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What do y'all think of the Ebola crisis in America?
What's your beach style?
riddle with a twist
Should I ask my crush out?
Who is your favorite superhero?
Do You know the youtuber ihugeny?
Are there some cool users here?
How many people have seen The Happening
Who is going to the prom?and When is it? (1)
Does this bother anyone else?
Why can't I put captions on my pictures?
What do you say to someone who's Dads just died?
HELP! (love help)
Who knows bleedman?
Who likes stolking and p anty
NOT Liking Boys
What is your favorite kind of Wolf?
Wattpad? ~(^^)~
A genie gave you three wishes. What are they?
How do I become a member of a page?
What is your favorite clothes store?
whitch character do you like (toad or baby Luigi)
What anime guy do you think is the hottest?
How long does it normally take you to do your homework?
Do u like Yaoi?
What are you going to do for Hallow's Eve?
Do girls really burp and fart?
How to maintain a long distance relationship when you and your guy are not seeing each other yet?--never at once..
There is a big box on my screen how do I get it off?
does long distance relationship really works? since me and my boyfriend didn't see each other yet?
What should I get my sister for her 14th birthday?
Can anyone tell me what i'm suppose to look at? I cant find it :P
What is your favorite outdoor game?
Next Weeks Comp and Last Weeks Winners Posted!
Favorite color?
Who plays Animal Jam?
There's a guy...
What was the first Disney movie you've seen?
. .riddle #8
. .riddle #7
. .riddle#6
. .riddle #4
. .riddle #3
. .riddle #2
. .riddle #1
What school subjects do you like and which do you not like?
sonic fans i need HELP!
Need OC's for my Sword Art Online story
song for will from divergent
Wat was your first vocaloid song u Heard?
Anyone know what game this is from?
What is your favorite band
Who is your favorite team
what's ur fav show?
if u can go to the future, what 1st thing do u wanna do?
if u can go to the past, what 1st thing do u wanna do?
Name all the sensei's from Naruto that you would want to be in the next Who would you date quiz
Do you buy or sell?
Do you use gestures?
Why are series like megaman forgotten?
is it ok to be in 6th grade and be on qfeast?
If everyone could read your mind how would u react?
what is ur sonic OC's name?
do u like mlp?
which book should i read next?
what do u think about justin bieber?
stories or quizzes?
poll or question?
coffee or tea?
why im asking this questions?
what is the meaning of life? (2)
which subject is ur fav at school?
Please post your favorite Game or Show or Song
Would you vote yes or no for Scotland to be free If you were a Scot?
Do you think USA and France will send soldiers on the ground to fend off ISIS? Also Australia?
is this picture aweome i think so but there is 1 problem
What would you say is the best genre of music?
What is your favorite song?
What are some interesting facts about the cardiac muscle?
songs for 12 year old to sing on americas got talent not too high and not too low
how does ur mom/dad upbraid u?
what do u think about dogs?
how to make friends at qfeast?
what does it mean when you dream about falling in water?
what to do when im bored?
Why are some tiger's fur orange?
is divergent really THAT good?
Tell me about an object of sentimental value
Do you like Shrek the musical?
Are you Christian, Muslim, Atheist or any other?
Who is to blame for Isis?
Can you give me a list of smelly animals
Do you own a pet
Xbox One or Ps4
which anime should i watch next?
Who's you Favorite Pokemon?
How do you record your computer screen for free?
Least favourite Fairy Tail character?
What should be in the next Qfeast Times?
Should i Make a fanfic of flippyxflaky?