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What is your favorite creepypasta? (1)
Would you rather? #4 (1)
Which code of Rugby is the best to watch?
Which is your favorite fan fiction site?
Is it easier to draw animals or people
What teenager post most describes your l I f e?
Which form of keinoa?
Should teachers be armed?
what lps do you like most?
Which one? (34)
Glitter Force: Who is a better leader, Queen Euphoria, Queen Candy, or Emperor Nogo?
What picture of ldshadowlady?
who is your favorite creepypasta? (1)
Who would you not want to be trapped in an elevator with (for 5+ hours)?
What gender is easier to draw?
Which do you prefer, waffles or pancakes?
Do you prefer redtail or crowfeather from warriors?
Which is better: leaffeather or crowtail?
who's funnier out of the Weasley twins? (ik it's hard)
What's the best Hogwarts house?
Half full or half empty? (1)
Do you roast people?
What Chibi cat would you adopt?
Who is best robot master?
Should the Paul brothers be banned from You Tube for life?
Which one? (30)
Would you rather? (115)
What Chibi dinosaur is cutest?
Which bunny mascot looks better?
What do you prefer the most? (2)
Which battery brand do you prefer the most?
Are you grateful for your life?
Full or empty
Delivery or Digiorno
What character do you prefer from the Lunar Chronicles?
Do you like the unicorns in Harry Potter?
Which game do you prefer the most?
Which Little Trees car air freshener do you prefer the most?
Would you rather? (114)
would you rather? (98)
Are you depressed?
Does tokyo ghoul r ule
Are you excited for the upcoming Avengers movie (Infinity War)?
What type of chocolate?
What video game?
If you watched cool kids don't cry, did you cry?
Do you remember you belong with me?
Qfeast or Tumblr
Which one of these stories seems the most interesting? (I'm currently working on all of these ideas)
Would You like Me to Rewrite Smash Bros Oneshots ?
What spelling of maddie?
What spelling of Abby?
What spelling of Lizzie?
Anime or Creepypasta? (1)
Best thunderclan leader
U play instru?
Which Mario Kart Game is the BEST!?
Which picture of Ethan is better?
Are you afraid of the dark?
What season of the 100 is your favorite?
Do you eat food when your bored just for something to do?
Which Picture For The Fighters ?
Which Sans Fangirl is the Best?
Conducter Or DJ Grooves
Who would win in a rap battle? (3)
What Video Game Character Do You Think Could Love Me?
Pokemon poll
Which Yandere sim character is your fave?
Are you a tomboy or a girly girl?
What animal is your favorite? (1)
Who's easiest to communicate to
What's your sexuality
Which shirt is cuter?
whats your favorite meme?
What is your favorite Anime? :0
What candy?
What tattoo?
Which marching band is better?
Who won the rap battle?
Ihop or Denny's?
wich youtuber?
hawk or eagle
wild cat or house cat
wolf or fox
new lps or old
Do you think i should get a tattoo?
watch one should get?
George Washington or John Adams
Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?
Who would win in a fight? (12)
Who would win in a rap battle? (2)
Are fidget spinners banned in your school
Who would win in a rap battle? (1)
Which is the funniest?
Which classic rock song do you prefer the most?
What do you do the most on Qfeast?
Which singer is more popular: Enrique Iglesias or Julio Iglesias?
How often do you feel sleepy after eating?
What's your hair color? (1)
Is graffiti art or vandalism?