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how do you make it so your family love u
How can you tell if a girl is crushing on you?
what are ionic compounds?
How Many MPH can a Bugatti go?
What is Usain Bolt's highest speed?
How long is it from Chicago to Canada border?
Who Is currently the richest person standing?
Which NFL Wide Receiver has the most touchdowns?
I'm jealous of my best friend! What do I do?
Divergent or Hunger Games? Why?
Which harry potter movie is best
Which animal is the best
Does he like me? (4)
Just how smart are you?
What's your favorite anime?
Do you like reading or writing?
How do I erase stories?
What is the speed of light?
What would your life be like as a cartoon character ?
has anyone read the ghost bird books?
when will i get my first period? (2)
Does any one want me to write a fanfiction or draw them a picture on the computer?
if you could be anything wht would you be?
Why do people bully? (1)
If you had a chance to meet any Anime character, who would you choose?
If you had a chance to meet one anime voice actor who would it be?
Who else loves rock music?
Why do people have to be so mean about other people's opinions?
is doctor who season 7 out yet
What is the meaning of life? (1)
What is new Islam had brought to the economical aspect of womens life?
Out of all the Hetalia characters, which one do you think you are?
Would you rather spend a year camping or spend a year at the presidents house.
What is the best way to break up with my boyfriend?
Does anyone out there like maturer movies?
Boys!Help me out Boys!
If April showers bring May flowers what do May flowers bring?
What is the best basketball team ?
What is the best football team?
Who would you say is the best rapper (girl or boy) of all time?
Do you think that Black Doom is Shadow's father?
relationship stories
How to create a YouTube username?
What songs do you think I would like
Why Am I So Friendly?
whos better eyeless jack or masky
How old do you think shadow is? i know he's over 50 yrs. old, but how old exactly?
Why do people think that Shadow's an emo?
guys do u like cats or dogs
What's the difference between a college and a university?
Isn't it easy to talk to people on text or email instead of talking in real life?
What are good (and funny) smiley faces?
What is your idea of what Dauntless USED to be like before Max was appointed leader?
Who came up with Fandom?
Do you know how to talk to someone who is really rude to others?
I keep resending the comfirmation email but it wont show?
what is the colour of time?
what is the difference between circle and triangle
Do You Understand This Joke?
Is Middle School Hard?
Costume Ideas?
First Period?
Will I Get First Period Soon?
What's the big deal about Frozen?
Are you happy that Ariana and Jai are back together?
Does anyone play Roblox or Woozworld?
Some of my friends are making plans without me, and not including me. Does that mean something?
How do you know if ur friends are pulling away from u
i really need a good tv show i am 11 year old girl plz help me!!!11
Does Islam keep balance between the life and the hereafter, requirements of spirit and body?
What is the doctor's name?
What are Amity Headquarters called? (Divergent)
is Pretty Little liars ok for a 11 year old girl to watch?
What do Panama and Colombia have in common?
Trick Question!
Daddy Issues....
Why are siblings so annoying
When will I get my first period?(2)
What is your unweighted GPA? And, on average how many hours of sleep do you get per night?
What's up with this pick?
I need help I think one of my crushes likes me!
Which fandoms are you in?
is it ok to date ur friend
what kind of animal is your favorite??
If Islam is the religion of peace,
Just curious - what is the meaning of life?
My parent likes to argue in front of me!!?
Do you know why Kate Chopin's original title for the novel, A Solitary Soul, was changed to The Awakening?
Whats the weirdest thing you've ever done?
Who are your idols or inspirations?
What is your favourite film? :)
Who is your favourite film actress?
Does man consist of spirit and body or body and mind?
Favorite Love Song
Are you excited for Problem?
Any character creators?
what color shold I dye the ends of my hair with
Do I need anything to be an author?
Who's your favorite singer? And the song? Why?
What's your factor?