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who do you like more from the percy Jackson?
Who Really is The Best Band Ever?
Where Would You Go In A Zombie Apocalypse?
What trainer from red and blue/green do you like more?
How did you first find Qfeast?
Which Slither.io Skin is best?
Better Animatronic from FNaC?
witch version of undertale did you play? demo or full
Say you found the love of your life who truely loved you back.What would happen if they died?
Who is your youtube crush? (For boys)
Who is your youtube crush? For girls
What is your favourite unhealthy food?
Which version of Starring Role do you like better?
Do you consider yourself tomboy or girly girl (for girls)?
Whats your fave game to play?
What's your favourite writing system?
Do you like beetal juice?
A new FNaF game is coming out. How do you feel?
Who is your celebrity crush?
Had you first kiss!
Impure: Shedan or Kendred?
What is your favorite snack out of these?
Is Golden Freddy A Halucination or no?
Who is your favorite YouTuber: PopularMMos or DanTDM?
Who is your favorite lyoko character?
Which Captain America movie is cooler?
which elements of insanity is your favorite?
Are you afraid of the darkness of the night?
Which game is better? Sorry I just wanna know.
Would You Rather Command A Army Of...?
Would You Rather Control...?(2)
Would You Rather Control...?
Which is your favorite Undertale character out of these?
Would you rather be famous or rich?
Which form of flowy do you like the most: omega, flowy, asriel or asriel dreemmer?
What do you think of Oriental Shorthairs?
What is your favorite drink out of these?
Would you listen to hee-man for an hour?!
Have you read 'The Fire Sermon'?
Would You Rather? (57)
Would You Rather 5?
Would You Rather 4? (2)
What is your favorite book out of these?
How many animatronics were in Fredbears family diner? Fnaf
What is your favorite pet out of these?
What would you like to do the most right now?
Would You Rather 3?
Which activity do you like more: Dance, Gymnastics or Cheerleading?
Who's the best alicorn princess?
Which Running Type would you run in track?
Would You Rather 2? (1)
Are you a fan of DanTDM?
Which redesign is better?
What is your favourite dessert out of these?
WWYD: Your Government bans anime outside of Japan
Which show do you like?
What is the most annoying bug?
Shoukd Scarred Heart, Luna Psycho, and Widowwave have redesigns?
What is your favorite lunch: School Lunch or Home Lunch?
What FFXIV race would you most likely be? :3
Would You Rather? (55)
Which of these two versions of Can't Help Falling In Love sounds better? (difference in tone of voice)
If you where alone at home and you hear footsteps, what would you do?
How will you survive?
How often are you a top ten qfeaster?
Your in the office, golden Freddy poped up, what do you do?
Which Disney Show is your favorite?
Death Note vs. Tokyo Ghoul
Who is more powerful: Batman or Superman?
what warrior series do you like the best?
Should there be another Undertale?
In your opinion, what takes more time? making a minecraft map or playing one?
Diary of a wimpy kid books or Diary of a wimpy kid movies?
What is your favorite high school grade?
What is your favorite elementary grade?
What is your favorite middle school grade?
What is your favorite school grade?
You are free to go anywhere, where would you want to go?
Do you listen to music or watch anime more?
Which drink do you like more: tea or cofee?
Which house in Weston Collage would you go to?
Are you a fan of foxy?
Terrance or Phillip?
Who is the best YouTuber? (3)
Best Creepypasta?
Who is the best anime character? (1)
Best South Park character?
what is more adorable, emolga or pachirisu?
You have a choice...
Do you believe that ASMR is dumb?
Which of these songs do you like more: "Smile" - Lily Allen, "Fantasy" - Alina Baraz or "Yellow Flicker Beat" - Lorde?
What do you wish afterlife was like?
Which is your favorite band out of these: Pierce the veil, My chemical romance, Fall out boy or Asking Alexandria?
Which is the best South Park couple: Tweek and Craig or Wendy and Stan?
Which activity do you prefer: Going to school or Staying home playing video games?
Which Jibanyan is better?
Do you fear death?
Do you think that using animals for testing cosmetics should be illeagel?
Which Perfect Four do you prefer?
Songs that have no relevance to each other whatsoever