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Does he have a crush on ME?
Tips on beating your PR on the 1600 or the 800
On a scale from 1-10. what is your favorite color of the alphabet?
How do I make friends at ballet class?
How to get sick at school?
who loves exo
What is your favorite Soda or Drink?
Can I have some help with my friend?
Is Star Wars the Old Republic fun?
What does the black line mean? (guitar see pic)
What does this mean? (guitar- see pic)
What does this mean? (see picture)- guitar
How to strum a guitar if you're holding frets?
My friend is having a Barbie theme party and I don't know what Barbie I should be!
there is a door that is green only certain things can go in it what is the key to the green door?
What are you're thoughts on people who believe they know everything about greek mythology just because they read PJO?
how do you erase colored pencils?
how do I deal with my broken heart?
what is money?
What is your favorite healthy desert?
what are qfeast walls for?
Does anyone here have synesthesia?
Homeschool or Public School? Why?
What is wrong with me?
Do you like to swag?
Do your parents dislike you?
How do you enter a Qfeast contest?
What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
Sleepy Hollow
What do you think of Katy Perry?
What do you think of Sam Smith?
What do you think of Ariana Grande?
What do you think of Blank Space?
What do you think of Homestuck?
does he like me or well not?
Have you ever seen a praying mantis?
What are your thoughts on people with unnatural hair durning a dance recital?
What do people see in MLP?
Doesn't this just drive you nuts when fangirling over actors?
What colours looks best on you?
who saw michelle obama dance to uptown funk on the ellen show?
How old do you think you should be to open a business? Why?
What would you ask a twin?
Do you think it's crazy that I broke up with a guy and a few hours later I got a new one?
What is a "real" anime?
does anyone feel happy even when they are mad?
What is the most disgustingly funny thing you or a friend had ever done?
i'm shy who cares?!
Is there an occupation for studying religions?
Please help me! What's going on here?
How to make school time fly
Whats your theme song? That descibes you!
How do I set Google as my default search engine?
Can you get ink poisoning from drawing on your skin with pen?
so i have pepper plants and i was wondering how long it took from seed to grow fruit
When will Season 4 of OUAT come out on Netflix?
Are your Brother or Sister annoying?
what would you name a dog?
Who inspired you to join Qfeast?
What Do You Live For?
What makes you loose your temper?
(for people who don't live in America.) What do you think of when the word "Americans" comes to mind?
what time do you go to bed?
Do you like Narwhals?
Which hetalia character would I be?
Hetalia Fans: Which country do I act like mostly?
Which song do you like the best?
Is it wrong to not go to a Acquaintances birthday party
I am 11 years old and I'm still sleep with things at night
What do you think the song "bohemian rhapsody" is about (by queen)
Riddle Number Thirteen
Riddle Number Twelve
Riddle Number Eleven
When did you start puberty at what age (girls only!)
Why is my cousin such a tattle tale?
Riddle Number Ten
Riddle Number Nine
Is Cole MacGrath really dead?
do you still love china anne mcclain?
What are ways to conserve iPad battery besides turning down brightness?
What do you think is the most popular fandom on Qfeast?
What is the initiation?
People make fun of me :(
What is your favorite type of pie?
Are zebras awesome?
If hydrogen is flammable, and fire needs oxygen, why does H2o put out fire?
who likes fun2draw on youtube?
Do I need to stop complaining?
Just wondering,
Are you good at keeping things clean?
Why is MLP so popular?
My knees randomly buckle?
Why do you or do you not believe in God?
How do you block someone on qfeast?
If I were to write about a girl super hero who would she be and what is the storey
do you like this picture?
What do you think of Prayer In C?
What Books do you recomend? (1)
Enlighten me, what is Hetalia about?
How do you celebrate Easter with your family?