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If You Could Be Rich Or Be Magic, What Would You Choose?
Why is QFeast making everything of mine Profile? Is it happening to you too?
How can I log out Qfeast when using a smartphone?
Why are some songs featuring other singers, but the group it is actually by didnt sing at all? (Read description)
What's your favorite kind of tea
Relationship Help (Read Description)
What is freedom?
To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate?
Opinion On Icon For Hire?
What act does nepeta come in at? (homestuck)
if you were a animatronic would you like it and why
Why is life so mean?
if you could be a fnaf animatronic who would it be
WHAT is it google does?
What is your favourite actor / actress and in what film?
What is your fave movie or show?
How do i upload photos from a ipod touch 4 to a computer?
How do you do a shout out?
Is drawing anime easy or hard?
If you could travel back time, who/where would you visit/go?
How do I get followers? (2)
Hi i!m ten and 2 quarters and I have all the signs of getting my period. My mom got hers when she was 12 will it happen to me so
Do you feel lonely or left out in your life?
Why do people take other people so seriously on here?
What do you think of Pokemon Go! so far?
How do I gain more followers?
What color is your dream car and what type?
What country are you from?
If you could meet anyone or make a fictional character real, who would it be?
What do you think about dating? What's the right age and is it necessary?
How would you describe the current society?
How would you describe the taste of water?
do you like anakin skywalker?
Who is your all time favorite DC hero?
who is your role model and why?
What's a good app to record your screen on your phone?
What's your favourite quote?
How do you get sand out of your ear?
What do you think of InuYasha?
What culture are your last names from?
pokemon shuffle trouble! please help!
What do you think about time machines?
Which type of cake is your favorite and why?
can u think wants sans is going say next?
Are you excited for the new Harry Potter book and movie announcement (Harry Potter and the Cursed child)?
What if life was a dream and dying is waking up? And our dreams are when we are visiting our actual life?
Does anyone know any good fandoms?
What's the best/safest way to walk from entire lenght of europe to entire lenght of asia?
Do you ever feel like your life is a movie?
Good animating software/website?
What Is Your Favorite TV Show?
anyone high school stop bullying roll play?
What does the American Dream mean to you?
Is stealing to feed a starving child wrong?
What do you think of ghosts?
Can Someone actually fall in love at first sight?
I'm trying to create a Warrior Cats roleplaying game, but I don't know where to start. Can anyone offer help?
if there was a portal and it let you pick any 3 places where would pick?
Comment a fandom and i will answer questions based on the fandom
Can you answer this extremely hard question?
what do u do if your friend turn on you?
Why do girls have to shave their legs?
Which kinds of Dere's do you like?
What's your favorite Vocaloid song?
how to be actress?
What are you doing for summer vacation?
people from school keep staring at me. But why?
What is your favorite thing to draw?
Why do people LOVE scourge in warriors?
what do u think of this song i made up?
i neeed a new flash player but when i try to do it it doesn't work i need help
If you could give your past self one important piece of advice for the future, what would you say?
Do you like Hamilton?
would you make fun of me for money or just for fun? or not at all
What is your biggest fear? (1)
what are 3 things not to do in math class?
who thinks animal jam is meant for 5 year olds?
What's your favorite anime opening song?
What keeps you sane?
What is your favorite video game? (1)
What are your thoughts on internet dating?
How do you get to your wall?
Can Ariana Grande speak Japanese or learning Japanese ?
who fells bad for sans?
how do i get rid of bullies?
how do i make friends?
What are some good shows to watch on Netflix?
I need a qfeast Mom?
Favorite fandom?
How can I to get rid of acne?
Is this Right or Wrong and Why? (My cousin told me this)
Why do I laugh so hard?
Does anyone know where I can get the english patch for UTAU?
how do you log out?
Cruise Line
Does anyone know Piano?
Any idea for a new personal quiz?
Why is it called 'Creepypastasta'?
What character in the Percy Jackson series would you date?
who is your favorit character from Beyonders?