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What do you think about The Harry Potter Series ?
What do you Do when there is no Wifi?
What do you think of the Avengers?
What is the definition of ' Normal ' ?
If you could stop a world wide problem, what would it be?
What is the best Comeback for : 'Your parents never loved you!' ?
What is your Dream Job?
What it your Fave Flavour of ice-cream/candy?
What are some of the most Award moments EVER?
What is the Funniest Joke you Have Ever Heard?
How Do I Get Over My Fictional Crush? ;-;
Why does my finger burn even though it looks fine?
Favorite Homestuck Characters?
What is your favorite number and do you have a reason why?
What Is Your Favorite Book? (2)
what are Katniss's children's names?
is it wrong to like your best friends ex boyfriend?
How do you make months fly by?
What is pokerus really? (Pokemon)
Do you like swimming?
Your inner beast
What do you want for Christmas this year? (1)
How can I get my windows computer to update?
do you like legos?
What are your opinions on the Star Wars prequels?
Who Considers...?
What Hunger Games district would you be from?
what is your biggest fear?
What's Your Favorite Gum Flavor?
Fnaf or coke?
What's your favorite FNAF ship?
If you had the talent/equipment to make videos what would they be?
which fitional character would u want to be real ?
Your opinion on Cherrrycola leaving this social media?
What's your favorite FNAF song? (:3)
What's your favorite song? (Tell me!)
What Is You're Favorite Horror Game/ Creepypasta?
Best Youtuber?
What's Your Favorite Book/ book series?
What is the most important invention ever made and why?
If u had the choice of getting any animal in the world for a pet which one would you get?
Is your family..I dunno..crazy?
Boys make me act so weird >.<
Does Anyone Work at Nintendo?
If you wanted to be in a book,which book would that be?
What type of music do you love?
What is Your Favorite Holiday Song ?
Is Santa real or no?
Boys or girls?
What's the most Cliche pick up line Ever?
What's the Best App ever?
DanTDM or StampyLongNose?
Favorite Super Hero?
Who likes Batman?
Witch, dog or cat?
How many languages do you know?
Do you believe that Magic is real and why?
If you where a anime character what anime would you be in?
What Is the Proper Name for this Hairstyle?
What was the Weirdest/Best/Scariest/Reoccurring Dream you Ever had?
What's your Favorite Pokemon? (1)
Who is more annoying, Younger Siblings Or older siblings AND why?
Can You Solve It?
What is Your Ideal Vacation?
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Who is your favourite and least favourite SAO character?
Have You Watched "Knights Of Sidonia" ?
What's creepy pasta?
do you like school? (1)
Do you Believe in the Afterlife?
Any spoof ideas?
How do you feel when you get dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend?
What would you like for a Christmas Special?
WHat is the best tye of music to listen to while sick?
Are You Excited For FNAF World?
who thinks Justin besvers old songs are horable and his new songs are good?
What is you're worst pet peeve?
Who's your fav fnAF charater?
Anyone else up for Secret Santa?
who thinks herobrine is awesome?
do you like being specific?
who is your favorite singer? (1)
Do you like Qfeast?
do you have a pet that has fur?
is talyor swift a great singer
do you like minecraft? (1)
who is you're disney charecter?
do you like this picture of this anime girl?
If you could attend any school from anywhere(anime,books,shows,ect.)what would it be?
How do you change your background for your wall?
If you could bring any cartoon (including anime) character to life, what would it be ?
What's your favourite thing about Christmas
What do you think of Justin Trudeau?
What makes you LIVID?
Is this a good theory?
What's your weirdest/most reoccurring dream?
What do you hope to get for christmas? (1)
how do you disable the iphone/ipad/ipod camera on the lock screen?
Why does my freaking Roomba keep getting stuck?!
Any good games I should play online on the computer (And I do not need to download them on to the computer)