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Why did my crush tell me that he likes me the moment i get a bf?
which Owl City song is your favorite?
How do you say this word Banana?
what is your favorite holiday ?
What do you want for Christmas this year? 2015
What's your theme song that you think fits best for you?
What are the biggest things on your Holiday wish list this year?
If you could add anything to Qfeast, what would it be?
Why can't I play TU 46 on my computer I do have a Adobe Flash Player?
What do you think about time?
What comes up when you search up your Qfeast username?
What is your favorite holiday song?
Who would you be if you were a pokemon!?
What's your favourite kind of food?
What's your favourite color?
What Is Your Favorite Christmas Song?
Why don't people love Justin Bieber?
who are some famous people you share a birthday with?
What are some songs you would recomend?
What are some Apps to Animate Drawings? (Read Description plz)
do you really know DanTDM?
What is your opinion of online dating?
Would you rather make your dream come true or someone else's dream come true?
What is your favorite candy? (1)
Have you read the Warrior series?
What do you think about the ending to Angel Beats?
Do you have any advice?
Why havent i gotten my first period?
Which one?
Please tell me how to get a bf?
Do you have a anime crush?
How does one kill a psychotic mantis?
What are some of your favorite words?
What are somethings no one would ever guess about you?
How Long Do You Think I Was Gone?
Have you ever dated someone that you knew only through Qfeast?
is black even a color?
What would happen if...?
Which would you rather see, the crack of dawn or dusk?
Writing help?
Do you like uniforms or no?
Is Animal Jam a unisex (For boys and girls) game
What is Animal Jam?
What is your favorite color? (1)
Do you know how to install more Giga bites into a laptop or even better a terra bite ?
How long should weekends be?
What do you think of Homework?
Is Vocaloid a anime
What's your favorite Vocaloid song or songs?
Which would you rather have to eat, cake or cupcake?
What is Puppet's true gender?
is it wrong for a 14 year old to date a sixteen year old?
What is the worst cartoon u ever watched ?
What would you do in this situation?
why are pokemon so cute?
What is a good song for Christmas?
Any Ideas For My Webcomic?
Have u ever felt like something is wrong but u dont know what
What is the dumbest thing you have done in life?
is your favorite color blue or red?
what is your favorite greek god and/or myth?
What Grade was the best?
What do you think about The Harry Potter Series ?
What do you Do when there is no Wifi?
What do you think of the Avengers?
What is the definition of ' Normal ' ?
If you could stop a world wide problem, what would it be?
What is the best Comeback for : 'Your parents never loved you!' ?
What is your Dream Job?
What it your Fave Flavour of ice-cream/candy?
What are some of the most Award moments EVER?
What is the Funniest Joke you Have Ever Heard?
How Do I Get Over My Fictional Crush? ;-;
Why does my finger burn even though it looks fine?
Favorite Homestuck Characters?
What is your favorite number and do you have a reason why?
What Is Your Favorite Book? (2)
what are Katniss's children's names?
is it wrong to like your best friends ex boyfriend?
How do you make months fly by?
What is pokerus really? (Pokemon)
Do you like swimming?
Your inner beast
What do you want for Christmas this year? (1)
How can I get my windows computer to update?
do you like legos?
What are your opinions on the Star Wars prequels?
Who Considers...?
What Hunger Games district would you be from?
what is your biggest fear?
What's Your Favorite Gum Flavor?
Fnaf or coke?
What's your favorite FNAF ship?
If you had the talent/equipment to make videos what would they be?
which fitional character would u want to be real ?
Your opinion on Cherrrycola leaving this social media?
What's your favorite FNAF song? (:3)
What's your favorite song? (Tell me!)
What Is You're Favorite Horror Game/ Creepypasta?
Best Youtuber?