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Can vegans eat honey?
If you were forced to sing a song, what song would it be?
What's the difference between goth and Emo?
Which Anime World would you like to live in?
Any upbeat/slow fariytale/princess songs you could recomend?
why do we need cars when we can fly aircraft instead?
Is there a specific day when the world is going to end and how it will happen?
What is the zombie map in DLC1 in call of duty black ops 3 ?
I don't know what to do with my life
who invented motorcycle racing?
What do you think of homework? (1)
if you woke up as an animatronic what whould you look like
Which Anime Openings Gets Stuck In Your Mind?
What do you guys consider a gamer?
Is it normal to shake when stressed?
Clues to famous people who are famous for pilots. He's famous for starring in the original Star Wars epic space opera Trilogy
What Country has the Celtic Harp on the back of a 1 euro coin?
When should children count their calories?
Is it ok to jump in anywhere on an on-going series?
i feel old because I am gonna be 14 soon?
What Do You Guys Think Of Me?
If you were to end up in a random show what show would it be?
why are people against me for being transgender?
What's your biggest regret in life?
Was 2015 the best year ever or not?
What are your 2016 goals?
If you could choose an atribute would you choose Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, Ventus, Subterra, or Darkus?
Would you be a Shadow, Nature, Lightning, or Galaxy dragon?
what do you think of the elf on the shelf?
Which creepypasta is your favourite?
How old can a person be?
What's your favorite intrument?
What's you favourite ice cream flavour ?
Name for a jack Russell puppy
What is the best name for a Kitty?
At the end of Inception is Dom still in his dream?
What are you most excited for in 2016?
Do you like going to school?
What do people say about you ?
What's your Favorite Foods ?
In your own way how would you describe your Zodia sign?
would you prefer the devil or an angle?
what spirit animal would you want to be?
How often do you Take Selfies ?
would you pick an ice dragon or a fire dragon?
What Kind Of Electronics do you Have ?
Have Problems with your Siblings ?
would you get a night fury on School of Dragons?
What picture do you use for your computer/laptop background (in general)?
What makes you smile?
how do you make youtube video's?
What's your favorite color? (1)
What's better ? Birthdays or Christimas ?
Are you Emo ? You like bieng Emo ?
Would you Rather ? ( Read the Description )
Who's your favorite Creepypasta ?
What are your Favorite Movies ?
What's your favorite Anime ?
What's the best way to learn a language that you've never spoken before?
What are your Fears ?
Did anyone watch Hibike euphonium?
How can I make a reading nook out of an attic crawlspace?
What do you Like To Create the Most ?
What Is A Sempai?
What's your favorite anime or magna?
Has anybody else seen this?
Can someone please give a rundown of the Star Wars movies?
what do you think of emo and goth people?
She has a boyfriend, but she might like me even though she says she doesn't what do I do
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
what did u think about invisible sister?
Do you think Beats have awesome headphones ?
Samsung or Apple ?
Giving or Recieving ?
What did you get for Christmas this year?
How Many Kids Do You Want When You Grow Up ?
Who is your favorite Music Artist ?
What is music to you?
Does he like me? (6)
what is the greatest part of X-mas and New Years?
Do you like 'The 100' TV Series ?
does fnaf have the longest back story because i know it is still contiuing
What is your Christmas wish list ?
why cat ears in anime?!?!?!?
why are anime eyes so cute and they seem impossible to draw?
What are you obsessed with ?
do you like anime if so what is your favorite one?
Is it ok to hide mistakes?
What are some amazing and funny YouTubers that aren't as well known?
How many times have you read from right to left?
how do you post videos that are NOT on youtube?
if you have seen american horror story which romance is the best?
How to have fun on a 5 hour road trip?
What is the song called! All i can remember is "Talk to me baby, and we could crazy crazy uh oh" what is the song called?
how do u decide what songs u listen to/ like?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
what are some things i can do when i,m board?
What would you do if someone insulted you?
How often are you on qfeast ?
if ichigo and naruto were fighting who do you think would win