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Does anyone have a roblox account?
What Is The Farthest You Have Travelled From Home ?
whos your favorite homestuck caracter
what is the worst type of bullying you have ever experienced?
Has anyone read Revolution 19?
What to do?!?!
How do you get onto a V.P.N?
Is listening to sad music a good idea when your sad?
Should homework be required?
Thoughts on the Confederate flag?
Anyone know how to start off a story in history?
Help! My Friend Thinks She's Bad at Drawing When she Isn't!
What is your opinion on stereotypes?
what do you stress about most?
Who's your go to vote, for the United States' election?
Does my daughter have vocal tics?
Describe Qfeast in one word.
what do you think the meaning of life is?
What should Lapis_Lazuli's theme song be?
I just wanna know, whats your guys' fav creepypasta?
Ok, so, there is a guy that I think I like, and i think he likes me...
Can you read manga?
Whould you trust someone if they gave you baked goods on halloween?
Who's everyone being for Halloween? If you're not dressing up, what are your plans?
who were the people that played whith dantdm on pixlemon?.
Can someone answer this riddle?
What's your favourite holiday?
Would a 3DS game work with a Nintendo DS Lite?
What do you like more and why? Anime or Cartoons?
Do you think we are too dependent on technology?
What is your thoughts on social media?
Why is Washington D.C., not in Washington?
Thoughts on animal abuse?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
What superpowers do you think are overrated?
Do you use studying websites for school?
What anime would you recommend?
I have to write a horror story for English/Language Arts, any ideas?
Who do you think will die in the near future if Steven Universe or/and Gravity Falls?
Does anyone else find this annoying? (1)
Any good scary stories?
what characters are you in creepypasata?
do you have a motto that involves laughter?
Did anyone watch Assassination Classroom?
What is your favourite sailor moon warrior?
What do you think they should add to Sims 3 ?
Should pink be in the rainbow?
What anime character do you think that your the most like?
What makes you obsessed?
I want to learn korean! Does anyone want to be my teacher?
Can Anyone Tell Me what FNAF is?
How can you get rid of chicken lice ?
Do you like eating gummy worms?
What is your favorite cartoons?
I like my neighbour but he never even looks at me, how can I get him to notice me?
Who was your pre-school Husband/Wife?
What is a bio?
WHat would be more intresting?
What are your thoughts on trick or treating?
What can I get my boyfriend for his 16st birthday?
does anybody else think the end of hunger games is very anticlimactic
Do you think that vegetarianism/veganism is a good idea?
Do you think that the death penalty is OK? Why or why not?
Do you think that it's OK for animals to be used as guinea pigs for experiments on products, etc.?
Do you think that abortion should be legal? Why or why not?
Is glass a liquid or a solid?
Why does my cat do this?
If you had a superpower that can morph you to anything, what would you mostly like to morph into?
This is a bleach related question. what does Ichigos bankai do?
Any Christmas animation ideas?
Is it good to be tired all the time
Which breed of dog is the cutest?
Who is your favorite Disney character?
What is your favorite gun in call of duty?
What is the worst candy you've ever tasted?
Why do some people dislike Onision?
What is the weirdest thing you have heard about animals?
do you watch brataley if you do are you sad about calebs death?GIRLS ONLY
What is your favorite fandom? (book)
What Do You Guys Think Of Selena Gomez New Album? Revival?
What would you ask a creepypasta?
What did you think of the episode 'Dipper and Mabel Vs. the Future'?
Do you think Selena Gomez will make a good couple with David Henrie?
What are some cool songs that I should hear?
Could I have adhd?
How do you know when someone really likes you?
What is your favourite Fairy Tail character?
what's your favorite scary movie?
Were you ever bullied?
What are you advices on moving? (Specially with a cat?)
Who is your favorite 5 SOS member?
What is your worst fear?
What is your favorite FNAF song?
What creepy pasta's do you like and what do you suggest?
What's your favorite quote from any fantasy/sci fi book?
Why do people dislike the question "What is your favorite color?"
What is your favorite time of day?
How do you feel about the work I publish?
who is your favorite harry potter book/charecter?
Your thoughts on shadow Bonnie?