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How long did boys where short trousers in WW2?
Who is the better singer? Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, or Victoria Justice?
If you can have anything in the world, what would it be?
Have you ever break up with someone and wanted to get back?
Please give me links!(I've already got Harrys)
Women vs Men! Why women tend to talk more than men?
Can Somepony help me with the lyrics to the unfinished song?!?
Is it necessary to be friends?
Do you belive that muslims are terrorists?
Who else watches the tv show "Bones"?
what do you think of my Halloween costume?
what do you think of this pic?
What are your hobbies?
omg! Help please!!! Boy trouble
Do you watch Total Drama Island?
What do i do!?!?! please help
Who is also an atheist?
when will i get my first period (1)
Does anybody else watch the tv show "Castle"?
Does anybody else watch the tv show "The Mentalist"?
Who else is a vegetarian or vegan?
What should I draw? Please help!
would you marry someone whos ugly and rich or beautiful and poor?
What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber?
what song should i sing on the XFactor?
If you could to one place in the world, where would it be?
Do you have pets? If so, what kind?
What do you think is the best laptop??
Your apartment is on fire. You can only take 3 things, what would it be?
Are you an Umbreon X Espeon fan?
what is the best yo m*ma joke you have ever heard?
What music do you guys listen to?
What video game do u like the most?
If you just won 1 billion dollars what would you do with it?
Which celebrity would you marry?
What is better...Art, drama or fashion designing?
Does anyone think the word "persons" is weird to say?
what anime have any of you guys watched thats got vampires and comedy and romance plz a list would be good thanks
does popping you cherry reduce the chances of having babies in the future if you have not started your period ever?
Should this be happening?
In which country would you like to live?
Do you have a crush?
How was the world made?
I'm confused. What is love?
do you think blake shelton is a good singer?
do you think jason aldean is a good singer?
What anime do u like?
who are your two favorite singers
what are your 2 favorite colors?
if you could change any character from pretty little liars who would it be and why
will my 92 accord body kit fit my 98 civic
Who is better? You decide?
Which Psy song is better, Opa Gangnam style or Gentleman?
Do you think i am pretty
Will you join along ?
What is this film called?
Are you popular at school?
Someone calls your name but no one is there?
i am boy i'm 15 years old i love bra.i am wear bra i am wear bra in home . but i Embarrassment to wear bra in street.what can i
favorite animal? tell me!
Relationship Help please?
2 feet or 9 feet? And why?
why does a lot of people bully me because i am lesbian?
Is Hufflepuff and embarassment to Hogwarts?
Running on my period??
If you have your period, Pads or Tampons?
What is the most attractive band?
Why does the moon's gravity affect the ocean tides?
What does it take to become a successful author in life?
Advice For Me!!! -Dallas Wayde
how to tell if a lesbian likes me
How can I reinvent myself
What reasonably priced laptop is good for sims 3?
Do you need help with your pet ??
What should I get on my 12th birthday?
What do u like about new Zealand
Advice for middle school?
Can any of you be more random that I can? Lets see!!!!
Do you have a horse, or just LOVE horses?
Can someone PLEASE Help me?!?!?
Which planet do you think is the best?
why does a cat's tongue roll up when it yawns
Does anyone know any good creepy vocaloid songs?
When will I get my first period
your favorite author/authors?
What is you Fav Music Genre?
Ow My Leg! Helllpppp!
how do you deal with a broken heart?
any other daemians out there?
how to take of DRM protection off a iplayer programe
Boy Trouble With Dallas?
How much does minecraft PC cost?
What do you think of the movie Les Misarab
What Should I Draw and Post On qfeast?
I need help, and my friend...
How can you tell if a guy likes you?
I need help dealing with the girl of my dreams
How do guys get girls?