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Do you know a name meaning 'corrupted' or 'shattered'?
Where should I move to?
Why do users usually think other people are attention-seekers?
Why do people keep posting a new post on someone's wall than just commenting?
Was Frozen a good movie?
How often do you go on qfeast?
am I the only Hello kitty fan on qfeast?
What is the funniest thing you have said and or herd?
What is you.r favorite band?
Why are cats smart?
How to get over a crush
Why did you read The Hunger Games?
Why Is 'Valentines Day' So Important?
is it wrong to have a crush on a girl 5 years younger than you when you're 18?
why do people talk about their friends weave
What should I build on Minecraft?
Is It better to be an only child or have siblings?
what was the worst realization ever?
Who is your least favorite character of Death Note?
how is your favorite chapter from Ever after high?
Did BEN Drown's father drown him and if so why?
Is this normal?
Anyone notice this paradox in Soul Eater?
Why do people think Germany and Prussia are Nazi's?
Who is your favourite singer?
Who is your favorite Youtube rapper, music maker or singer?
how is the cutes couple from ever after high
who is your celebrity crush?
Do you know the ending of warrior cats?
What do you thank is going on in Gravity Falls
What do you expect from five nights at freddy's 3?
Any good horror/ gore animes?
who is your least favorite anamaotric?
Is It Abnormal To Talk To Yourself?
What type of book, or story is wanted
what country were you born in?
does he really like me?
What is it like to live in these countries?
Who is your favorite FNAF character?
What do you call a mix between a nerd and a geek?
What's the difference between a nerd and a geek?
What does the doctor who theme song sound like to you?
What do you call a fan of Fairy Tail?
How can someone get more popular/more friends on here?
How can I get more subscribers?
Who is Sonic the hedgehog?
What's the big deal about Anime?
Emo Hairstyles
Who is your favorite dance mom?
Should Miley and Justin be a good couple?
do any of you watch deadman wonderland?
why do people ship mangle and foxy?
What's the best rock band of all time?
When Playing Truth Or Dare, Should I give more embarrasing, yucky, or dangerous dares?
why do people ship the hetalia guys Italy and Germany?
what is you favorite book
what video games theme song is the best?
Comment down below on your favourite name
have anyone heard of the anime called Pani Poni Dash?
What is creepy pasta?
Who is Ben Drowned?
Creepypasta help?
WILL FAIRY TAIL END IN 2015? If it does my world will end!
What is with my daughter and buckets?!
What do these symbols mean?
Online dating- Good or bad?
Who on here listens to fall out boy, panic! at the disco, or my chemical romance?
If you could be any one in the world who would you be?
What do you plan on doing in 20 years?
What is a good way to make a model black hole?
what do you look for in a guy or girl? (just curious!)
who loves avatar the last airbender
Whats your favorite type of music?
favorite anime couple?
Whats your favorite animal?
Whats your favorite kind of wolf?
when was your first kiss?
Whatdo you thing Five nights at Freddy's 3 is gonna be like?
which youtuber do u want to be?
does superwoman have any bf?
why bullies have so fun to bully people?
If you had to re-read the worst book ever created...
How do you deal with a guy you don't even like? DX
how do I get over my fear?
Your Expecto Patronum Moment Is...?
Who is your favorite Hollywood Undead member
What was the first pet you had?
If you could travel anywhere in time or space, where and/or when would you go?
What was the first nightcore song you ever heard?
Why do we see Muslims give great care to the Qur'an?
how do I fight someone bigger then me?
If you had to change your name what you change it to?
Should I help sad people!?
Why do cats like boxes?
Why is there a lowest temperature and not a hottest temperature?
How long does it take for 'BRB' to turn into 'GTG'
Who made the first Sonic WWFFY you did?
Do you watch anime?
What is a good nightcore song?
OMG thank you! ( Read description )