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which revolution air contributed to the periodical pratap under the pseudonym balwant singh
What is your style country? (Paris, Texas, Hawaii etc.)
how many animals are there in the world
Some funny quotes, saying?
What bands and singers do you personally recommend?
Ur under attack by zombies!!! What weapon do u use and what kind?
What's the worst thing in a nightmare?
Who said this quote in Harry potter " now if you could excuse me I'm going to bed before u two get us killed"
Do You think that he's cheating on me?
what season do u like most
What movie dose a [answer] live in a pinapple?
Which one???? - Choose out of the following: ~ # % :) :D * 8)
comparison of the effects of floor and shoe in-soles on standing fatigue
What's ur horoscope???
What would you use to kill zombies: A sword or a gun?
What is heaven like?
Are u a geek or cool or normal?
What cartoon remembers u of childhood?
What is ur fav dog breed?
What is ur fav junk food or fav food?
whats ur favorite breed of dog: Poodle, Pug, Beagle, Daschund, Irish Wolfhound, Chuihua, Irish Setter, or Labrador?
Why can't u make woozworld quizzes?
score given us for renege on bid of 2D plus 1 and renege caught 2 tricks after not vul?
have you seen a ghost and do you believe in them?
who would go to the mall looking ugly than a dog or cat your choose?
what is your favourite animal???
What is your favorite show?
who does jasmine rainey like?
Do you believe in magic?!
Who is your favourite person?
Why are hugs written as o and kisses written like x?
what is your favourite food???
Which is your favorite pet?
What is the best riddle you know?
Do you prefer lemons or apples?
What is Heaven Like?
What flavor has your favorite cake?
Why is the sky blue?
You like to socialize, sing, dance, play, to walk or do anything else? Tell me your favorite hobby.
How do you feel now? Happy, sad, angry, inlove, irritable. What makes you feel like that?
Is your health important to you?
The cartoons that remind you of childhood are:
are you not from this world do not be shy to say yes
Are you satisfied with the country where you live?
Are tastier, juices with or without tart?
Who do you think is the best actor / actress?
Which is your favorite scent?
What is your favorite sport?
How many languages do you know / speak?
quiad azam date of birth
what is difination of thermal physics
Cno crush ne terence
what is neutral load
what are the countries on the isthmus of panama?
. Explain the relevance of social sciences in the study of human needs and 10 societal development
How can you stay away from drugs and stay on the right path in life?
Which movie has the best special effects?
What makes you the happiest person?
Which of the seven new wonders of the world seems to be the most interesting from your point of view?
Which is the most beautiful city that you have ever visited?
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
How much should I weigh?