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What are some quizzes/stroies/ect. that have made you cringe or upset?
What would you do if your BFF told you she was 'different'?
What is your favorite song? (3)
What traits do you associate with seasons?
Which version of Megalovania do you like?
Seriously! does anyone else get a feeling something really, really, bad is gonna happen?!?
What would you do in the zombie apocalypse?
Is this currently happening to anyone else? where everyone is acting really strange?
When is Vancouverstuck?
Why do people stay in trans?
What is your favorite homestuck god tier title or outfit?
Favorite singer that sings in another language?
Would you be mad if Cartoon network keeps on rebooting the old and good shows?
Who is your favorite hetalia character or characters?
Have you heard or seen this app called horror amino?
Is Finding nemo Pixar or Disney?
Has any one seen this youtuber called Baptismonfire?
How many Youtuber do you know?
Some allergy issues
whats your opinion on BreLink? (Bree and i)
I think I'm Bi what do I say to my mom?
What are u doing with ur mom today?
What is your favorite emoji?
Warrior cat name ideas? (1)
What is the best feature of your best friend?
Can someone give me a TBH?
Do you like Taylor Swift's old songs or her new songs?
what would you do if a girl whom was dying was getting bullied?
what would you do if a girl with cancer wants to be friends?
What was captain hook's name before his hand was eaten off?
When will I get my first period? (7)
Should there be a Warrior cat movie or game?
What is your favorite Miku songs?
How do you make yourself do chores?
Whenever a guy has a crush on me. Another guy (my friend) always scares them away. What can I do ?
What is your stereotype?
who tends to laugh all the time?
What Celebrity do you dislike the most?
What is your pet peeve ?
Was part 3 of into the rain good?
What's everyones favorite Doctor Who episode?
Do you think you are pretty?
One word to describe your favourite person /celebrities
Who Would You Bring Back?
What class do you think was/is the most dangerous/risky one you have/had?
What do you think about racism?
What's Your Favorite Five Finger Death Punch Song?
Do you know what the Oxford Comma is?
There is this guy who I think likes me but I am not very sure. Read description for more details. What does this mean?
What does this mean? (4)
What would you do if you were asked to hide evidence of a crime for a friend? Could you do it...for a friend!?
Is there anywhere where I can find all the Doctor Who episodes in good quality?
Do you prefer *reader insert* stories?
Hi! I'm new! Is there anything important I should know?
Do you think Santa is real?(and PROOVE it)
Do you like bugs?
what food is better?
What is your favourite food?
Who do you think is your celebrity bff?
Have you read The Fault In Our Stars?
Do you think you are a nerd, geek or dork?
How to ace the SATs?
What is the worst thing you have ever done?
Do you think Bella Thorne is Asian?
What do you think my real name is?
what is your favorite avril lavine song? (1)
Have you read the Mortal Instruments series?
Do you think God is an alien?
what is your favorite avril lavine song?
Do you think Zendaya Coleman is related to Nigeria?
If you could live in an anime world, which world would you choose?
What do you like to do in your spare time? (If any)
If you think the confederate battle flag is racist, why?
Marvel or DC Comics?
Should a school be able to make post ex facto rules?
What is your favourite sport?
Confidently beautiful or just beautiful in outside but in the inside?
What is the meaning of life? (4)
Who do you think is the most hottest celebrity?
What is your minecraft skin?
What is your favorite fandom? (anything)
What do you think is the difference between being smart and logical? Is there a difference?
Who do you think is the world's most hated celebrity?
What is the country you are dying to go to?
Think of one word that sums up your whole personality.
Can you consider to be anorexic then be anorexic?
What is the best Minecraft mob?
When was the last time you swallowed your gum?
Does fashion matter?
Would you join the Military Police, Stationary Guards, or the Scouting Legion?
Who are you shipped with?
If you can live in any book, which book would you choose?
What is your favorite Legend of Zelda game?
Do you watch Cowboy Bebop?
Is it bad i like someone but i have a boyfriend?
would you choose haven or a glorious hell?
Is there any cure for acne?
If he has a crush on you what are the signs
Who is your favourite celebrity?
What would you do differently if you had the chance to live your life over again?