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what's your favourite season?
Who do you think stalks your wall the most?
Do you like zodiac signs? Get some advice from me right now!
What are your favorite breakfast foods?
What is your favorite movie? (3)
What are your thoughts on subjects unnecessary for life forced to be taught?
Is there a difference between Black Rock Shooter OVA and TV?
What is the dumbest thing you've heard about the lgbt community?
What do you think of Nick Jonas?
Favourite CSI series?
Are you left handed or right handed?
How many ants are there on earth?
Have you ever done a spell?
Do you think that history repeats itself?
if you could have one wish what would it be?
What's your most searched thing on google?
Harry or Draco? WHY?
Who else on qfeast has 130+ polls?
the first telephone call was made?
Does menstruation affect athletic performance?
Does anyone else think Soccer is EVIL?!
people call me gay
Dose anyone feel then same way
what's your wolf's name
What's your secret eye color?
What are some characters for a story?
is this cool 2
isn't this cool?
Why do people swear?
Why do people like McDonalds?
Are you a gamer if you are do you play mine Craft?
Do you like to draw?
What's your fav animal?
Do you ever wonder if you're in the "who to follow" list?
How do I tell her?
What anime are the twins in the picture from?
What is the absolute opposite religion than christianity?
what's you're favorite holiday besides Christmas
Who else likes tmnt?
Is it normal to not like having friends
What's your favorite show on Netflix?
What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus?
What are some good names for wolves?
Wha is so amazing about one piece?
What is your horoscope?
Who has created the most polls on qfeast?
Have you ever made a documentary film?
Why do people dislike Frozen so much?
Do you like somebody and they don't like you back?
When you follow a person, do they follow you back?
Do you like to be judged by your colour of skin?
What is your prefered device and version of Qfeast? Why?
Winx Club:Which Gown Do You Like?
Why do people dislike the movie Frozen so much?
What is the Scariest Movie/Game Ever?
who thinks school is a waste of time?
Who is your idol or other role model?
What is one thing you want out of life?
What Minecraft Character Do You Ship Me With?
How long have you loved your fandoms?
What do you think of illegal immigrants who come into a country yet still speak their native language?
What are some goods dystopian books with competitions in them
what's your best talent?
What's your favourite animal?
What are some good anime's to watch?
What is your favorite book series?
What Would You Do If You Saw A Person Running After You With A Knife?
How many Fairy Tail books were made into anime?
What's wrong with my iPod charger?
What animal do you think you are?
Why Does There Have to Be Bullies?
where to move?
What's your fav dogs name?
Fairy Tail Question: Doesn't Yukino and Angel look like sisters?!
I want to write a story, I just don't know what to write it about... Any ideas?
Anybody have any recommended anime?
Do you think the Illuminati is real?
How Can I Download These Games?
Why does everyone keep posting the blue and black dress everywhere?
What are Pros and Cons of Southern US Homes?
How many different sonic shows are there and what are their names?
what do I say when people call me fat?
how should i design my room?
Would anyone like a new Freddy Crueger Movie?
Is Obama right for president?
What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to you or you did to someone?
What did people use before toilet paper was invented?
Can you give me some advice?
What are y0ur tools of trade? (Art tools you use)
What is it like to have these religions?
How do you make a music link from YouTube onto qfeast?
Why is Freddy the least favoured animatronic?
if your boyfriend is 17 years old and your 13 is it still illegal?
Who is your favorite Harry Potter Character?
Why is the Moon so much bigger in movies than in real life?
Is It Bad That I Want to Be The Best?
what would u say if someone said u are stupid?
What is a good title and good name for my characters in a book i'm writing?
Why does everyone have a phone?
If you were a super hero who would you be and why?