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If you could have one final meal before your death, what will it be?
In a forbidden love story, you picture the girl or boy dieing
Which Villain?
Which Ellen Page movie is better?
Which action movie is better?
Artwork- Out of these which is more well drawn?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character out of the following? (1)
Which hip hop artist do you like more: Snoop Dogg or Fetty Wap?
How do you do your hair?
Do you like Pokemon or Digimon?
Which Halloween costume do you like the most out of the following?
Are tits and nipples the same thing
TEAM-Bird or Duck?
Which is the best protagonist out of the big 5 anime ?
Who would you rather have driving your boat?
Which eyes would you rather stare into for hours?
Who is your Favorite Pokemon Trainer? (Games/Protangonist)
If you are stuck on a bridge, with a puppy and an Justin Bieber, who would you save?
Which drawing is the best?
What lion king character do you like best?
Team Taylor or Kim?
Which is the superior grape: green or red?
What chicken sandwich do you like best?
Which One to Vote for?
Which one looks great?
What Do You Like More, Cats Or Dogs?
what Pokemon do you like best?
4# Would you rather eat...
Do you like Katy Perry's newest song, Rise?
Hogwarts house battle!
would you rather? (77)
Which "X-Men" movie is actually the best?
3# Would you rather eat...
What cat breed do you like the most out of these?
L or near, who is better?
what kind of Were- are you?
What drink makes you wake up?
2# Would you rather eat...
1# Would you rather eat...
what dog breed is your favorite?
Which Warrior Cats Leader is The Best?
Which book series do you like more: Warriors Cat or Harry Potter?
Do you believe that Hermione should have been In Ravenclaw?
What warrior cat rouge do you like the best?
Which Pokemon Go Team is actually the best one?
Which book series is your favorite out of the following?
Favorite Spore Creature out of these? (Corbijn's Creations)
Which Pokemon Go Team Is Actually The Best?
what warrior cat leader do you like best?
Which wolf pic? (2)
Who is your favorite Poe sister?
Who is your favorite Pokemon anime girl?
Which of the following memes do you think is funniest?
Which anime tv series?
What do you like to do during the summer?
What super smash bros game did u love the most?
Do you believe in being normal?
Alphyne or Papdyne
Would you rather? (76)
are you tired of pokemon go?
Which Pokemon would you take as a pet?
Which Popular Disney Animated Movie?
Which Catch Phrase?
Which Warrior Cat Clan is best? (Not Starclan!)
What should a Unicorn look like?
What is your Favorite Pokemon? (First 50)
Do you think Erin Hunter should've kept Spottedleaf alive?
Do you fall in love with people you meet online?
Would You Rather? #5!
Would You Rather? #4
Would You Rather? #3!
Would You Rather? #2!
Would You Rather? #1!
Which Fusion couple is best? - Stevonnie, Opal, or Garnet
Choose your favorite type of food from sweets and fast food
What is a worse natural disaster: tornado or tsunami?
What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?
Which animal is scarier to you: spiders or snakes?
cake or icecream
Which MLP character do you like most?
which wolf is best?
Is Luke evil?
Which meme cat do you want to be?
Which anime is better Tokyo Ghoul or Kissxsis?
What team are you on in pokemon go?
Are ants hot?
Are you obsessed with Undertale?
Which game has the saddest ending?
Which is your favorite book series?
who likes one direction?
If these people fought in a battle who would win: Deadpool or Deathstroke?
Who would win: Goku or Akuma?
Who is Wiser?
who is your favorite steven universe character?
Do you know who Shawn Mendes is?
What's your favourite colour?
Eyes truly are windows to the soul, but they forgot to mention what type of window it was. (Would you read this story?)
Who would win? #3
Which boy band do you like the most out of these?
Would you rather? (75)