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What is your favorite Season, I love Fall, so that's why I'm making this...
Who is meaner
How do you say hello?
How do you say goodbye?
What greeting do you use the most?
Which House? (Hogwarts houses: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor)
Which is the best FNAF fan song?
Do you think I should leave in October?
Josh or Tyler
Which Qfeaster out of these is best?
Do you like Salad Fingers?
What Soul Eater opening is better?
Whats worse?
Blood On The Dance Floor or Black Veil Brides?
Nightstep or Nightcore? or none?
What version of This Is Halloween is better?
Who are the best qfeaster out of these? (Check them out if you do not know them)
Japanese Uniform or American Clothes
Wich role would you take if you starred in a movie?
(Heroes of Olympus) Greek or Roman?
Tomboy or girly girl
guitar or saxaphone
which direction
our family nest or miranda sings
which one mmm
Who is the better Sims YouTuber
which dog is cuter
Hair colour
Mortal Kombat Or Street Fighter?
mouse or duck
season 4 or season 5
which kit more
l b or k u
who do you like more nia or kendall
do you like maddie or mackinzie better
do you like harry styles or louis tomlinson
Which of these songs from fantasy movies is your favorite?
Do You Think YouTube videos should be on Netflix?
Which Anime girl is best?
Wich actress should be the next doctor who companion after Jenna Coleman?
Do you want to start the school?
Should Qfeast give you a "Create something" notification if you're on mobile?
Chipmunks or Minions?
Thalia Grace or Reyna Arellano?
Which of the following heroines do you like most?
President Snow or Jeanine?
Any one like Bleach here?
What do you choose between these options?
Did you enjoy the movie Tangled?
Did you enjoy the movie Rio 2?
Did you enjoy the movie Rio?
Did you enjoy the movie Wreck It Ralph?
Did you enjoy the movie Big Hero 6?
how often do you create polls?
What is the best Vampire book?
Did you enjoy the movie Ghostbusters 2?
Did you enjoy the movie Ghostbusters?
What is cuter the puppy or the kitten
no one can out run BVB unless you prefer Asking Alexandria
You can be any of these characters for a day. Which one?
Would you Rather? (34)
Katniss or Tris? (1)
Are you going to see Mockingjay part 2?
would you rather? (33)
Who is the best Disney villain?
Are you a feminist?
Did you enjoy the movie Zoolander?
Did you enjoy the movie Jurassic Park?
Did you enjoy the movie The Lego Movie?
Sweet foods or sour foods?
Letters or Numbers?
Which kawaii chibi girl looks best?
Did you enjoy the movie The Incredibles?
Which sport do you like the most?
Which maid do you like more?
What is your dream?
Would you rather? (30)
Epic Battle of Annoying
Epic Battle of Kawaii (1)
Which game?
2Pac or Notorious B.I.G.?
Whats Your Favorite Animal? (1)
Who Do You Believe Caused The Bite Of '87 In FNAF?
are u left/right handed?
This or that cartoon (adult cartoons)
Who is your favorite Lego Ninja?
What would you rather have?
What's your fave drink? Coke or Mountain Dew?
Who in R5 would you date?
What is your favourite out of these delicious eatibles?
Out of these three, who's da best?
Which wedding dress is better?
Would you Rather? (29)
Who do you like more: Rogue or Kitty Pryde?
Who is more crazy dork diaries
What do you like better? ;D
Who is Awesomer from these two?
to the death round 1 battle 2
Would you rather be locked in a room with?
To The death round 1 battle 1