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Who is your senpai?
Why the hell did they change the MH graphics?!
How to create a social networking website for Example Qfeast ?
Which disney princess did NOT fall in love?
What is your opinion on My Chemical Romance?
Have you gotten Pewdiepie:Tuber Simulator?
Do you like Justin Bieber? Why?
What is the best Pokemon?
If you could save ONE fictional character who would it be (from HP)
Do you believe in creatures such as unicorn, griffins or mermaids?
How to do Maraca Game in Rio Stadidumb in Dumb Ways to DIe 2?
Will there be a 7th season of hetalia?
Why does people have to suffer worse then others?
What does Halloween mean to you?
Have you ever been locked out of your qfeast account?
What are your thoughts on the saying "Blood is thicker than water"?
What do you guys think of The New Lars?
Do you think Zoos are a good thing?
Which way would you choose to go? The past or the future?
If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you do today in 24 hours?
I need something to watch! Something with probably no more than 40 episodes? Any suggestions? I'm into things like comedy
What would you do if the purge started in your country?
What is your least favorite band/musician?
What keeps you going in life?
What songs fit the BOOK Ender's Game?
Which are your top 3 ways to show a guy that you like him (girls only)?
Why do some girls like guys with feminine features?
What kind of fandoms are on Qfeast?
Do you like imagine dragons?
Who would win a fight between Midna and Luffy from Legend of Zelda?
What qualities are you looking for your dream guy/girl?
how was first day in Qfeast?
Does the shy boy like me back?
Do you guys have stupid people in your classes at school too or is it just me?
What would your dream room look like? It can be as magical and creative as you want it to be! How would it look?
What did you think of too short to ride?
What Did You Think Of Mr. Greg?
What Did You Think Of Drop Beat Dad?
How can I convince my parents to give me more pocket money?
What are things that parents should never tell their sons or daughters?
What are things you should never say to a girl / woman?
Can I or my parents be sued if my dog bites someone?
How can I train my puppy not to bite?
Which is more intelligent: sharks or dolphins? Why?
What are you gonna be for Halloween this year?
Are horses smarter than dogs?
Does a horse run faster than a zebra?
Can humans smell underwater? Why?
Can zebras be domesticated and trained?
What is your opinion on the pentagram?
What is your opinion on the inverted cross?
City Where The Liberty Bell Is?
do cats have the brain of a dog?
who is ur fav anime charactar having blue eyes
Who is your favorite anime character with Dark blue hair?
Who is your Fav anime character with black hair?
How can I talk to a ghost ?
what crazy crush do you have ?
Who is your favorite anime character with brunette hair?
Who is your favorite anime character with blonde hair?
What would you do now if you knew the world was going to end tomorrow?
Has anyone else noticed that we are all insignificant specks on earth?
If you could sacrifice 21 pilots to get My Chemical romance back would you?
Do you like to dream?
Why do parents ask you what your doing when they are standing over you clearly watching you?
Who would Marionette's ideal match be? (FNAF)
What day is your birthday?
Best Places!
What are your search suggestions when you try to search "How to" on google?
Do you guys think that the Simply Sweet LJ Love series should be continued?
Is the Pacific Beetle Cockroach a mammal?
How come you can't say words like suicid e for titles on qfeast but you can say words like shit?
In your opinion, who is the most overpowered anime character?
What is your opinion on those whom mock people for there physical or mental fatal illness?
If you had a chance for a do-over in life, what would you do differently?
Do you want any fan made eeveelution to become real?if yes,why?
What site do you think has the worst drama?
What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
how can i get my dog to talk to me?
What is your Natural Booster?
Does this guy like me? (1)
My lips are super chappy! Do you know any way to make them better faster?
Sorry this isn't a question.. I am Bonnieiswatching's alt! I lost my password for some reason.
If you had to convince a person not to kill you, what would you come up with?
If you create a quiz. Do you want make 100 question?
If you were to become a president, what country would you rule and why?
What do you not like about Fandoms?
What is a rule at your workplace/school that you think is stupid?
What do you measure distance in?
if you could have any pet, what pet would you have? (it can by mystical)
What do you fear?
Do You Like Sabrina Carpenter?
What is the meanest thing that people say online?
Is it wrong to use a alias online?
What fried food type do you like best?
When you think of Nazi Germany, what is the first word you think of?
What do you think about Keemstar?
If Percy Jackson and annabeth really fell into Tartarus can't they just go to hade's palace?
If you could be any fictonal character, who would it be?
What is your worst/biggest fear?