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What is the most romantic date idea you can think of?
Is it normal to eat paper?
what is your favorite song from The Fat Rat?
what movie do you guys watch over and over?
Do you like tacos? (1)
Do you like bacon?
Do you think there is life on other planets?
Do you ever watch your siblings cartoons(or just watch them yourself) and start shipping the characters?
can you go a day without your phone?
have you ever gone day without your phone? and why?
Is It Normal To Have Small Boobs at Age 13 ?
Would You a Consider Yourself "busty"?
Has Music Ever Helped You In A HUGE Situation?
Do opposites really attract?
Have You Ever Done Something Really Bad and WASNT Forgiven?
What do you think about Taylor Swift?
What makes a thing cringey?
What's something you want to read about?
what is your harry potter wand?
Do you know some short writing prompts?
Who is your favorite Undertale character and why?
Who are you more likely to give attention to?
Does anyone here have a vrush on a fictional character?
what do you think of bendy and the ink machine?
Why is Glaceon considered dumb?
Why do people think Fresh and Jammy belong together?!?!?
How will you raise your children?
What do you want future generations to be like?
Anything you wish people knew?
What if a character from your fav video game came into your room and woke you up?
How many friends do you completely trust?
How would you react to waking up famous?
Can the axeman be killed in Resident Evil Oubreak File 2 on Flashback level?
To qfeast: when's the next competition?
Can you please recommend good music to me?
Do you like nightcore songs?
where have you traveled to ?
what do you think about negativity?
How do you change your user photo?
Best Board Games!
Do you like food?
hello i need diamand sword on minecraft
I think my depression is starting to come back stronger.
Which is the best selling console ever and which the second best selling one?
What is your favorite video game on kindle or X-BOX one?
Do You Agree or Disagree to This Sentence?
Do you guys think that Chara is innocent?
Ask your Dunkle Sans anything and I will reply!
What AU do you like the most?
Which do you like better Ink Sans or Blueberry?
If you were to go to a convention and you had to cosplay, who would you be?
what game do u like the best?
What level of shyness do you guys have?
Who is your favorite youtuber? (6)
What's Your Favorite Tim Burton film?
I'm going to tell what's wrong ok one of my friends just had a break up. Can You Help Me ?
What would your reaction be if your crush secretky always loved you?
Saddest moment in The Walking Dead?
What are the top 10 anime battles?
What's your favorite cartoon?
I Got some answers for you miiverse people!
Someone plz tell me who Hatsune Miku is...
What's the cringiest cringe that ever cringed?
What's the most awesome thing ever?
What's something that babies always mispronounce?
Have you ever experienced TRUE love?
Know any words/sentences that are the same when backwards?
Have you even stole?
What is life's greatest life moment in all of life?
Is Majoras Mask dark?
New Story Ideas?
Who's Your Favorite Qfeaster? (1)
What's your favorite Melanie Martinez song?
Are They Ignoring Me?
Who all likes ASDF?
Describe Love In One Word
Okay, Okay... So what if BLUEBERRY sans asked you out?
What do you think of ASMR?
What is your favorite Teen Titans Go quote?
How do you feel about the competitions in qfeast?
A general knowledge question
What's the cringiest fandom?
Anyone want me to make them a personal comic?
Riddle : What has a tail, head, and is brown with no legs? ( answer in description but first pls comment)
If you could go into any Anime world, where would you go? And would you stay there forever?
What foods do you crave most often?
Why do I remember things when I hit my head?
need some cute dog names
Can a maltese (pet) fight with stray?
Did you break the replay button?(read description) (1)
Did you break the replay button?(read description)
What Kind of Stuffy do/did you have?
What's your favourite Month?
What's your favorite day of the week?
Why do Batman and Superman wear their underwear on the outside?
Did you ever do anything really bad but got away with it?
What is the worst thing a bully has ever done to you?
What's the grossest thing that ever happened to you?
What is your favorite zelda game? (No breath of the Wild)
Is there any sad songs that just makes you cry?