vote unless you have seen both films)
Michael Keaton or Kurt Russell?
sam or cat?
Whitch pokemon is better?
What quote is better?
What troll name would sound best?
Favorite Color? (1)
Doge, Pusheen, Nyan Cat, or Boo?
Which drawing is best?
favorite homestuck human
Which Undertale Song?
Do you think Kylo Ren is cute, ugly, both, or just evil?
Which Harry Potter Actor Looks Best 2016?
Which drawing is better? (2)
Which collided word sounds best?
What is your favorite Undertale character? (1)
Do You Like Kanye West?
Luna Or Hermione?
Are You On DeviantArt?
Favorite soul trait? (undertale)
Favourite cartoon as a child?
Which Actor is Hottest?: Hogwarts Edition
Tolkien Dragons or Rowling Dragons?
Tolkien Aracnids or Rowling Aracnids? (Shelob v.s. Arogog)
Tolkien Goblin or Rowling Goblin?
What lemon should be written?
What sounds like a better quiz idea?
Best fnaf song
would you help a homeless orphan?
What would u choose?
Who is Hotter? (Teen Wolf poll winner v.s. The 100 winner)
Rowling Elves or Tolkien Elves?
What would you choose? (1)
Who was a better Dumbledore?
Which Actor is Hottest?: The 100 Edition (past and present)
Which is your favorite Shadowhunters book series?
What is your favorite drink out of these? (1)
Do you have any secret crushes?
Do you have a stereotype?
Which Nickelodeon show is best to you?
Who is your favorite lesbian youtuber(s)?
What is your favorite school subject?
do you think fast?
Do you like high school better than middle school/ do you miss middle school?
Does any of you have a rod of discord (i do but i heard it's very rare so i got curious)
Does Firestar have absolutely have no flaws or no?
Out of these characters, who looks to be the strongest?
Undertale Mettaton Ex or Underfell Mettaton EX?
What do you think you'll find outside the universe?
is jeff and jane a good coupel
is masky bitter that jeff the killer
How would you describe your personality?
Which game would you rather play? (3)
Which game would you rather play? (2)
Which game would you rather play? (1)
Which wolf? (10)