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How is your mind?
What is your favorite soda?
which hair style is your favorite?
which out of these girl names are your favorite?
Which tattoo of a wolf is better? I might get one of these when I'm older
what was you best series of hunger game?
Which Jack & Jack Song?
which is the most annoying boss of undertale?
Jack J or Jack G
Which R5 Song?
Which R5 Member?
What is The Best Candy Brand?
Left or Right Twix?
Who is da best?
Which is the best Medieval weapon?
Is Mangle a male or female?
Username- Yaa or Nah? Is coopersushi more like a girl or a guy name?
Who is your favourite member of G.R.L (THE GIRL GROUP)?
Terminator vs Predator.Who would win?
Hulk vs Kratos, who would win!?
Do you think it's sick to fall in love with your sibling?
Undertale - Dummy! or Ghost Fight
Would you rather?... #1
Do you like Jeff or Slenderman more?
What do you like more? (2)
Who's your favorite Grim Reaper?
Team Adrianna or Team Sarah?
Why do you think George Lucas released 4,5,6 before 1,2,3?
Do you go online when your at school?
Animal Jam video ideas?
Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Should Puppymonkeybaby be a Creepypasta?
What would you do during the purge?
Waffles or Bacon?
Which should be Scar's new look?
Who is the best Queen in Warriors?
aliens or predators
Which game would you rather play?
If Chara from Undertale had a gender which one do you think would suit them?
If you have one of these, which on is worse? Writers Block or Artists Block?
Would you rather start your own company or religion?
Would You rather...? (7)
Would you rather be a wizard or a ninja?
Valentine's Day, do you love it or not?
Who is your favorite member of Game Grumps?
What One Is Better? [For Profile Picture]
Dantdm or Stampylongnose?
Super bowl sunday 2016
Out of these which is your favorite actor?
Which "Rolling in the Deep" photo is better?
What is your favorite story genre? (1)
Which FNaF Game is Your Favourite From The FNaF Series?
New YouTube video ideas?
Are you a girly girl or tomboy?
Do you believe in ghosts or no?
Which game do you enjoy more? Minecraft or FNaF?
Transformer tattoo ideas are better?
New chapter for Mandopony songs?
Which U.S. party would you be in?
what one do you prefer: Fruits or Chocolate?
Do you think parents setting a parental lock is just a sign of huge miss trust?
Barack Obama or George W. Bush?
What do you dream of mostly?
Cake or Cookies?
What girl from The sao video games is better?
What is the worst SAO character?
Which Demon Wolf (my awesome demon wolves)?
Heads or tails?
Which trait do you look for in a partner?
Do you believe in marriage?
Illuminati or Bill Cipher?
Which fandom are you in?
Which "The Legend of Zelda" Character Would be the Best President?
Which member of PTX is the best?
Who's you're fave male homestuck character?
Who do you think should win the presidential race?
If you had a choice, what kind of world would you be in?
Would you like a season 2 to Akame ga Kill and all members are resurrected?
what zombies character is your favourite?
What's your favorites kid tv show
What do you think holds you back most in life?
Five nights at Freddy's or Undertale
What's your opinion on yourself?
Do you like Joe Biden?
Was Sonata Stamenovic's death sad? (Read Cana's tale)
do you like glasses?
Jriana or Jelena
Is it better to be Creative or Logical?
what color is your book bag?
Was it sad when Yukki died from SAO?
Was it sad when Sachi died from SAO
What's the better virson of Sugi from SAO
Do You Like Kid's Bop?
Which Fifth Harmony song do you like more?
Which band do you like more: Fall Out Boy or Panic at The Disco?
Which Dead Harry Potter character do you wish would have survived to the end? (spoiler alert)
Are they(electronics) going to destroy the planet?
what sword art online game is better?
What is your favorite element? (Fantasy Ver.)
Which Windows version do think is the best ?