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What's your favorites kid tv show
What do you think holds you back most in life?
Five nights at Freddy's or Undertale
What's your opinion on yourself?
Do you like Joe Biden?
Was Sonata Stamenovic's death sad? (Read Cana's tale)
do you like glasses?
Jriana or Jelena
Is it better to be Creative or Logical?
what color is your book bag?
Was it sad when Yukki died from SAO?
Was it sad when Sachi died from SAO
What's the better virson of Sugi from SAO
Do You Like Kid's Bop?
Which Fifth Harmony song do you like more?
Which band do you like more: Fall Out Boy or Panic at The Disco?
Which Dead Harry Potter character do you wish would have survived to the end? (spoiler alert)
Are they(electronics) going to destroy the planet?
what sword art online game is better?
What is your favorite element? (Fantasy Ver.)
Which Windows version do think is the best ?
Would you rather have unlimited movies video games or books?
Deathstroke or Deadpool?
Fantasy, sci fi or dystopian fiction?
What is your favorite candy? (1)
Would you rather have a Alien Invasion or a Zombie Apocalypse?
Montague or Capulet?
star wars or star trek (1)
Luke Castellan or Luke Skywalker?
Light or Dark side?
Which Doctor is your favorite?
What EDM Genre do you like?
What Undertale character do you like the most?
Which restaurant is better?
Messed up man or Voldemort
What game do you prefer: Movie Star Planet or Minecraft?
Alice vs. Alice
Which of these Mystical Animals are your Favorite?
Would you rather have no one show up to your wedding or your funeral?
You see a hot guy in public. You:
What's your favorite number?
Who is the best Beatle?
Who is better Kanye West or Paul McCartney?
Halo or WWE?
Who's your fav creepypasta
What eevee evaluation do you prefer?
Which Marvel movie do you want to watch?
Red Eyes Black Dragon VS. Blue Eyes White Dragon
What mythical creature do u like the best?
Transformers vs Maze runner!
Which console do you like more: XboxOne or PS4 ?
if you could be any anime character would you be?
Would watching a walkthrough of Portal be a good idea?
Which title sounds most intriguing for a post-apocalyptic novel?
Do you belive in Creepypastas?
would you sacrifice yourself for your lloved one?
Do you get awkward easily or do you make people feel awkward?
basketball vs soccer
What do you think of the Star Wars original trilogy?
What do you think of the Star Wars prequels?
Which Star Wars movie is the best off all time?
When you're home alone and someone knocks on your door, you...?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
If you could become one animal what would it be?
Whiterose or Bumbleby
are you a boy or a girl? (2)
Aliens vs Predator: which do you like more?
Which Valentine's tradition do you like best?
How many languages do you know right now?
Favourite Undertale Character?
Which wolf most represents you?
Which is better; Wolves or Polar Bears?
Which version of scar the demon wolf do you like the best?
Which of these would you like to be a movie show or anime?
Who would win Goku or Superman?
Who is better? (29)
Which anime drawing is better?
Do you know who Aphmau is?
Which native Wolf furry?
What Movie Do You Like Better?
Is Peach from Mario kinda always needing help? A damsel in destress
Daisy or Peach?
what sailor moon character is ur senpia?
Who would win in a battle? Black Butler
Who would win in a battle? Soul Eater
Which couple looks like you and your true love?
What's your Opinion on Life?
Who is your favorite OUAT couple?
Do you want to escape this world, and go to another world?
If you where trapped in a death game, what would your reaction be?
STAR WARS which side do you choose?
Which of these omens are the worst?
If you where trapped for life in one of these games what one would you pick?
what is more Christmas related to you?
Which singer do you like more: Eminem or Ice cube?
Who do you like most on youtube?
Which Super Mario Character Should Be President?
Qfeast GOP Poll (1)
Who has a better Gender Bender?
Which grim reaper would win in a battle?