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Do you know when Michael Jackson's birthday is?
What type of quiz do you want?
Who do you think it will win the Australian election?
what is your favorite Lab Rats or Lab Rats: Elite Force episode?
how do u change ur back round? (I think something changed, its not where it was for me)
If you were a ghost, what would you do?
Which anime world would you want to live in?
What's everyone doing on spring break?
What's your top 3 favorite anime shows?
Does this version of Nightmare Bonnie look more scary than NIghtmare Bonnie?
Does the Kid's Choice Awards seem rigged?
Would you rather know when you will die or how you will die?
Would you rather have all farts be silent but EXTREMELY deadly, or all farts be harmless but EXTREMELY loud?
Hoe to stoop eating my ski n?
Finish this sentence, One small step for man, one giant leap for ___.
Do you agree with the following statement?
Opinion on: Galactic Kids Next Door?
What is the creepypasta Ben drowned?
What is your favorite Undertale theme or soundtrack?
What is your favourite food and programme?
Who is your favorite Undertale character?
What is your opinion on SJWs?
What's your opinion on trigger warnings?
What do you think about socialism?
Do you know how the solar system works?
Do youhate me?
i can't explain stories
my mom wont let my bff come over for a sleep over,what do i say, cause my mom is MEAN,WHAT DO I DO?
Does this make you say aw?
my mom banned my cat from aloud in the house
i don't know if i should make a quiz or what so if you could be so nice tell me some ideas.
I'm moving across the country, leaving all of my friends behind! How do I cope?
Who wants to know why we have years?
Why do you think we have years?
How do you think the words were made?
Why is the Earth round?
What is the right age to fall in love or something like that?
Where do people go when they die?
What do you think will cause the end of the world?
Is it ok I like young kids movies like Zootopia and sponge bob and so on and am 11?
Would You rather smooch a ghost or smooch a ghost?
Have you've ever went to a concert, if so how was it like and who played?
If you were to describe me in a couple words what would they be?
Who is your all time favorite marvel hero?
What co-op game do you recommend me to play with my friend?
What's a wwffy?
What are some of the things you need for a new kitten?
What do you think about OTHERKIN? (1)
Could anyone help me become famous ?
How lucky do you think you are?
Have you've ever gone into a mosh pit, if so how was it like for you?
do any if you guys know the diference between an acacia and an acasha tree?
A whole new series?
How often do you read? What do you like to read?
are you sad that they took away herobrine on minecraft on the computer?
Best way to cure a headache?
Are you on Team Roman or Team Fousey?
Qfeast WWFFY?
Out of all the people in MCR, who's the hottest?
Whats your lucky number
What you think about uploading files on your page ?
What is your favorite monster energy drink flavor?
Is Katy Bloom a nice name?
If you were able to get a tattoo, what would it be of?
How do you become a member of a page?
What are some good anime fundraising ideas?
Red or Black?
Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent?
anybody online to talk to me?
boy problem (1)
Who's your favorite Pokemon
Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj?
What Disney movie is your favorite?
What type of music are you in to?
Who knows what their names mean?
Do you like the old Miley or the new Miley?
does youtubers love making videos
What holiday do you h@te?
What language would you like to learn?
Any good dubstep?
What's your least favorite word? (English)
Did Anyone Else Cry During "The Good Dinosaur"?
What do you think about Scene kids?
How do I add a description?
Historical Fiction Writing Contest
Are you absest with sans the skeleton from undertale?
What song are these are from?
In your opinion, What is the only reason we live?
Whats your one wish out of life?
Can I make my first period faster?
How hot is the sun?
How many bones are in the human body?
How many hearts does a worm have?
Why does animal cruelity and child abuse happen? And why?
What is the meaning of life? (3)
How can i get better on Qfaest?
What do you think a emo is,and are you one?
What is Rabbit in French?
What car is your favorite and why?
Can anyone relate to anyone or anything on Qfeast?