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What's your opinion on: Yaoi?
What is your favourite Pokeball?
Very small games to play with fingers and no onne can see?
Who is your favorite youtuber? (1)
Why do boys sag?
Two guards and two doors
Does my best friend like me?
Does this boy like me?
How to get a sound out of my head?
does anyone else think that the notifications are annoying?
How Will World War Three Begin?
How Will The World End?
A friend's trouble. Should she go out with him?
What's your favorite Weird Al song?
if you could create a flavor of gum, what flavor would it be?
Should Pikachu Date Eevee?
Does that knocking noise whenever someone comments on something you posted give you a heart attack?
who knows about the anime Sailor moon?
Does anyone know of Black Butler? (the anime)
What instrument do you play/wanna play
What's a good name for a grey female kitten?
What date does your school start the summer break?
Have you ever fainted when a bug is crawling behind your back?
What kind of pets do you guys have
What is your favorite TV show (1)
What is a good way to change point of view in a story?
How to tell my dad i screwed up
What do you think fnaf4 is gonna be like?
If your dream can true, what will it be and what will you do with it?
How to practice hurdles inside home?
How do you feel for gay relations?
If you were filmed at school and a video was sent to your parents showing your work habbits, what would be their reaction?
If you were an animatronic, what will you look like and what will you do?
Why is grass green?
Are my friends really friends?
Does anyone know of Naruto?
What kind of quiz?
Do you think trees have genders?
What do you think about YouTube
When will i start my period!?
what would you do if your house was burning and you and your family along with pets were in the house?
Do you think Vincent/Purple guy is bad?
Would you consider Adolf Hitler a BAD person?
What Anime is This From?
What is your tale-tell?
there is this boy at school that I talk to but he dose not respond how do I get him to talk to me?
I need help my excellent wonderful boyfriend just got me some gifts and I don't know what to get him in return :(
why dose my boyfriend not talk to me?
what would you do in a car accident?
What language do you think is the easiest, and which language do you think is the hardest?
which one would you rather have or eat, snickers or twix?
Do you think they meant to do this? (Question in description because of spoilers.) Amazing Spider-man 2 question!
Whose is Better 1D or 5 Seconds of Summer?
Need HELP Desperately!
which would you rather have, Dr. pepper or Pepsi?
whats your fave breed of dog
Does any one know what anime this is?
which would you rather drink or experiment with, coca cola or diet coca cola?
Are polar bears the largest and strongest mammals?
Anyone Got A Good Chocolate Cake Recipe?
Is my period coming soon?
Any not-so-popular book/series?
would you rather drink or experiment with, Mountain dew or Mello yellow?
What is a type of food truck that isn't seen much?
Saw something disturbing, Please Help!
Are you rather traditional or modern?
How do you feel about the women's world cup?
Are you a religious person?
Are you very sad about the end of the show top gear?
Which person do you think you act the most like? Look the most like? Or Want to idol/be like the most?
What is your #1 hobby?
what is your favorite warrior cat and which clan does he/she belong to?
What's Your Favorite Video Game?
What do you think Gregs callenge he cant imgine in Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10, Old School
what does money exist
my dad wont let me watch FRED anymore!
What is your best BAD joke?
What's your favorite Apple product?
What's your favorite emoji?
which would you rather have or fight with a knife or katana/sword?
have you watched tinker bell cartoon?
what will you give your mom on mothers day?
Does he love me?
What's your favorite Harry Potter movie?
What if Qfeast went even more mobile?
which would you rather have or chose chicken or steak quesadilla?
which would you rather fight, short distance or long distance?
which would you rather fight with, a knife or gun?
Why are most girls obsessed with their looks?
Is it true that there is a 'No White After Labor Day' rule for girls?
What is your earliest childhood memory?
Does he have a crush on ME?
Tips on beating your PR on the 1600 or the 800
On a scale from 1-10. what is your favorite color of the alphabet?
How do I make friends at ballet class?
How to get sick at school?
who loves exo
What is your favorite Soda or Drink?
Can I have some help with my friend?
Is Star Wars the Old Republic fun?