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Do you think there are celebrities on Qfeast?
Who's your favorite character from the Vampire Diaries?
Which Minecraft mob do you like the best?
Who is the best Adagio, Aria, or Sonata?
Yes Or No Do You Like Twilight?
Who is best mlp villan?
what is the best mlp?
Weekly Question: What would you Rather Do: Week 2
Which Taylor Lautner movie is better?
favorite Ever After High character?
Topping Poll
Should I do a Ticci Toby x reader?
Favourite Sonic Char x OC ship?
netflix or youtube?
Does Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls scare you?
What is your Favorite Book in the WaterFire Saga Series?
What genre of person are you?
how much make up do you wear to school? Girls only plz
Which is the best mlp couple?
Which Presentation Browser is Better?
what is your favorite channel?
who is cuter
Who is your favorite o2l member?
which young actor is your favourite? And why? *comment*
Favourite Male Pop Artist?
Do you believe that Mario is evil?
Favourite Female Pop Artist?
Weekly Question of What would you Rather Do: Week 1
Best fluttershy couple?
which social media do you like best
Who is the cutest creepypasta couple?
Favourite Ed Sheeran song.
Best Royal Pony from My little pony friendship is magic?
Favourite boy band?
If you had to go without one of the following luxuries, which one would you pick?
Is Crona Gorgon a boy or girl?
who is your favourite Ampora
What's the Greatest Beyonce song of all time?
Who makes the cutest cat form in mlp?
Who is the most insane mlp character?
Who would you prefer, Luna, Nightmare moon, or both?
Which of these Harry Potter houses are you in?
Which hedghog do you like best?
Do you use Tumblr?
Miss Piggy or Smurfette
Which animation movie do you like more: The Smurfs Or The Muppets?
what type of boy do you like
Which One Is The Best To Do?
Which one should I start first?
Which tiara? I've got a principal ballet role coming up!
How much do you love Mahogany?
Anime or creepypasta?
What Are You?
What is you're favorite holiday?
Which Teenager Post Is Funnier?
What is your Zodiac sign? (2)
What do you think of Meulin Leijon?
Run 2- Skater or Runner?
Which pokemon generation did you start out in?
Who would you date? Fairy Tail
fave color
should i get the fnaf app?
U like Pewdipie
Are You Artsy?
Do You Like Cherries?
What's your favorite creepypasta male?
What's your favorite site
which picture do u like best?
What do you think about Taylor Swift?
The Ultimate King Of Music?
Who is you're favorite vocaloid/utauloid?
Which Story Should Jewel (Me!) Write Next? (descriptions are in the first comment)
top 10 songs of week november 8th 2014
Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, or lionblaze? :D
Do you like chocolate milk?
Chips rhyming poll
What type of quiz would you like to see more of?
who is better a werewolf or a vampire ( i think werewolf )
which character out of Percy Jackson are you in love with?
what night in 5 nights of Freddys have you made it to?
Best Hairstyle- Guys Only (HAIR not FACE)
Android or Apple?
Who would you date? Naruto (for girls and boys)
Cookies, Cupcakes, or other? Which would you rather buy?
What Political Party Would You Be If You Lived In Canada
Do you own a pet?
what is your favorite Nicki minaj song
What do you think of Princess Twilight Sparkle?
(Biggest Debate) Did you like the movie The Maze Runner?
Best vocaloid part 2
Which show should they make another series for?
How did you like Tally from The Uglies best? (Personality)
Spottedleaf or Yellowfang and Cinderpelt or Jayfeather?
whos your favourite girl from little mix?
Are you watching Thronecoming?
Which Is A Better Tails Couple? Tailsmo, Tailina, or Tailream? U DECIDE!
Who is the best vocaloid(out of these)
What faction would you choose?
Mika or Miku?
Are you a Huntress of Artemis?