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what is the best? brutality or stamina/speed? dagger/sword/duelwield or claymore
What Are Your Fandoms?
who is the strongest? naruto vs ichigo ninetails vs final getsuga tensho
I'm sending a love-letter-pls HELP ME! what do I do?
Why is the internet is addicted?!
if you could wield one soul eater weapon for a day and be his/her meister, who would you choose?
Who do you think will win the 2014 Fifa World Cup
Does anyone know how to message?!?!
What is your opinion on hotdogs?
More Riddles!
Can cats have self esteem problems?
Who are the ice climbers?
How Do You Pronounce Yveltal and Xerneas??
What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
what's the translation when a guy actually makes u mad?
What Superpower Would You want?
Is you're best friend a boy or girl?
Do you have a stepparent?
What would you do if you were trapped on an island?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favourite music kind
What are some nice Japanese names?
what is the strangest thing your friend has ever said to you
what is you favorite anything in the world??
Does anyone one here like the video game Dangan Ronpa?
Last dream you remember?
What is the most heated time when you played a game?
Try to solve this riddle! (7)
what do yo think about this?
What will happen to your account if you violate the rules here too much?
Marvel or D.C.?
What is your favorite manga?
Do you think WW3 will breakout?
serious school question
I'm nervous!!!
should I break up with my BFF?
What stereotype would you label yourself as being?
so everyone owo if you have one, what is/would be your favorite yuri couple~
When you view a story, it always has: __ reads and __ readers. What's the difference?
Is there something seriously wrong with me?
Pregnant or not?
What famous artists/singers are very popular recently?
What makes you very happy?
Do you think I have Autism?
Why do I have long fingers?
What is your fav. tv show
What will happen to the question if we ask it in a different language instead of English?
What would happen to our universe if every single philosophical theory is true?
How come we're only allowed to change our username once?
Who thinks the Divergent movie is so so different from the book ?
What does it mean when you blackout?
who's your favorite sonic character???
Think . . .
How do I get people to stop hating me for doing a good thing?
Why am I curious about everything?
How come people dislike classical music nowadays? Why don't many people like it?
Does anyone know how to find out if your crush likes you back?
what is your faverite Disney song?
Please help! I need relationship advice fast!
Whatz Wasabi?!
what is your favrite movie or show or book
Who has seen Soul Eater Not?
which grade do u read?can we be friends!!
How long has One Direction been a band?
Can you use your saved drafts?
Which is Disney film is the best?
A man is taller than me his mom is taller than him yet i am taller than his mom how is this possible?
who loves shaytards
what is your dream job? tell me,we r friends!!!
how do you make it so your family love u
How can you tell if a girl is crushing on you?
what are ionic compounds?
How Many MPH can a Bugatti go?
What is Usain Bolt's highest speed?
How long is it from Chicago to Canada border?
Who Is currently the richest person standing?
Which NFL Wide Receiver has the most touchdowns?
I'm jealous of my best friend! What do I do?
Divergent or Hunger Games? Why?
Which harry potter movie is best
Which animal is the best
Does he like me? (4)
Just how smart are you?
What's your favorite anime?
Do you like reading or writing?
How do I erase stories?
What is the speed of light?
What would your life be like as a cartoon character ?
has anyone read the ghost bird books?
when will i get my first period? (2)
Does any one want me to write a fanfiction or draw them a picture on the computer?
if you could be anything wht would you be?
Why do people bully? (1)
If you had a chance to meet any Anime character, who would you choose?
If you had a chance to meet one anime voice actor who would it be?
Who else loves rock music?
Why do people have to be so mean about other people's opinions?
is doctor who season 7 out yet
What is the meaning of life? (1)
What is new Islam had brought to the economical aspect of womens life?