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How do you feel about the idea of fanfictions?
Is it right for scientists to bring back extinct animals from the dead?
which mlp pegasus out of these
which pokemon is cutest?
do you want to be my friend
Which name for a Pokemon White remake?
Favorite rapper
What's Your Birthstone?
Which FNAF 2 animatronic would you hug?
which dress is the best(2)
what is your aim and aspiration
which cartoon is best
what is best colour
which baby is best
do you like winter
Who deserves to live?
Are you a bookworm
which hairstyle is the best
which earrings is the best
which shoes is the best
which. Is prettier
do you think im a dog person or cat person?
Natsu or Gray?
funniest grumpy cat quote?
Do you like any of these foods
Who is your favorite SSBM Character?
What FNAF couple is your fave ;) (i dont own any of the pictures)
favorite subject in school?
Sun or moon? (1)
which yo mama joke is. I made the best
best yo mamma joke
how much do you eat
You are a guy at a party with a bunch of drunk girls, you...
ESC 2015- Your favourite from semi-final 1
Which Dress Is Best?
Do you like getting feedback on your stories?
Which song is beter?
Arrow vs The Flash
Which one is your favourite thing on Qfeast?
what color hair do you have?
Cursive, Print, or Text?
Favorite Dreamworks/ Disney movie?
whats your hair colour do ya like? (also if you wanna comment down what colour u like)
Five Nights at Freddy's or My Little Pony?
Favorite Band? (1)
Which one of these Canadian lynx facts are your favorite? Plz vote this is for a school project!
Reading or T.V?
Cats, Dogs, or wolves- which is better?
Day or night- What's better
What is your main fandom?
Would you want to be the Day or Night time?
which NightCore song do you think is the best? (1)
what prom dress do you like better?
who is the cutest boy in shugo chara
Do you like puppies?
what one of these dogs are cuter? (there mine)
would you like to see these guys back? in their series of games?
Is this Girl Pretty?
Who is your favourite friend of cammies in Gallagher Girls?
which season? (1)
mlp vs lps!
what do you think of penny ling?
be single or get married?
Do you like cats
Domanic and Sapphires theme song?
Mermaids or Sirens
Good Or Evil
orange vs green!
black vs white!
pink vs purple!
What's better, the dark side or the good side of the force
whats your favorite backyard bird?
Which Youtuber type do you like better?
What Left 4 Dead Survivor do you like?
Which food?
Which instrument do you play?
Which is worse? Animal abuse vs bullying.
which minecraft youtuber do you wanna date?
Do you like Black Veil Brides?
which colour?
Would you rather breathe underwater or fly?
Cronkri or Kanktula?
Karezi or Daverezi?
Should children be allowed to play inappropriate games
Is Taylor Lautner Hot,Cute,Stupid,or not sure
What do you think of Carrie's old design?
Do you like huskies?
would u rather have a laptop or an iPhone?
Erisol or Erifef?
Chariot or Dead Master?
Looks, money or intelligence?
Would you rather be freezing cold or really warm?
Would you rather be fireboy or watergirl?
Homestuck ~ Favorite pre-scratch troll
would u rather have a boring vacation day or an interesting school day?
Which one of these knights is cuter?
How often do you get hungry?
What type of Mountain Dew is better?
Who won in the Eyeless Jack vs Laughing Jack rap battle?
are you a fan of my little pony?